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Seeds Seeds Seeds…..and More Seeds

I can’t resist them.  Ordering them that is.  I love seed catalogs, especially the organic ones.  I’m really getting into this organic, non-GMO gardening/eating stuff.  Can you tell?  😉

Right now in the big garden, Don has English peas, onions, and cabbage planted.  It’s time in our part of the state to get potatoes planted.  This is our first year to plant them.  I bought my seed potatoes a few weeks ago and I’ve got them laying in a box in my studio so the eyes can sprout.  Then I’ll cut them into pieces with 2 eyes and give them a couple days to dry out good.  Then we’ll get them planted.

There’s nothing like fresh, newly dug potatoes grown at home.  I hope we’ll get a good crop from them.

I think the next thing going in the ground will be peanuts but that will be later in April so they don’t get too cold.  Down here everyone loves the giant peanuts for boiling but I love smaller peanuts so I ordered 2 varieties:

Tennessee Red Valencia and Carwiles Virginia peanuts.  They must be sold out of the Carwiles Virginia peanuts as they’re no longer listed in the online catalog.  The peanut seeds came from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

I also got most of my seeds from them this year although I did buy some from a couple other companies.

I don’t want to make you think I’ve totally gone down the bend so I won’t tell you all the seeds I ordered but I did get:

Watermelons…..several different kinds



Lettuces….several different kinds

Black southern peas…they make the most delicious pot likker….yum….dip your cornbread in it and say yummmmm

Tomatoes….several different kinds

Squash….yellow and zucchini

Onions….White Bunching Onions and Deep Purple bunching onions.  From what I read, it looks like I can grow both year round here.

There’s a few other things I got from them but I’ll stop there.

From High Mowing Organic Seeds, I got:

Baby Doll Watermelon

Orange Summer Squash

Dwarf Curled Kale

Green Finger Cucumber

Natural Delight Corn

I got just a few  things from Seeds of Change.

All the companies shipped promptly but I’m glad I didn’t buy more from Seeds of Change because they didn’t send me an email acknowledgement of my order nor when they were shipping.  Both Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and High Mowing Organic Seeds sent emails both acknowledging receipt of the orders and shipment.  That’s important to me.

Catalogs????  They all have nice catalogs but Southern Exposure is by far my favorite catalog.  It is an absolute work of art.  Their seed packaging is as well.  High Mowing has nice packaging too.  Both companies give explicit instructions on the back of the package about planting and harvesting.  That is much appreciated.

Seeds of Change packages are nice.  They’re waterproof but they look pretty much like the everyday seed packs that you can buy at any retail store.  I like the in-depth instructions on the other packs better.  That said, it’s not enough to prevent me from buying their seeds in the future if they have something I want to try.

Do you have a favorite catalog for ordering seeds?


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  1. Peggy

     /  February 24, 2015

    How large is the area you plant your garden? I know you have animal, so I figure you don’t just plant everywhere in the yard. Hope we get to see pictures of a great crop later in the year.

  2. My rain gutter and raised asparagus bed is probably 10′ x 20′ and our big garden is 1/3 to 1/2 acre and may get expanded this year. We have about 16 acres so we have some room to do more gardening. The alpacas, goats, and chickens are on about 1-1/2 acre.


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