Yummy Delicious…………

Have you ever eaten anything that you wished you had more, more, more of?  That’s the way I feel about this little haogen melon from my garden.

Haogen Melon

                                                            Haogen Melon

It’s a small melon that when ripe is a golden yellow with green ribbing on the outside and soft, green flesh on the inside.  You can literally eat all the way to the edge of the rind.

It has the most amazing aroma.  I had one in my kitchen and you could smell it immediately when you came in from the outside.  If you love melons, this is one you need to try.  Yummy Delicious!

Needless to say, I saved the seeds.



Fall Tomatoes

Do you remember seeing the tomatoes I was rooting by layering right on the plants?    I put bottles over the junction of the suckers and filled them with dirt.

Layering method of propagation

Layering method of propagation

Well, it worked great!  I lost a few but most of them made it and here is one a few weeks after being taken from the parent plant and transplanted to a bucket.

San Marzano Tomato plant from layering propagation

San Marzano Tomato plant from layering propagation

It even has several blooms on it and we’ve had some cooler weather so hopefully the fruit will set.


On the other hand, the suckers I took from the Pink Brandywine and Homestead Tomatoes are coming along at a much slower pace.  And they were all being propagated at the same time.  I’ve got hope they will take off and we’ll get some Tomatoes from them before the cold weather sets in.

RootedTomato500xI have Marigolds and Genovese Basil planted among my Tomatoes in both the Rain Gutter garden and the raised beds.  The Basil is supposed to make the flavor of the tomatoes sweeter and both Basil and Marigolds are to keep buggies away.  It annoys me to no end to find a big, fat, juicy Tomato Horn Worm gnoshing on my Tomato plants!

I had fun making FREE Tomato plants from my earlier group.


What’s Blooming?

The real Natchitoches Noisette.  It has a light peppery scent.

The real Natchitoches Noisette. It has a light peppery scent.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Belinda's Dream

Belinda’s Dream

Hidden Ginger (Circuma)

Hidden Ginger (Circuma)

Pride of Barbados

Pride of Barbados

Gold Medal Rose

Gold Medal Rose

White Texas Star Hibiscus

White Texas Star Hibiscus


At The End

of the first planting of the gardens.  I’ve pulled all the tomatoes from the Rain Gutter Garden except the San Marzano’s that I’m propagating new plants on the vine.  The two zucchini squash had Squash Vine Borers so I pulled them up.  The eggplant is growing but doing absolutely nothing.  I’ll leave them a while longer to see if they put on any blooms or not.

In the Raised Garden I pulled almost all of the tomatoes except for a few that still have fruit ripening on them.  I threw away Arkansas Traveler, Costaluto Fiorentino and Long Keepers vines.  I cut suckers from Pink Brandywine and Steak Sandwich vines and have them potted up.  I hope I’ll get some good plants from them.  If I do, I’m going to plant some up in buckets for the concrete pad by the kitchen door.

I’ve got several new plants from seeds growing in cups.  They need to get a little bigger before I transplant them into the garden.  I may transplant them into pots first.

Now to decide what to plant in the bare spots left by the squash and corn.


From the Scraps

No…not scraps of fabric.  I haven’t made it that far yet.

I had set a Wandering Jew down by the back porch and all the pieces that broke off took root in the ground by the concrete slab.  I started pulling them up and almost headed for the trash can when I remembered how easy they root.

So, I found a hanging basket and filled it with potting soil.  I cut the pieces up and stuck them into the pot and this is what I got.

WanderingJew600x560And now it’s hanging on the double shepperd’s hook by the front patio.



Old-Timey Beauties

I dearly love vintage things.  And I love the old plants that my Granny would have enjoyed.  I remember Four-O’Clocks growing on the side of her house.  And now, I have some of my own.  These are growing in a pot outside the studio door.  The blossoms look like little yellow trumpets.

Four oClock Cluster600x400

Four oClock600x450One thing about Four-O’Clock’s….they readily propagate themselves given a chance.  Here are some seeds from my plant.  And I’m sure there will be more coming up in the pot and ground where seeds fell.

Four oClock Seeds600x450

Four oClock Seed600x400

If you live in my area and want some Four-O’Clock tubers, I have some to give away that Tootie gave to me.  I can only plant so many………


New to Me

A friend is moving and needed to clear out her gardening things and plants.  So, we went over to help.  She gave me a load of clay pots in all sorts of sizes.  I got several greenhouse growing tables that you support with cinder blocks.

These will be wonderful for the roses I propagate.

These will be wonderful for the roses and other plants that I propagate.  That lovely sedum in the hanging basket on my chicken coop porch came from her greenhouse.

She has the most incredible green thumb I have ever seen.  She can just stick a leaf in the ground and it will grow.  I came home with several nice plants.  This gorgeous Tree Fern has found a new home on my front patio.

Tree Fern600x400

It seems to like it on the patio where it is in partial shade most of the day. There’s a Beefstake Begonia (I think) and Nepthytis growing in the pot also.Don says he’ll get a greenhouse built before cold weather so we can keep it nice and warm.

I’m so glad we could help with moving some things out of her way and I’m more than happy to give them a new home.


A New Tomato Propagation Experiment

I saw this video on YouTube about a guy who propagated the suckers right on the plants.

Remember what I said a sucker looks like?  Here’s another picture.

Sucker in "Y" of tomato stalk

Sucker in “Y” of tomato stalk

Instead of putting the cap end of the bottle on the bottom of the sucker, we did it opposite. Don used a grinder to cut off the cap end of the bottle and slit it down the side and through the bottom.  I put it in place over the sucker right where it joins the parent plant and used duct tape to close the slit.  Faith filled the bottles with dirt and watered them.


sucker1_400x600I used more duct tape to secure the bottles to the cage for support. Is it pretty?  No.   Will it work for me?  I’m betting it will and I’ll keep you posted.


Tomato Propagation Experiment

Well…..it’s not going so great with part of the “suckers” propagation trial.  I had to throw out all of the ones that were in water.  I used filtered water and changed it every 2 days but they still got stinky and slimy.  Ick.

Most of the ones that I put in clear Solo cups filled with potting medium crashed and burned.

The larger ones that I put in bigger pots have a few that are taking root.  I think I have 6-7 that are going to make it.  That’s not enough for my summer planting which I need to get in the garden next week but it’s a start.  If even half of them made it I would have plenty.

Oh, well…it was an experiment and I do think I’m going to have a few free plants.


In the Garden Again

Here’s Wanda’s quilt on the longarm frame.  I’ve gotten a little done since she left.

WandasQuilt600x450The black print was a fabric we used in a challenge on The Quilting Post.  I think she did a beautiful job!

I’ve had a hard time being interested in sewing or quilting for the last 2-3 years.  I need something to get me kick started.  We need a new quilt for our bedroom but it’s just not calling my name.

On the other hand, if it weren’t so darned hot, I would spend all day outside gardening.

Just as we started getting thunder yesterday afternoon for our afternoon shower, I went to the garden to pick veggies and take a few pics.  Here’s one of the Marigolds I planted at the corner of a bed with corn and Yellow Moon and Stars Watermelons.

Marigold600x450And a basil planted in between a row of tomatoes.  I’ve been reading that not only does basil work to deter pests but it makes your tomatoes taste sweeter.

Basil600x460Wonder what that weird whitish stuff is?  It’s coffee filters from Don’s coffee pot.  He saves the grinds & filters in a peanut jar and when it gets full, he dumps them out into the garden.

I’ve really become interested in good gardening practices because if I’m going to do all this work….well….I want maximum results!

Do you have a favorite garden tip to share with me?


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