Doing Some De-Stashing in the Studio

After moving fabric from the house to The Barn and then back to the new studio here at the house…..I think it’s time for some of this stuff to find new homes.

I’ve got a large collection of Thimbleberries fabric that I’m going to sell a large part of.  I’ve got other fabrics I plan to sell also as well as some vintage feedsacks.  Yikes!  Did I say I would part with some of my beloved feedsacks?????

The older I get, the more I realize that I just have too much stuff and some of it needs to go.  Besides, we’re taking a fall trip to the beach and maybe I can sell enough to pay for the trip.

I’ll be listing it on Sew It’s For Sale but I plan to put some pics here so if you see something you like, you can let me know.

Here’s a pic of the T-berries shelves and some of the feedsacks.  When I get it ready to sell, I’ll post some individual pics.



I Love Nature

I had a visitor in my newest flower bed the other day.  I’ve got 3 varieties of Lantana, 2 kinds of Vinca, Bee Balm, Roses, and Hosta planted in it.  There’s a crape myrtle that Tootie’s mother gave me that I’m babying.  It’s not sprouting any leaves yet but the stalk is still green so I’ve got hope.  I wanted plants that would attract butterflies.

ButterflyResizeIt looks like the flower bed is doing it’s job.


Making Friends With the Electric Pressure Cooker

I’ve always been terrified of pressure cookers.  We got 2 as gifts when we got married and I was too afraid to use them for their intended purpose.  So, I didn’t.  I threw the lids and gaskets, and jiggly things away and used the pots for pots.

A few years ago I talked myself into buying one of the newer type pressure cookers and I was still afraid of it so it sits in the bottom of my Granny Dorsey’s old pie safe.

Several months ago, I decided to give it another try and looked at some electric pressure cookers.  I asked Judy if she had one and if so what she thought.  She didn’t but she was tempted by the idea so she bought one…before I did and she loves it.  I broke down and ordered mine about a month later.  But I didn’t use it.

And it sat there.

PressureCooker450x600Until last week.  I decided to use it to cook some potatoes to go with steaks one night.  I didn’t do it quite right but finally got the potatoes cooked and I didn’t get killed using it.

Then I decided to make some Vegetable Beef soup in it so I looked up some recipes to get the general idea.  I got some stew beef and sirloin steak marked down at the grocery store and cut it up and browned it in the pressure cooker.

Browning Beef600x450I cut up some vegetables to go in it.

CuttingCarrots600x450I did a 2 step process by cooking the beef and some of the veggies on high pressure for a bit.  Then I added the rest of the veggies and finished on high pressure for about 15 more minutes.  This process would have taken half a day on the stove top. And the kitchen would have gotten hot.

SoupCooking600x450And here it is in the serving bowl.  It was delicious and I’m still alive!

VegBeefSoup600x450So the next night I used it to cook a cheesecake.  Hmmmm….pretty tasty.

When I get time I’m going to do some research for more recipes I can use it for.  If you have a favorite pressure cooker recipe, please share.  I think I’m really going to like this thing!


Another Outing to the Daylily Festival in Abbeville, LA

I love daylillies.  The town of Abbeville, LA has a daylily festival every year and I’ve never been so Vanessa, Tootie, and I decided to check it out this year.

I wish I had taken a lot of pictures to share with you but we were too busy checking out the wide variety of vendors and buying fun stuff.


This is a Creeping Rangoon Vine. The flowers open white and by afternoon, they’ve turned red.

I found this cute wall planter and it came home with me.  We lined it with coco and I planted 3 different mini roses in it.  They're getting ready to bloom again.

I found this cute wall planter and it came home with me. We lined it with coco and I planted 3 different mini roses in it. They’re getting ready to bloom again.

I did manage to buy a few daylilies also.  They’re already planted in the front flower bed.

And then we found a cute place to have lunch that was Riverfront.  We got there just in time as it’s pretty small and not long after we arrived, there was a waiting line for tables.  Weren’t we lucky?  It was so good.

Tootie on the left and Vanessa on the right

Tootie on the left and Vanessa on the right

Vanessa and I had a specialty Margarita and Tootie drove us home.  And a good time was had by all. (I’ll tell you more about that saying later)


Fun Outing

Since Don’s been retired we really haven’t done a lot of fun things because of all the projects around here.  Last month, we made a day trip down to Vacherie, LA and stopped for lunch in Burnside on the way.

I had eaten at The Cabin many years ago with dear friend Teresa and have always remembered what a nice lunch we had there.  It’s constructed from old cabins from the area and is quite unique.

Warning…there are lots of pics.  The outside is so cute.

TheCabin600x450TheCabin2resizeThis was growing outside.  I wish I could find out what it is.  It looks like a variety of wisteria.TheCabin3resizeTheCabinTables600x450

TheCabinDecor450x600Don ordered the lunch specialTheCabinDonEating2resizeI ordered  a shrimp/mushroom in garlic butter sauce. My only complaint about my meal was that there was entirely too much butter.  TheCabinShrimp600x450Even the bathroom is charming.  There’s a name for this type of brick/wood construction but I can’t remember right now.TheCabinBath600x450TheCabinBathStall450x600TheCabinStallOpen450x600

And a good time was had by all.


It’s So Hard to Be Patient



Prissanthemum Strikes Again

It’s been a while since I showed you any pictures of Prissanthemum.  She’s almost 6 months old and she is tiny.  I’m pretty sure she won’t get much bigger than she is right now.  She’s a sweetheart pet and likes to have her head scratched.

I was doing some reading recently and saw that technically she could breed this young but she’s so small that I’m afraid for that to happen.  We decided that the Priss and our new doe Neeley GoatGoat should be moved out of the yard with the bucks so in with the Paca’s they went.  SnoBall decided he needed to go with him so he’s in there too.  He’s no danger though because I guess we should rename him to SnoBall-less as we banded him to keep him from trying to breed with his sister.  Had we known we were going to get another doe we might have spared him that experience although he didn’t seem to care one way or the other.

Prissanthemum loves being with the Paca’s because they always have hay in their feeder.  She doesn’t even worry about how she’s going to get to the hay.  She just jumps right in!


And then, when I open the chest to fill the bucket with grain….well…..she just jumps right in again!


Don’t worry.  When she gets ready she just jumps right out!  What a busy little goat!


Squash and Cukes

I saw an idea online about putting a trellis at the end of a raised bed for cukes to climb on so Don fixed me up.  We used baling twine from the alpaca’s hay for the climbing ropes.  It works pretty well.

Cukes Bed resizedThe deep box to the right is for potatoes/peanuts.  We’re letting that part compost before using it.

cukes squash bed resizeYou can see where we’ve started putting gravel in the walk ways.  And this is what we love to see in the garden.  Fresh food.


I’m So Excited

My raised beds are really starting to pay off.  Many thanks to my wonderful DH Don for building them for me.  He even put irrigation at each bed.  Each bed has it’s own shutoff valve.  I am so blessed to have him.

The last few days I haven’t needed to use the irrigation system.  I’d never make it as a gardener if I had to hand water things.  The rain gutter garden supplies those plants with their own water supply so there’s no watering to be done over there.

I’m running out of space for planting things though so we’re talking about putting a long raised bed over at the big garden spot where there’s a sprinkler head.  I want to get some peas planted before it’s too late and there’s no room at the 2 gardens I have.

Here’s what areas in the raised beds looks like.

Raised Beds 1 600x450You can see the irrigation system.  The pipes have holes drilled in them so that the water sprays out into the beds.  I have six double-length raised beds.  The tomato beds that you see here are double depth in order to give the roots plenty of room in the dirt.  The round things you see are used grinding wheels from old saw sharpening days.  We’re using them to raise low spots in between the beds and then we’ll put gravel on top.

Raised Beds 2 resizeI was late getting everything planted and especially late getting my corn planted.  And I’ve just read that corn and tomatoes should not be planted near each other but it’s a little late for this year.  The corn bed is adjacent to tomatoes.

Raised Beds Corn600x450A couple days ago, I was lamenting about wanted the corn to start tasseling.  Low and behold, it’s been tasseling for days and I didn’t even know it!  That means there is probably fresh corn in our near future.  Woo Hoo!

CornTassels600x450You probably can’t see it but there’s a fence behind the tomatoes.  It borders our pond.  We’re considering putting a pump from the pond for our irrigation water.  Right now our garden water comes from a deep well at The Barn.  Fish emulsion is great fertilizer and what better way to get it than directly from the source?CornTassel600x450You can see that I’ve got melons planted between the corn.  I didn’t know it’s called “inter-planting” until today.  Here’s our bounty from a few days ago.  See, Beth?  There are some of those nasty yellow tomatoes in the basket.

Basket Veggies 2 resizeSherylSigRedFinal2

In the Garden Again

Here’s Wanda’s quilt on the longarm frame.  I’ve gotten a little done since she left.

WandasQuilt600x450The black print was a fabric we used in a challenge on The Quilting Post.  I think she did a beautiful job!

I’ve had a hard time being interested in sewing or quilting for the last 2-3 years.  I need something to get me kick started.  We need a new quilt for our bedroom but it’s just not calling my name.

On the other hand, if it weren’t so darned hot, I would spend all day outside gardening.

Just as we started getting thunder yesterday afternoon for our afternoon shower, I went to the garden to pick veggies and take a few pics.  Here’s one of the Marigolds I planted at the corner of a bed with corn and Yellow Moon and Stars Watermelons.

Marigold600x450And a basil planted in between a row of tomatoes.  I’ve been reading that not only does basil work to deter pests but it makes your tomatoes taste sweeter.

Basil600x460Wonder what that weird whitish stuff is?  It’s coffee filters from Don’s coffee pot.  He saves the grinds & filters in a peanut jar and when it gets full, he dumps them out into the garden.

I’ve really become interested in good gardening practices because if I’m going to do all this work….well….I want maximum results!

Do you have a favorite garden tip to share with me?


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