Daylily Proliferations.  Do you know what they are?  I had heard of them a few years ago but when Tootie and I were at her Papa’s place last month, the daylilies there were full of them.

They’re a baby plant growing somewhere on the stalk.  Tootie and her Mother Bootsie offered them to me so I cut all the stalks with proliferations and brought them home with me.  I let them set in a bucket of water for a couple days and then pulled the babies off.

You’re supposed to be able to just stick them in the ground and they will grow.  Not knowing for sure where I want to put them, I stuck them into a pan of potting medium.  This is what they look like today.  When I tug on them, they don’t budge so it looks like they’re taking root.

Lily Proliferations 500xThey’re all from red daylilies so that should make a pretty flower bed addition.  I’m sorry that I didn’t take any pictures of them on the stalks.  That’s very cool to see.  These will get planted before it gets cold.



is the first day of class for me.  My textbook hasn’t even arrived at textbook rental.  Wonder how that’s going to work??

What am I taking?  Arboriculture (study of trees)

I like to take notes on a legal pad so I’ll stop at Dollar General on my way in the morning to get one.  I rounded up some mechanical pencils this afternoon.

Thank goodness they gave me an upper classmen parking pass so I won’t have to catch a shuttle from the north campus.  I’ll be able to park across from the building where my class is.

I’m getting ready to tuck myself in for the night in a bit.  Wish me luck!


Grab Some Kleenex

and watch this beautiful video about hope and determination.

We lost one of our goats yesterday.  Roger Rabbit crossed over the bridge.


Another Step in the Process

We attended an important meeting yesterday regarding Chris and his transition back into the community.  Chris along with his transitions coordinator, team leader and a staff member from his home came from Pinecrest.  My dear friend Katie was there in support of us.  She has an extensive history of working with developmentally disabled people and has been invaluable in helping us navigate the system.  Chris’s supports coordinator Jo from Easter Seals led the meeting.

We reviewed the SIS+ which is a tool the state uses to determine the level of supports that a person needs.  For the next year (minimum), Chris will have 24 hour supports.  That means he will never be without supervision which we are so thankful for.

Representatives from Options and TARC were there as well.  Chris will receive his support staff through TARC.  They will also arrange housing and medical care as well as manage his financial needs and other activities.  He will be able to make decisions regarding his every day life with their guidance and our input.  They will help Chris live as “normal” a life as possible.   Options will provide work opportunities for Chris.

We are very pleased with the way the meeting went and with our choices of providers.  The staff  at Pinecrest have been wonderful.  None of us know how long it will be before Chris makes the move back to our area.  He wants to live in Hammond and the next step for TARC is locating safe, affordable housing for him.

There are a few programs available that provide financial assistance in obtaining the things he needs as well as deposits so that will be a great help.

We were able to spend some private time with Chris at lunch and then he rejoined the group from Pinecrest for the ride back home.

It looks like the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.


Big, Horrible, Hairy Monsters

A friend’s daughter was here several years ago and she was kind of exploring the house as children as apt to do.  She came running down the steps proclaiming:

There’s a big, horrible, hairy monster up there!

It was Oreo.Oreo3bSadly, we lost Oreo a few years later but we still talk about him.  He was a great cat.  Now we have two big, horrible, hairy monsters living inside with us.

Murphy in front and Molly Mae in the back.  Friends for life.

Murphy in front and Molly Mae in the back. Friends for life.


What’s Blooming?

The real Natchitoches Noisette.  It has a light peppery scent.

The real Natchitoches Noisette. It has a light peppery scent.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Belinda's Dream

Belinda’s Dream

Hidden Ginger (Circuma)

Hidden Ginger (Circuma)

Pride of Barbados

Pride of Barbados

Gold Medal Rose

Gold Medal Rose

White Texas Star Hibiscus

White Texas Star Hibiscus


Plethora of Elderberries !!!!!!!!

Tootie called to say she had picked even more elderberries for me.  She had Harry pick her up in the bucket on the front of their tractor and take her down the lane towards the river.  He lifted her up in the bucket and she picked lots of clusters.  We swung by their house on the way home from grocery shopping to pick the berries up. Her berries are larger than the ones from Papa’s place.  They are gorgeous!  I wonder if it’s because they’re so close to the river?????

I’m cleaning off the dining table so I can get busy cleaning and sorting them.

She also gave me some E-Z Caps used to make wine with and loaned me a gallon jug since all I have is wide mouth gallons.  I have 1/2 gallon jugs from buying Kombucha but I need the gallon size.  We don’t do much wine drinking here (Don doesn’t drink at all and I very rarely do) so I need to see if Beth or Rhoda have any I can have.


Elderberries YES !!!!

A couple weeks ago Tootie and I drove up to her Papa’s place to pick figs.  The birds had gotten most of the figs but there were ripe elderberries everywhere!  The ones next to our pond are still green.

Green Elderberries

                     Green Elderberries

I picked a basket full of the dark purple clusters, covered them with a towel and brought them home.  It took a few days to get them all sorted and cleaned.

Elderberries are toxic when they’re green so you have to carefully weed those out.  They’re tiny, little things and sorting can take a while.

Teeny, Tiny, Little Elderberries

Teeny, Tiny, Little Elderberries

The stems are also toxic so you need to get as much of them out as possible. The flower heads are so pretty.  They look a lot like Queen Anne’s Lace except that they’re on a bush and are larger.

Elderberry Blossoms

                   Elderberry Blossoms

The blossoms as well as the berries can be used to make wine.

I don’t have quite enough cleaned berries to make wine and jelly/jam with yet so after doing some research I laid them out on a cookie sheet and froze them.

Frozen Elderberries

Frozen Elderberries…Oops….I missed a green one. 

Cooking the berries destroys the toxins so it’s doubtful that a few green ones will cause a problem.

Tootie called 2 days ago to say she picked some more berries for me down by the river at her place.  I need to run out there to pick them up so I can get those cleaned up and in the freezer.  I’m keeping an eye on my bushes so that I don’t miss the berries when they get ripe!


Have I Lost My Mind????

I recently learned that our Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) has what’s called “Specialty Programs for Adults” or SPA for short.  Residents 60 years and older can take a 3 hour course every semester at no charge except for some small fees.

I paid my application fee and applied online….provided my college transcript…signed the immunization waiver (I’ve had MMR and due to age should not take the meningococcal vaccine and cannot take the Tetanus shot.

I’m a Master Gardener in our parish so I’m interested in anything that will help me in that area.  I want to take classes regarding to plant studies so after a number of phone calls, I was able to talk to the head of the biology department who assisted me in taking a class.  Even though I already have a degree, it’s in Nursing and I don’t have any biology courses in my transcript.

I’m now registered in the Arboriculture class starting soon and I think I’m excitedMy fees have been paid, my photo id is ready and I’m just waiting to pick up my parking pass and textbook Monday.

Last year I took the tax prep course at HR Block and even though it was a hard course, I did enjoy it.

I really wanted to take a botany course but it’s a four hour course and right now, I’d rather not pay the extra $$$$ for that extra hour.  So, I found a free online botany course that I’m taking.  I’ve got my textbook and found a plethora of supporting resources on the net.  I’ve also gotten a Botany coloring book to use.

Now all I have to do the rest of the day is get some lunch ready for Don, balance the checkbook, and then I’ll be nose-deep in Botany!

Wish me luck!


Just Say No to GMO

No, I’m not on a rant but I can get very outspoken on this matter.

I won’t bash you if you wish to eat GMO foods.   I do not.  I’ve had cancer.  It came from somewhere.  No one in my family history ever had kidney cancer.  But it came from somewhere or something.

There is a bill that is frighteningly close to being passed into law.  It’s called the “DARK” act.  Denying Americans the Right to Know.  On the surface, it might appear to be harmless but what is hidden there is that if passed, we will never have the right to know if our foods are from GMO crops or not.  Never. States that have already passed truth in labeling laws will not be allowed to enforce those laws.  States that in the future decide that they want to pass such laws will be prevented legally from doing so.  Big Money aka Monsanto is standing firmly behind this law.  Passage means more money in their pockets.

I don’t know about you but that scares the hell out of me.  Do we seriously think Big Money will stop there?  I’m not that naive.   Why can’t we be allowed to have access to the truth about what is in our food?  Why can’t we have the right to make our own decisions about what to eat and what to avoid?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Are we rats blindly following the Pied Piper?

The bill has already passed the House and is headed to the Senate for a vote SOON.  I signed a petition against the DARK act and my e-mail address along with objections to GMO in our food supply went to David Vitter…a Senator from Louisiana.

I received what I believe to be a canned reply from him.  Since the e-mail does not have the word “confidential” anywhere in it, I am enclosing the body here for you to read.

Dear Mrs. Till,

 Thank you for contacting me in opposition to genetically engineered crops.  I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

 As you know, many of the crops grown around the world are genetically engineered.  Geneticists have developed strains of crops that possess a variety of special traits, such as the ability to produce higher yields, to better withstand agricultural pests, or to exhibit other traits that may benefit production or reduce harmful effects of pesticides. 

 Many have questioned the safety of genetically engineered crops.  However, with the world’s population growing, specialized crops are being explored as a way to meet the world’s increasing food needs.  Rest assured I will keep your thoughts in mind as the Senate considers these issues and as I continue working to support a safe and stable food supply.

 Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important issue.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about any other issue important to you. 


Senator David Vitter
United States Senator”

So……I responded with:

You miss the point.  The point is that the public has the right to know what is in the foods that we are eating.   If you want to eat foods from GMO crops, that is fine with me.  I do not want to do that.  Labels should be factual in listing where and how these foodstuffs are grown.   An informed public is an advantage to everyone.  Do not vote to take away our right to know.”

I doubt that I get a response from him.  Public officials should look out for the rights of the people who elect them…..not the lobbyists who only care about bottom line dollars for Big Money.

If this is important to you, please consider visiting this site and showing your Senators that you oppose this law.  Time is running out quickly for us to make our voices be heard.


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