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Not so successful day

Chris spent the day with us and he loves to cook so we worked on several things. We made low carb banana nut bread which turned out ok. The lemon loaf was disappointing as was the lemon blueberry loaf.

I was ready to put everything away after 3 baking trials but Chris wasn’t.

So we tried a non-dairy low carb blueberry ice cream recipe. We used my Bosch Universal mixer and Vanessa’s ice cream maker attachment since I can’t find mine. It’s pretty neat how the attachment fits on top of the mixer.

Donnie was so excited about homemade ice cream. It was pretty with the blueberries in it. He had his spoon ready and stood over my shoulder as I opened the canister. Sad face. Not a great outcome.

Oh well, there’s next time. I’m going to try to convert an old Eagle Brand condensed milk recipe to dairy free /sugar free and hope it comes out better. There are several recipes online for making your own sweetened condensed milk. I guess I’ll get out the Sous Vide to pasteurize some eggs since I can’t stand the thought of raw eggs. Ick.

Hen Night on hold

I’ve worked on this for a while now and it’s time to let it (and me) rest a bit. Here’s where it stands for now:

I’ve frog-stitched so many times and changed colors too. I think I’m satisfied with it for now or maybe not. I’ve used one thread on most of it. The white chicken will probably get another layer of stitches as too much of the fabric shows through. I kind of like the shading one thread of the golden color gets so I’ll probably leave it as is.

I started (again) on New Years Sampler.

I like it but I’ve already taken it out. I’ve been starting projects smack dab in the middle but I decided to work this from the top left. I didn’t figure my placement well and it was too close to the center.

So, here it is again where I’m trying to see what floss I want to use instead of the called-for white. The white just doesn’t show up.

I don’t know if I like this light gray or not. Some of the white areas I think should be snowflakes. I’m thinking I might use an iridescent white or a sparkly silver to see how it looks. Ideas?

Cosmo floss club

First thing first. I don’t get compensation for any sites or products I talk about here.

Since rediscovering cross stitch and Etsy, I’ve fallen in love with Cosmo embroidery floss. I love the colors and I really love the sheen it has.

I”m a subscriber to a Cosmo floss club via a shop on Etsy. It’s so much fun to get new skeins every month. I just received my August shipment and as usual it was a joy to open!

I love The Farmer’s Attic. Lucy has great inventory and ships super fast. I have never been disappointed in anything I’ve bought from her.

In addition to the Cosmo floss club she has DMC clubs as well. She carries an extensive line of Classic Colorworks, Gentle Art as well as Weeks Dye Works, Valdani pearl cotton, patterns, books, quality quilt fabric and more.

I belong to the 50 skein/month club but there is also one for 25 skeins. Lucy has the best price for Cosmo I’ve found. The skeins I get are her random picks and I have been pleased with every one. This is my third shipment. You get a nice detailed color chart of each floss included to keep in a binder if you choose.

This sheet was not creased in the package. That’s my fault. You get a custom copy with each shipment.

Oooh, pretty

Saturday ramblings

Chris spent part of the day with us so we headed out early to visit Farmers Markets. We started out in Denham Springs and picked up a few fresh veggies, Cracklins, and some boiled peanuts.

Next we headed to Springfield to Landry Poche Farm. Chris got a veggie box there that included squash, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, pink eyed purple hull peas and tomatoes.

Then we were off to Port Vincent to the farmers market there. We didn’t look around much but I did talk to a lady selling their own grass fed beef. We weren’t prepared with a cooler so we didn’t get any today but we will probably go back on another visit. Grass fed beef is so much better for us than what we have access to in stores and I like to support small business when I can.

What we were really there for was this guy:

He has Landry Poche Farm and his wife told us where to find him. This bus reminds me so much of visiting my grannies in the summer when the rolling store would come around. Granny Dorsey had one bus that served her and Granny Chipley had a different bus that serviced the road she lived on. You could get everything you needed without going to town. They even had CANDY for us kids.

We bought the last pink eyed purple hull peas he had. About a bushel. He’s going to shell them out for us tomorrow morning and we’ll pick them up at his place in Springfield in the morning.

How much fun is that bus? I love it!

The final stop was at Charlies between Springfield and Killian for lunch. Boiled shrimp salad for me. Fried frog legs for Donnie. Chef salad and a cup of seafood gumbo for Chris. Triple yum!

Sweet Tabby

How do they do that?

Hoop conversion

I like to work with oval hoops. I prefer to use a deeper hoop which seems to only be available in round. I have a few sizes in the round ones but I keep wishing for the depth in an oval hoop instead.

The deeper hoops are so much easier on my hands. With arthritis in my left thumb and the tendency to get hand cramps using the smaller depth hoops…it’s just much more comfortable to have that extra depth.

Take a look at the difference between an original oval hoop when compared to the deeper round hoop.

So I decided to try a home-style hoop conversion. I ordered 2 new oval hoops and set my plan in motion. First, I used Gorilla Ultimate wood glue to glue the inner hoops together and the outer hoops together. I let them sit untouched for 24 hours.

I wrapped the new inner hoop with wide seam binding which serves two purposes. The wrap helps hold the project tighter and it also adds more stability to my glued joint. The clamp is to hold the glued end of the binding until it dries. That’s the new outer hoop in the back. I don’t usually wrap the outer hoops but am going to wrap this one.

It isn’t a perfect solution but until commercial deeper oval hoops are available, it will do nicely. The thing that happens when my kind of conversion is done is that there are two screws. I always use a small screw driver to tighten my hoops so it isn’t an issue for me. I tighten one screw a bit and then tighten the other screw. I repeat it until I get the degree of tautness I want. It takes an extra thirty seconds.

I always position the screw at the bottom of the project or in cases where the screw is at the end of the oval, I will position it on the left (I’m right handed). This new hoop is not quite as deep as the round one is but I’m really enjoying using it.

More chickens changes

I just can’t seem to stop myself. The more I looked at one specific thread in the chickens the less I liked it. It’s the darker brown. It’s dull and looks fuzzy to me. Vanessa says she doesn’t see the fuzzy part but I do.

So, out they all came.

This is where I am tonight. The circle shows the replacement floss. You can see spaces I still need to work on.

I think it looks better.

I’ve probably

said this before….. The best way to get out of a hole is to stop digging.

You might think I would take those words to heart. But my stubborn self can’t stop ripping out stitches and re-stitching. Looks a little fuzzy here? Rip it out. Don’t like the way the stitches lay here? Rip it out.

I’m currently working on replacing the most recent ripped stitch portions of Hen Night.

One stitch forward…two stitches back……..

Chickens coming into view

I’m not as dedicated to stitching as I probably should be. It’s usually at night when I pick it up. Yesterday was an exception as I started working on Hen Night in the afternoon. I got to this point late last night. You can see the tops of two hen heads appearing.

The yellow areas are the beaks of two hens. It’s a pretty complicated chart for me but I do like it.

Hello Tabby

It’s been pretty sad around here since our sweet kitty passed on. Nother hasn’t been seen for months. Miss Kitty doesn’t visit often. I don’t care for Vanessa’s cats so I don’t go pet them.

A lot of the cats we’ve had were drop-offs. Not long ago, a grey Tabby cat showed up. He let Vanessa pick him up and he’s gradually made his way into our family. He comes inside to eat and goes back out….most of the time.

He won’t be an inside cat but we’re ok with him visiting us inside. He’s taken up with Donnie. He will lay on the sofa and nap with Donnie.

We were talking to our neighbor about Tabby and he wants to take Tabby to be neutered. We’re ok with that since Tabby is really sort of a community cat.

I’m happy to have a kitty again.

Aren’t they sweet?

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