Pollination Celebration

Are you wondering where I’ve been?  I’ve been knee deep in planning of Tangipahoa Parish Master Gardener Association Pollination Celebration (tpmga).  Yes, really!

Practically this whole year has been nothing but work on this event and before very long, it will be here.

There have been other things going on as well, but the main focus has been this “educational experience”.

I promise to try to make more frequent posts (I know….I always make promises don’t I?)  But I really will try to do better.

What is Pollination Celebration 2016?  It is a one-day educational experience hosted by TPMGA.  It will be held at LSU/AgCenter Hammond Research Station, Hammond, LA on September 24, 2016 from 9a.m.–3p.m.

There will be great speakers on the subject of pollination, workshops for adults and children alike, vendors and more.  If you like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, native plants be sure to check our blog for more info:

Pollination Celebration 2016

It will focus on the pollinators in our world, why they are important, what we can do to attract more of them to our gardens, how we can better protect them.

Did you know?  No pollinators/pollination—No food from the plant world?

It’s true! If we don’t have pollinators to carry pollen from flower to flower, we won’t have fruits & veggies to eat?  There are very few plants that do not require pollination by insects to produce the fruit/vegetables. Tomatoes are one but I don’t think I can live on tomatoes alone—as much as I like them.

We have a blog where updates will be posted.  Please take time to check it out and sign up for updates.  I’m asking for your help to boost our follower list so please, please take a look and follow us—–and spread the word on your facebook page, personal blog, etc.

Tangipahoa Parish Master Gardener Association

Yes, someone other than myself is going to write posts….one who is more on the ball than I am.

Yes, WWW your quilt is still on the frame.  It’s moving up the priority list.





Look Look Look

My San Marzano tomatoes have baby tomatoes.  From FREE plants!!!!

Baby Tomato

                                                                              Baby Tomato


I’ve mentioned that there is Basil planted among the tomato vines.  The bees love the Basil blooms.  What are you doing to attract pollinators to your garden?


Little Red School House

There aren’t too many of us around any more….that is….people who attended school in a Little Red School House.

When our family moved from Kosciusko, Mississippi to Bellamy, Alabama, I went from a city school system to a school owned by the Allison Lumber Company.  There was a brief inter-move period when we lived in York, Alabama while our house in Bellamy was made ready and I attended the public school there.

It’s hard for me to remember exactly but I think I was in the second grade when we were in York.  I went to school in Bellamy third and part of the fourth grade.

This is a picture I found online of the front of the school.  I remember a few of these people just barely except for John McClure.  I don’t have very fond memories of him.  Our favorite past time was to create villages in the sand.  He would kick them over.  Nelson Trudell was another person I remember.  He was a fairly nice fellow.


The page has some info about Bellamy in it.  It was a village built around a lumber mill.  Our Daddy was the office manager at the mill.

The school was indeed painted red with white trim and although it had 2 rooms, only 1 room was used as a classroom when I was there.  All six grades sat in the same classroom.

Our teacher’s name was Lottie Hood and her fingernails were long, pointed, and painted blood red.  She used to tap us on the top of our heads with those fingernails.  No one liked her.  Wonder why?

The school was closed and we were all transferred to schools in Livingston where I graduated from high school and later attended college.

Allison tore the school down.  What a shame.  It was said the building was in too bad shape to save but I’ll never believe it couldn’t have been restored.  I’d love to have more pictures of that old school.


I Just Love Vintage Stuff

Dearest Beth has an old porcelain clad iron sink with a drain board by her back door.  I love it and I have coveted that thing ever since I first saw it.

So, I was on a mission to find one.  I was trying to find one of the deep single sinks with double drain boards on it but they were all too expensive for me to consider.  Don’t get me wrong.  I can do some serious spending of money but I can also be extremely cheap.

I scoured Craig’s List and eBay looking for one.  I finally found one in Baton Rouge but it was a double sink and not the deep single sink.  I called the lady and we headed off to her house to take a look.

It had some damage on it and it’s not iron so it’s not nearly as heavy and Hey!  My honey can fix most anything.  The price was right and it came home with us.

Woo Hoo !!!!!

                             Woo Hoo !!!!!

Don worked on it to repair the bad spots and he is going to build a weather resistant base for it to sit on.  It will be my outside veggie/fish cleaning station.  We can wash stuff in one side and rinse in the other side.

I plan to just put buckets under the drains to catch the water to re-use in the gardens.

Don’t you just love it?  I know I do.


Exploring Louisiana—Natchitoches

It’s been a long time since I wrote an Exploring Louisiana post.  Our last visit with Chris, we decided to do some “out of the Alexandria area” exploring.

We picked him up on Friday about noon and had a nice lunch at Outlaw’s Barbeque in Pineville.  It’s pretty good BBQ and it’s reasonably priced.  They also have good fried catfish and shrimp.

Now, I have to admit that my favorite on the road BBQ is Rudy’s in Texas.  That’s some good BBQ!.  I like it so much that I found a copycat recipe online for their sauce and that’s what I cook up when we do BBQ.

After lunch, we hit the road to Natchitoches.  It looks like it would be pronounced “natch-short “i”-toe-ch-s” but that’s not it.  It sounds like “nack- short “i” – tish”.

It’s an old city on the banks of the Cane River.  We found a place to park and walked the brick street and enjoyed the lovely atmosphere.

Cross bridge over the Cane River.  There are several of these in the downtown area.

Cross bridge over the Cane River. There are several of these in the downtown area.

There's lots of parking by the river.  There's even an outdoor stage for music at events of which there are plenty.  This area at Christmas is filled with vendors of all sorts during the Christmas Lights.

There’s lots of parking by the river. There’s even an outdoor stage for music at events of which there are plenty. This area at Christmas is filled with vendors of all sorts during the Christmas Festival of Lights.

If Chris is still living at Pinecrest during the Christmas season, we are going to try to attend the Festival of Lights.  He’s been twice and says it’s wonderful.

This house is one of many on the opposite side of the river from downtown.  Wouldn't you just hate living there?

This house is one of many on the opposite side of the river from downtown. Wouldn’t you just hate living there?  😉

Fort St. Jean Baptist was founded there to prevent the Spanish from expanding eastward.

Fort St. Jean Baptist was founded here to prevent the Spanish from expanding eastward.

The streets are paved with brick.  I love it!

The streets are paved with brick. I love it!

Enough pictures for today.  I’ve got quite a few more to share with you from this glorious day.  Denise & Wanda—-if we were ever going to have another Quilter’s Romp—-this place would be a great one.  I just don’t know if they have a quilt shop nearby.


Update on Life

We’re moving forward slowly with the plans for Chris’s move back to the Hammond area.  He will be in town Monday for appointments related to the transition.  We still don’t have a clue as to how long this is going to take but we’re all trying to be patient with the process.  Chris has a little more trouble with that than we do.

I feel like such a bad blogger when I can’t do regular posts.  Ideally, I would do a daily post but it’s just too hard for me to keep up.  During those times when you get a daily post, I’ve done several and scheduled them.  That’s getting harder to do right now.

There’s hardly a day when something isn’t scheduled.  I’m taking the  Arboriculture course at SLU twice a week and going with Don to his Master Gardener course twice a week.  In addition to that, I go to the Baton Rouge Rose Society and our Master Gardener meetings monthly.  We travel to the Alexandria, LA area at least once a month to visit with Chris. Then there’s all the unexpected life events that take time.

So what I’m going to try to do is do 3 posts weekly.  Remember the key word here is “try”.  I’ve got lots of gardening and other stuff to share with you.


From the Squash Bounty

We had a pretty good crop from our early garden so I tried to do something different with some of the squash.  I came across a recipe for “squash patties“.   The only thing I did differently is that I didn’t use any sugar.  I just don’t like sugar in vegetables.

The squash are not pre-cooked in this recipe.  They’re chopped raw.chopped squash500x333I have a VitaMix but for quick, little jobs, I like to use this little chopper made by Procter-Silex.  I picked mine up at Winn-Dixie for less than $9 I think.

You drop a spoonful of the squash mix into a hot skillet and fry them until brown.

squash patties500x333Yummy!



Daylily Proliferations.  Do you know what they are?  I had heard of them a few years ago but when Tootie and I were at her Papa’s place last month, the daylilies there were full of them.

They’re a baby plant growing somewhere on the stalk.  Tootie and her Mother Bootsie offered them to me so I cut all the stalks with proliferations and brought them home with me.  I let them set in a bucket of water for a couple days and then pulled the babies off.

You’re supposed to be able to just stick them in the ground and they will grow.  Not knowing for sure where I want to put them, I stuck them into a pan of potting medium.  This is what they look like today.  When I tug on them, they don’t budge so it looks like they’re taking root.

Lily Proliferations 500xThey’re all from red daylilies so that should make a pretty flower bed addition.  I’m sorry that I didn’t take any pictures of them on the stalks.  That’s very cool to see.  These will get planted before it gets cold.



is the first day of class for me.  My textbook hasn’t even arrived at textbook rental.  Wonder how that’s going to work??

What am I taking?  Arboriculture (study of trees)

I like to take notes on a legal pad so I’ll stop at Dollar General on my way in the morning to get one.  I rounded up some mechanical pencils this afternoon.

Thank goodness they gave me an upper classmen parking pass so I won’t have to catch a shuttle from the north campus.  I’ll be able to park across from the building where my class is.

I’m getting ready to tuck myself in for the night in a bit.  Wish me luck!


Grab Some Kleenex

and watch this beautiful video about hope and determination.

We lost one of our goats yesterday.  Roger Rabbit crossed over the bridge.


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