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I’m still here but am knee-deep in alligators right now.  I’ll fill you in about things in a few weeks when I have time to come up for air.

But….some things are good enough to take a minute for.  Most of you know that I get newsletters about what’s free at Amazon for Kindle.  Today, there is a book that I think everyone should read.  I’m getting a copy and plan to read it.

I knew that Walgreen’s is a handicapped worker friendly company but I didn’t know a lot more than that.  It’s because a senior vice president has a son with autism.  The free book I recommend for today is this one:

“No Greatness Without Goodness: How a Father’s Love Changed a Company and Sparked a Movement” by Randy Lewis.

Even if you don’t own a Kindle you can read their books by downloading their app to your phone or to your computer.  There’s a link on the page with the book.

Get your copy today!


Women’s Gluten Free Health Summit Day Two

Before I talk about the summit, I want to catch you up on my Grain Brain challenge.  I made it through the day of fasting with flying colors……until about an hour prior to the end….and I wanted to eat everything I saw.  It was a real struggle.  Since then, I’ve gotten side tracked (as usual) so I haven’t been following the plan but I do intend to get started again (minus the day of fasting).

Now for what I think about Day Two of the WGFHS.  I’ve only listened to one lecture so far but it was amazing!  It was “Understanding Organic vs Non-GMO labels on Foods”.   The other interviews today deal with Leaky Gut, IBS, and understanding Gluten-Free labeling. 

Jennifer has also left up Day One interviews for an extra day due to a link glitch so you can still catch those topics as well.  I am SO GLAD I signed up for this!


Women’s Gluten Free Health Summit Day One

If you haven’t signed up for this free health summit, give it another thought.  I just listened to the first interview and was impressed.  It’s about thyroid function and how gluten and other foods as well as life situations can affect the health of our thyroid gland.  This interview was less than 30 minutes and well worth my time.  Every now and then I would pause and go fold a few clothes, put clothes in the dryer, fix myself a glass of tea and then come back to it.

There’s even a free e-book you can get by signing up for Dr.  Kalish’s newsletter.  He’s the first interview.  There may be other freebies on the schedule page. 

I’m getting ready to listen to the next interview for today and I’ll have some pretty mindless knitting to work on as I listen.  Double tasking at it’s finest!

You can read my previous post about this summit here. An important thing to know is that the interviews are only available for that day.

There’s also another summit available free that started today.  It’s called Evolution of Health Summit.  You may also want to check it out.

Whew!  Lots of great free info and I’ve got to find a way to fit it into my day.  I got behind on my daily Bible reading but I’m catching up.  Yay!




Since going grain-free, I can’t believe how different I feel in so many ways.  I never paid a lot of attention to gluten free diets in the past but I really think I am gluten sensitive.

I get all sorts of healthy lifestyle messages every day.  If you’re gluten intolerant, have celiac disease, or know someone who is either….you may be interested in this free online event.

Womens Gluten Free Health Summit

It’s hosted by Gluten Free School

Did I mention that it’s FREE?????

I’ve already signed up.  It starts September 8th. 

I’m finishing up the book Grain Brain and am going to do his 4 week plan.  I started this afternoon with a 24 hour fast.  Don’t worry, I can drink all the water I want and I can make 24 hours without food with no problem at all.  That’s the beginning of the 4 week plan. He details it all in the book.

I decided that if I started this afternoon, it would seem like a shorter time period because I’d have a few hours to do it today, then sleep all night, and finished up by 4pm tomorrow….in time to have dinner with Don.

Disclaimer:  I’m not telling anyone to follow any diet plan or trying to coerce anyone into doing things they don’t want to do.  If the info is interesting to you….then that’s great.  If not, just disregard please.  :-)



A Challenge For Some of Us

Last year we watched the entire series “The Bible” and loved it.  I even have it saved on my DVR so we can watch it whenever we want.  Then we saw “Son of God”  by the same producers of “The Bible” and loved it also.  I’ve got “Heaven is for Real” on my Kindle reader and it’s a wonderful book.  We missed seeing the movie.  A large portion of the books I get for Kindle are religious.  My spirit continuously needs to be filled.

One of the blogs I subscribe to (More Than Four Walls)has issued a challenge to read the Bible through in a year and it starts Monday.  I just signed up for it and I’m excited about it.  I’ve gotten reminders from different sites that host the reading but it’s not the same as being part of a group where we’re all at the same level.  Danielle even has a Facebook group where we can discuss what we’re reading and interact with each other.  That’s a real plus for me.

For those who aren’t fans of Facebook…I’m not so much either.  I have friends on FB but I don’t regularly follow timelines.  I do however enjoy the many groups on FB that I’ve found.  They work much like the groups on Yahoo but I actually like them better. 

I’ve made a commitment to myself to do this.  Will you join me?


I Would Be in Meltdown Mode

if I were a parent buying school supplies these days.  I’ve heard parents talk about the things listed on their children’s list of required school supplies and I am flabbergasted.

What in the world will a student do with this amount of these things during a school year?  I know the answer to that.  They’re not just purchasing supplies they individually will be using.  What I believe happened is this:  teachers got together and calculated how many parents from the total pool would actually buy what’s listed and divided up their projected class needs through the entire school year among that number.  Those parents are being held responsible for purchasing supplies for all the students whose parents do not buy supplies….and for the teacher.  No, I do not believe the teacher should have to buy her own classroom supplies.  The teacher supplies should come from the school’s general fund. And no, I don’t want to debate how much school funding has been cut by state budgets.  And don’t even tell me about how each student’s name goes on their supplies.  They don’t get the surplus back and I believe it’s all thrown in a community pile.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a hard hearted person but this sort of thing just purely pisses me off.  No one told people to have children they can’t afford.  We refused to accept public assistance for Chris as long as he lived with us even though we could have due to his disabilities.  We always felt he was OUR responsibility.  In many ways, he still is and we don’t regret a minute or dime spent with and on him.

I don’t expect people to agree with me but I do expect people to respect my right to believe the things I do so don’t flame me.  It’s not debateable.

Take a look at the items listed below and then check it out for yourself at this link:

School Supply Lists Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

There’s just something plain wrong with this.  And this does not include the numerous “fees” associated with different classes.

8 packs #2 pencils at a middle school—-what?????

4 boxes 24 count #2 pencils at an elementary school

2 packs black ink pens at the same middle school

1 pack red ink pens at the same middle school

6 Dry Erase Markers (Expo brand chisel tip—-they have to be brand specific???) at the same middle school

2 Dry Erase Markers Erasers at the same middle school

6 boxes 24 count “Crayola” crayons at an elementary school—what is a kindergartner going to do with 6 boxes of crayons?   Melt them down to make candles?

2 packs “Crayola” washable markers at same school

10—–count ‘em- Elmer’s glue sticks at same school—Give me a break!

2 packs dry erase markers at same school

6 packs colored pencils at same school

8 wide rule spiral notebooks in specific colors at same school

6 rolls paper towels at same school

6 boxes kleenex at same school

If the parents who are expected to purchase all these supplies do so, what are they expected to use for funds to purchase clothing for the child to wear to school?

I could go on ad nauseum but I won’t.  This just does not make sense.  What’s wrong with students having a minimum number of supplies on hand at school and parents replenishing those through the year?  I know the answer to that too….but I probably should keep that to myself.

And for one last thought.  Do teachers and school officials want to know why students no longer have respect for them?  Maybe it’s because they (figures of authority)  no longer wear professional attire and conduct themselves in a professional manner.  Ankle cut, low waist jeans with crop tops and flip flops just don’t cut it.

I didn’t intend this to become a rant but I guess it has.  I should probably feel better after venting but I’m not sure I do.  I don’t think our school system cares what the public thinks of them.  What a shame.






Sweet Tooth?

So you have one?  I sure do and that’s one of the things I battle every day during this journey of mine.  Especially chocolate and fruit….almost any fruit.

I remember Don trying to keep me from buying a chocolate bar when I was pregnant years ago.  My answer to that was to move out of my way and no one would get hurt. 

I’m exploring several different nutritional lifestyles right now.  I don’t want to use the word “diet” because I want whatever I come up with to be a way of life.  A healthy way of life.

The recipes I find on Paleo sites interest me because right now I’m not eating any “added sugars” or grains.  I found a site called “The Civilized Caveman” and signed up for his blog posts.  I got a post from him today that I jumped at.  He’s giving away his Paleo dessert cookbook right now and asked that his readers share the link so everyone can get a free download.

So far the recipes look tasty and do-able.  Here’s the link so you can get your own:

Civilized Caveman Desserts Cookbook

Check it out and let me know what you think about it and which recipe you think I should try first.


The Last 4 Years

I was diagnosed with diabetes a little over 4 years ago.  I was at my heaviest weight then.  My A1c was over 9 !!!!  That’s outrageously high.  It scared the bejeezus out of me so I immediately went on a low carb diet and lost about 50 pounds.  Along with medication, that brought my A1c down to the low 5 range.  Some say that drastic reduction may not have been safe but that’s how it went.

Over a 4 year period, I gained about 15 pounds back which wasn’t so bad considering most statistics on weight loss.  When I did that crazy pesticide poisoning thing, I lost most of that gain and decided to get real about my health.  The pesticide scare really made a lasting impression.

Right now, I’m below that 50 pound loss and I’m getting excited about it.  The loss is a direct effect of the changes in my nutrition lifestyle.  Just so you can see where I was before that diabetic diagnosis, here’s a pic.  I’m not sure if this is my heaviest or not but it’s surely not a good weight!


This picture was taken at a retreat I used to host in Arkansas that we called “Quilter’s Romp”.  This insane getup was them bestowing me with all the garments worthy of a “Fearless Leader”.   What a group of great gals!  We always had a wonderful time at these retreats.

Bread Pudding_DeniseOriginal (2)          This picture was taken at another “Quilter’s Romp” held in Jasper, AR at a huge log cabin in the woods.  And a good reason, I gained so much weight and developed diabetes.  I’ll just blame this on Jan.  I was eating the leftovers of her Peach Bread Pudding.

Now onto better times.  After I lost that 50 pounds but had gained back 15 pounds, we have a pic of me and DH at my cousin Alice-Rachel’s wedding.  I felt much better and looked better in my clothes.DonSheryl (2)


But still too much weight.

This was taken this afternoon in the Paca barn.  Ignore the mess.

Me and Baby Ray

Me and Baby Ray

I’ve never compared pictures of myself at different times in my life so this has been kind of fun.

Baby Ray in case you don’t remember is our “blind” paca.  He can see some things but still runs into things.  This afternoon he ran into the fence twice.  He’s never going to be a big boy like our other boys and we don’t think he’ll even be as big a Bullet who is on the small side.  He gets plenty to eat and never lets anyone run him away from the food.  He’s just a smallish guy.  We love him!


Mmmmmm Good


If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know I’m working on my health.  I’ve done the “Fed Up” 10 day sugar challenge and since then I’ve stayed pretty much sugar free.  For about 3 weeks, I’ve been about 99% grain free.  I say 99% because I did slip a couple times….I ate a few pieces of onion blossom at Outback and I ate 2 small pieces of fried green tomatoes the other night.

I’ll admit that the grain-free is a much bigger challenge than sugar.  Practically everything on the shelf at the grocery store contains grain.  Look at the labels and you’ll be shocked!

We were at Olive Garden last night at a meeting regarding this year’s American Cancer Society “Relay For Life”.  I ate salad and passed on the croutons and their luscious garlic bread.  Don ate salad with croutons and the bread.  (Thank you Olive Garden for hosting the meeting) Gasp!  Well, to start with, I don’t really like croutons anyway so that was super easy and I’m not really a bread eater but I do love their garlic bread as do I love rolls at Ryans, Logans…etc…you get the idea…nice fluffy yeast rolls.

That wasn’t enough for dinner so we stopped on the way home and bought some Ahi Tuna steaks and I fixed those up for us.  I made the marinade found on this page and cooked them somewhere between medium rare and medium well.  We’re not quite ready to eat fish that is rare.  It was delicious.  I also boiled some potatoes and slathered them with butter.  Yum.  I don’t limit butter.  Fats are not your enemy!  They are required in your diet for several reasons.  One of the most important is to enhance satiety of food….it doesn’t empty as fast and you don’t get hungry as quickly after eating.

Keep in mind that I’m not going strictly any one kind of diet or another.  I’m interested in the concepts in Paleo and Primal but I’m not giving up dairy products, nor root vegetables (potatoes) or natural sweeteners in limited amounts.  Nor am I totally giving up my Truvia.  But—-I have severely restricted my sugar intake and obnoxious carbs (those that so impact my blood sugar) and I’m working on total elimination of wheat.  I may add some grains back to my nutrition.  And while I do need to lost more weight, that’s not the principle reason here….I want to be healthier and feel good.

I just finished reading “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis and after I muddled through all the scientific mumbo jumbo, I really found I could apply a lot of his teaching into my life.  And there are excellent recipes at the back of the book.  You can probably request it from your library.  That’s what I did.

I’ve read through some of “The Paleo Diet” and before I take it back to the library, I’m going to skim over it again.  Thanks to Beth, I’ve found a great blog called “Against All Grain“.  Read her story.  It’s nothing short of amazing.  I’ve joined “The 21 Day Sugar Detox” and am following it with some adjustments based on what I have in my kitchen.  The great thing about it is that you choose a date to start the detox and you get an email from her everyday with information and a suggested meal plan for that day.  That’s a huge help to me.

I’ve ordered a few kindle cook books that I’ll tell you about after I have a chance to download them and check them out.

So, how did I make the Garlic Asparagus Saute?  I kind of followed a recipe from “Wheat Belly”.  Here’s what I did.

Chopped off the ends of a bunch of clean, fresh asparagus and cut the remaining into approx. 2″ pieces.

Olive oil in the hot skillet followed by the asparagus.

Finely grated 4 cloves of garlic on top

Sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt

A nice sprinkle of onion powder

Freshly ground pepper on top

Toss it in the hot skillet until well mixed and the asparagus turns bright green.

I ate it with a 4 ounce medium rare steak.

Yummmmmmmm.  And practically no carbs at all!

Just in case you’re thinking it’s extravagant to eat steak for lunch at home…..I shop for values.  I usually don’t buy steak for myself unless it’s marked down for quick sale.   I do buy filet mignon but I can usually get 2 meals from one steak.  I can get 2 or 3 meals from a ribeye depending on it’s size.  So, what that means is that I can eat good quality beef at prices less than I can go buy fast food for so no guilty feelings here.

If you love fresh asparagus, give my recipe a try.  I think you’ll love it as much as I do.


The OMG Category

This post falls into the OMG Category.  I could not believe what I was reading when I got the noon news in my inbox today.

There are sites that allow you to send pictures of a key and they will duplicate the key and mail the duplicate to you.  You don’t have to provide any kind of proof that you are the legal owner of the key (and how would you anyway?).  But you can be careful and avoid this from happening to you.

This is downright scary!  My keys are on a ring that is easily separated.  I have my vehicle keys on one end.  The other end has the keys to buildings.  In between the 2 ends is a connector.  All I have to do is do a little maneuver and I can hand off the vehicle keys and keep the other keys in my pocket where they belong because I don’t like the idea of others having access to my keys.  I did that long before I saw this and now I’m so glad I did.

Take a look at this.  It will make you more vigilant about protecting your keys.  It may save your life one day.

Cyber Key Duplicators


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