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I finally gave in and got an i-pad mini for my birthday and am finding that I really like reading from it.  The only thing is that I go to the upper right corner to turn the page every time I finish a page.  Lol.

There are a few daily newsletters I get in my inbox that tell me which books are free or a bargain for that day.  I love “Kindle Buffet“.   I also like Book Bub and Pixel of Ink.  Even if you don’t have a Kindle or i-pad you can get the free Kindle reader from Amazon which allows you to read straight from your computer.

Today, on Kindle Buffet, this one particular offering just jumped out at me.  I’m an old-timey Baptist and I absolutely love all the old hymns and especially if they’re from the Broadman hymnal.  I need to find one!    When we get done with moving all the rooms around, I’ll have space for the organ Daddy left me and I could put one of those hymnals on it.

So, what is that free offering for today that got my attention?

I’ve gotten my copy.  Hope you get yours too and enjoy it as much as I will.


Your Long Lost Friend

Hi to all of you.  Life has been very unpredictable for us the last several months.  I won’t bore you with details but at this moment, I think I’ll try to reclaim some of myself and maybe get back on course.

My last post was to give you the center of Strawberry Stroll.  I finally found a file on an old disk for the pattern….It was 2004 when I began to write this pattern.    I was having to recreate a file from a printed copy and that has been a major pia.  I tried to just scan the pages but it’s in gray scale and none of the graphics showed up well.

You can’t begin how happy I am to have finally found this file!  I still haven’t found the color file so this one will have to do.  Instead of giving the rest to you in installments, I’m going to give you the whole file….as a Christmas gift.

Thanks to those of you who checked in on me periodically to make sure I was still in the flesh.  Those messages were most appreciated.  Thanks also to all of you who chose to hang in there with me.



Strawberry Stroll Center Medallion

After watching that video, I decided I needed to get my act in gear.  So, here’s the first installment of Quilting Editions Strawberry Stroll.  It’s for the applique center medallion.  The design is layered on purpose to give it dimension.

Nancy A.—-I’ll get your packet in the mail next week….promise.

The seeds are little buttons I found that look a lot like black seeds.  They were added after the quilting was completed.

Strawberry Stroll Center Medallion

I included the strawberry facing left and right so that you can choose which one to work with.


When You Feel Sorry For Yourself—

It happens to all of us.  Life sometimes puts so much on our plates that we can’t even think about the next day.

A good friend sent this link to me and I want to share it with you.

I am in absolute awe of this woman and I think you will be also.


Thank You !!!

I want to say thank you to my readers who so generously gave support to Options for the telethon.  Every donation truly makes a difference.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have not been able to put the final touch on the first installment for the FQ Stroll pattern due to family issues but as soon as I can get to it, I will.  I also have not had time to get the package mailed to Nancy but it is on my to-do list.  I am going to try to get both of these things done before next week.

Hang in there with me.  I’ll eventually get there  :-)



Options Telethon

As you know, our son Chris is a client with Options.

Chris Potholder 600x400

They are the source of his work training, his job, and provide his supervision/care at his apartment.  The workers take him shopping, to his appointments, take him on outings, etc.  Options will be providing care for our son throughout his life.

As with all agencies, funding is tight. Our state has clamped down on practically every facet of assistance to these programs that help the handicapped person.  It has become much more difficult for Options and other similar agencies to provide care but somehow they do it.

Options hosts an annual fundraiser that they call a telethon although it’s a weeks-long fundraiser rather than a phone event.  This event will soon be completed for this year (although they gratefully accept donations at any time).

Last weekend Don and I volunteered in the Options booth at the Louisiana Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula.  We sold fabulously delicious oven baked pretzels that were mixed/proofed/baked on site.  They were a popular treat for many festival go-ers.

Don works for Weyerhaeuser and they are one of the supporting teams for this years telethon.   I don’t usually ask for much from my readers, but I’m going to make a request today.

If you have been contemplating a donation to a worthy group, please consider Options as your recipient.  If you are just in a great mood today, please consider donating to Options in the name of the Weyerhaeuser team.  All donations regardless of size are welcomed and appreciated.  Not only will our wonderful son Chris benefit, but many, many more disabled clients will benefit from your kindness.

If you decide to participate in the Weyerhaeuser donation team, please click on this link.  You will find a link on the left of the page where you can make a direct donation via PayPal or  download a paper form to donate by mail.

Options Telethon 2013 Team Weyerhaeuser 

The Options telethon ends this year on April 29th.

Thank you.



Strawberry Stroll Winner

The random number chosen is:


The winning comment is from:



Nancy, I need you to get in touch with your mailing address so I can get your fabric set in the mail this week.  Congrats and enjoy!


Original Strawberry Stroll Fabrics

If you haven’t left a comment on the previous post about the 1st Quilting Editions:  Strawberry Stroll…please go do that so you can be entered to win a pack of the original FQ’s used in the design.

This is the only pack I have of these fabrics.  I’m going to check my stash as we go along to see if I can put together packs for the other designs but don’t get your hopes up too high.  I know where one bag is that has some fabrics from the next one but I don’t think it’s the whole collection.  If I can make up packets, I’ll give one packet away with each design…but no promises.  :-)

Comments left on any other post will *not* be considered in the drawing.

When you’re choosing your fabrics, please keep in mind that the overall design is only 30″ square.  There are no large pieces so anything but small scale designs won’t show up well.  Don’t stress out about the small pieces.  We’re going to take this one step at a time and if you only work on one border at a time, it will go together quickly and easily.  Promise!  Right, Denise?

In order to help you with shopping your stash or buying new FQ’s, I’ve scanned the original fabrics for you.




Quilting Editions #1—Strawberry Stroll

I didn’t forget about our Quilting Editions projects.  It’s been more than a little crazy around here the last few weeks.  Our boys all got haircuts last Monday and I’ll write more about that later.

Our first project is “Strawberry Stroll”.  You may use a different applique motif in the medallion center if you have one you wish to use.  I don’t have any alternates for you to use and just don’t have time to draw any but you are free to use artistic freedom.

Here’s the design we’re working on right now.

Strawberry Stroll--#1 in the series

Strawberry Stroll–#1 in the series

 Click here to download the supply list/cover sheet.

Get your supplies together and I’ll put our first set of instructions up on 4/27.  That will give you almost 2 weeks to find the fabrics you want to use.

 I have one set of original fabrics that were used for this pattern.  Leave a comment  *on this post * about what colors you plan to use for your Strawberry Stroll and if you’re going to use the pattern as is or substitute a different applique center. I’ll use a random number generator to choose someone to receive this set of FQ’s.

Only one comment per reader.  

Comments must be made no later than midnight CST 4/20/2013.



Ready For a New Project?

For several years I designed a pattern for the FQ Stroll for BerryPatch Art & Quilt Expo in Ponchatoula.  Because Ponchatoula is well known for it’s luscious strawberries, each design featured the lovely, red fruits except for the last one.  You could easily add a strawberry in the oval by using one from a previous pattern.

BerryPatch Productions is no longer in business and there’s no quilt expo in Ponchatoula so I’ve decided to share my designs with you.  It will be set up as a twice monthly edition pattern.   Let’s call it  “Quilting Editions”.

It won’t be like a mystery because you’ll know what you’re making and can easily choose your fabrics.  Twice a month, I’ll release a part of the design so that at the end…if you’ve been keeping up….your quilt top will be ready.

I’ll check to see if there might be kits still available for these if anyone is interested in using the original fabrics.  I’ll post that info later.

The designs will be offered in the order that I designed them.  Here they are just to get your creative juices revved up.

Strawberry Stroll--#1 in the series

Strawberry Stroll–#1 in the series

Strolling for Dessert---#2 in the series

Strolling for Dessert—#2 in the series

Berry Elegance---#3 in the series

Berry Elegance—#3 in the series

Tea With Marie---#4 and the final design in the series

Tea With Marie—#4 and the final design in the series

Do you think you’ll play along with this series?


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