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  • January 2023
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Working up to the dye process

I scoured the aida last night. For that, I washed the aida in hot water with Synthrapol first and then washed it again in hot water with Soda Ash just for good measure. Even though the fabric was clean, there are residual oils, chemicals that can affect the colors of the dye making the colors dull. It brings the fabric closer to a pure white which makes a better base for starting the process.

There are many thoughts on the scouring. As long as you get your information from an experienced dyer, you’re pretty safe. I am not really what I call experienced. I dabble in it.

I’ve been looking through my book to find colors I might want to do and for any different colors I may need to order.

I’ll make dye stock later today. Since I have 6 yards fabric, I ‘ll do 6 different colors. I could do 1/2 yard pieces but hopefully these colors I will want to use again and for sharing .

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