When Will it Finally Be Time?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell people “DO NOT GO TO NEW ORLEANS” if you value your life or property.  I know this will draw the ire of many people and especially tourism groups but surely the time has come for the unbelievable crime flood (it’s much more than a wave) to stop.

In the last few days three restaurants have been invaded by masked/hooded armed robbers.  The customers and employees have been terrorized with guns held to their heads and although their lives were spared, everything of value was taken.  Locals and tourists alike are afraid to venture out.

Home invasions are on the rise.  There have been recent attacks against women in their own homes.  Not long ago a man and his son were killed in a home invasion.

New Orleans is or rather has been a happy place…somewhere you could go to have fun and forget the cares of the world.  No more.  It is a violent place.  Residents are killing residents and tourists.  Criminals have turned New Orleans into a Never-Land.

You may wonder what happened to precipitate this post.  This morning a teacher….yes, a teacher….was forced into a school building and robbed at gunpoint of her purse.  She was not physically injured but can you imagine the emotional scars she will carry the rest of her life.  If it were me, I would never step foot in a school yard.

It is past time for extreme steps to be taken.   Do you get the same feeling I do when I look at the previous paragraph?  It is not safe to go out in the daytime in New Orleans and certainly not after dark.

The powers that be in New Orleans all talk the good talk.  It’s all hot air.  Crime just gets worse, more violent in nature, and more frequent in occurrence.

So, to those powers that be….Instead of getting your undies in a wad about removal of historical monuments that  “offend” people and re-writing history, do something real about your crime problem.  History is not always pretty but it is what it is.  That is why it is called history.  We learn from the past.

So, to you Mr. Mitch Landrieu (just in case you come across this post):

Stop making politically correct speeches and do something of real value.  Get your act together.  The future of New Orleans depends on it.  ALL of the citizens of New Orleans and the would-be tourists who want to spend their money in your city deserve nothing less.

Maybe the city should put up a new welcome sign:

“Welcome to Thug City”

It is a disgrace.



I Would Be in Meltdown Mode

if I were a parent buying school supplies these days.  I’ve heard parents talk about the things listed on their children’s list of required school supplies and I am flabbergasted.

What in the world will a student do with this amount of these things during a school year?  I know the answer to that.  They’re not just purchasing supplies they individually will be using.  What I believe happened is this:  teachers got together and calculated how many parents from the total pool would actually buy what’s listed and divided up their projected class needs through the entire school year among that number.  Those parents are being held responsible for purchasing supplies for all the students whose parents do not buy supplies….and for the teacher.  No, I do not believe the teacher should have to buy her own classroom supplies.  The teacher supplies should come from the school’s general fund. And no, I don’t want to debate how much school funding has been cut by state budgets.  And don’t even tell me about how each student’s name goes on their supplies.  They don’t get the surplus back and I believe it’s all thrown in a community pile.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a hard hearted person but this sort of thing just purely pisses me off.  No one told people to have children they can’t afford.  We refused to accept public assistance for Chris as long as he lived with us even though we could have due to his disabilities.  We always felt he was OUR responsibility.  In many ways, he still is and we don’t regret a minute or dime spent with and on him.

I don’t expect people to agree with me but I do expect people to respect my right to believe the things I do so don’t flame me.  It’s not debateable.

Take a look at the items listed below and then check it out for yourself at this link:

School Supply Lists Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

There’s just something plain wrong with this.  And this does not include the numerous “fees” associated with different classes.

8 packs #2 pencils at a middle school—-what?????

4 boxes 24 count #2 pencils at an elementary school

2 packs black ink pens at the same middle school

1 pack red ink pens at the same middle school

6 Dry Erase Markers (Expo brand chisel tip—-they have to be brand specific???) at the same middle school

2 Dry Erase Markers Erasers at the same middle school

6 boxes 24 count “Crayola” crayons at an elementary school—what is a kindergartner going to do with 6 boxes of crayons?   Melt them down to make candles?

2 packs “Crayola” washable markers at same school

10—–count ’em- Elmer’s glue sticks at same school—Give me a break!

2 packs dry erase markers at same school

6 packs colored pencils at same school

8 wide rule spiral notebooks in specific colors at same school

6 rolls paper towels at same school

6 boxes kleenex at same school

If the parents who are expected to purchase all these supplies do so, what are they expected to use for funds to purchase clothing for the child to wear to school?

I could go on ad nauseum but I won’t.  This just does not make sense.  What’s wrong with students having a minimum number of supplies on hand at school and parents replenishing those through the year?  I know the answer to that too….but I probably should keep that to myself.

And for one last thought.  Do teachers and school officials want to know why students no longer have respect for them?  Maybe it’s because they (figures of authority)  no longer wear professional attire and conduct themselves in a professional manner.  Ankle cut, low waist jeans with crop tops and flip flops just don’t cut it.

I didn’t intend this to become a rant but I guess it has.  I should probably feel better after venting but I’m not sure I do.  I don’t think our school system cares what the public thinks of them.  What a shame.






Craftsy Price $witcheroo ????

It seems like all I do lately is fuss about something.  Today, it’s Craftsy.

I’ve signed up for and enjoyed several of their classes.  What’s not to like, right?  You pay a pretty reasonable fee  and you get unlimited access to the class content and don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Yesterday, I was going to sign up for a spindling class that was on sale 50% off.  The regular price is $29.99.  The sale price was posted as $14.99.  I added the class to my cart and proceeded to check-out where the class fee was listed as $19.99.  I realize that’s still not a bad price for a class but it’s not what was advertised and to me—a sale is a sale.  So guess what I did?  I took the class out of my cart and I e-mailed this to Craftsy:

“I’d like to take this class and it’s advertised as $14.99 but the price at checkout is $19.99????”.  The subject line stated the official name of the class I wanted so there would be no confusion about it.

In return I got a form letter saying they’re busier than usual but would get back to me.  So far, that hasn’t happened but what has happened is that they have changed the price of the class to 33% off—sale price $19.99.   That $5 isn’t going to kill me.  It might keep me from buying a new toy but it won’t take food off our table.  That’s not the point.

Craftsy should honor the price they advertised the day I was going to buy the class.  This isn’t good business.   It makes me question whether or not I’ll ever buy another one of their classes.  And I’m not sure I can recommend that others take classes either.

So, here’s my e-mail to them tonight. “I wrote yesterday about wanting to take a class “Spindling–from fluff to stuff” and the price posted as being 50% off—$14.95.  Upon checkout the price changed to $19.99.  I removed the class from my cart.

I didn’t get an answer other than a canned response, but notice that today the price has gone up to 33% off—$19.99.  Shame on you for not answering my question about this and for not honoring the original sale price.

Feel free to check my blog for this post:
https://quiltingtizzy.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/craftsy-price/ ‎”

I guess we’ll see if they really do take customer service & satisfaction seriously or not.  I certainly hope they do because I think it’s a great concept.  I’ll keep you posted about it.



At a Loss

I’m rarely at a loss for words, but sometimes it does happen.   I’m at a loss as how to proceed from here with a situation..  I’m at a loss as to how to express myself about it.  I’m just kind of floating around right now so please bear with me while I ramble.

I can’t discuss any details because it involves confidential information.

I tried to go to bed early because we’re going on a road trip tomorrow to Roc day in Pass Christian, MS.  It will be a long day.  I can never go to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  Don can do that but not me.  I  toss & turn for an hour or two before I fall to sleep and tonight was no different.  Instead of trying to force myself to go to sleep, I decided to get up and start writing.

I’m a hard person to be friends with.  I mostly stay at home and prefer to be at home.  Vanessa calls me a recluse.  That’s not quite true but it may be somewhat close.

I can usually make myself a place when I go somewhere with a different group than I’m accustomed to.  But, I can be hard on a friendship.  I have several people that I consider to be friends, but I don’t have a lot of “close” long-term friends and those I do have are precious to me.

Please don’t try to make any sense of this, because I don’t know that I can do that myself.  Just listen.

In my world, there is no room for a liar.  There is no such thing as a little lie.  A lie is a lie is a lie.  If you ever tell me a lie and I discover it, I will never trust you again.  There is no wiggle room here.  There are no good reasons for lying.  Why tell a lie when the truth would do better?  Isn’t there an old saying like that?

Maybe this comes from working as a nurse.  Maybe I learned this “few gray areas” from that.  I don’t know.

One thing we have a problem with Chris is that he can lie and look us in the eyes and he believes himself.  I’m told it’s just a part of his disability and even knowing that, it’s hard for me to deal with.  But….he’s my son and I love him dearly so I work with it.

I’ve been involved with a situation  that I thought I had handled only to learn that someone else told a lie. The lie was told for what they perceived to be a good reason or at least that’s the excuse.   Again, I will say that there’s no such thing as a good reason to lie.  When that’s done, every bit of credibility for that person is gone….forever.  It can never be re-built.

Is it worth it?  It wouldn’t be worth it to me.

One of the big issues I have with this situation is that in telling that lie, the other person implied that I was off-base or confused or didn’t know what I was talking about??? ….I don’t even know the right words for it.  But I do know that I don’t appreciate it.  I’m no one’s fool.  And I don’t appreciate a friend being, as they say “thrown under the bus”.   Real friends don’t do that.  If a person will do that, what else will they do?  They won’t do it to me because I won’t stick around for chapter 2.

A question that person might ask themselves is, would someone they were protecting with a lie do the same for them.  More than likely, the answer would be no because they are probably going to save their own hide.  And the answer should be “no” because otherwise it would not be the truth.

I was planning to just let this go unless something else came up, but I’m not going to be able to do that.  I will request another appointment so it can be further discussed.  It may not be resolved to my total satisfaction, but I *will* have my say.




One of Those Things That Just Makes Me Crazy

One Ringy Dingy,  Two Ringy Dingy

“Is this the party to whom I’m speaking?” —-anybody remember Lily Tomlin?

I want Lily Tomlin to answer my phone calls, not some machine.

If you are over the age of 4, please press 1.

If you are in a good mood, please press 2.

If you are in a bad mood, please press 3.

If you are in a really, bad mood—

If you wish to throw your telephone through  the window, please press 4 and take a chill pill.

If that doesn’t work, don’t forget about  the bottle of Muscadine wine chilling in the fridge.


I hate automated phone answering systems.

On my list for today, I had several calls to make to schedule appointments.  By the time I was finished, I wanted to pull my hair out.  Why is it so difficult to just speak to someone? Why is it that you can never speak to a real, live person on the phone without having a nervous breakdown first?

I called to make an appointment for Don.  I called the number on the form.  I got transferred to someone in the adjacent building who transferred me to the receptionist who transferred me to the person who actually schedules those appointments.  What????  Did that save anybody any time?  Certainly, not me.  Every person I spoke with was very polite, but I was not having nice thoughts by the time we were finished.

I needed to schedule routine maintenance on my truck so I tried to do it online but I kept getting thrown to the main page of the dealership instead of to the page to schedule my service.  I have a pre-paid maintenance plan and none of the service options were what I needed.  All I want is a simple 15,000 mile service.  It’s what’s paid for and it’s what I want.

I finally gave up and called the dealership.  That started the phone relay…first the main receptionist….then someone else…who finally put me through to the person who schedules the appointments.  I wasn’t quite frazzled yet, but I was starting to feel edgy.  Is this going to be one of THOSE days?

Next, I called to schedule a personal appointment and after only going through 2 different people, I was actually speaking to the person who would set up my appointment.  Didn’t happen.  She wanted my insurance information which they already have in their system but since our insurance will change after the first of the new year, I have to wait until after the insurance changes to call them back.  Getting closer to being frazzled.

I’ve been tardy about having the gas turned on in The Barn  for heating so I called to get that done.  What was I thinking?  There is no local number for the gas company.  You have to call the toll-free number and pray that you get through all the number prompts and pray extra hard that you are directed to the person who is in your local office.  After all this, I’ve got an appointment set to do that.  I’m wondering why I even need it.  The Barn stays about 65 degrees year round for the most part.  A simple radiant heater would probably be enough.


So, this is what I want to do now.


Full On Rant Ahead

Before I start this, I apologize for messing up the link for this month’s block on my CTS page.  It’s been fixed.

The smoke you see in the sky is coming from my ears.

If you’re not guilty of the crime, you can just sit back and enjoy my tirade and I hope you’ll continue to follow my blog.  I do apologize in advance that you are seeing me at one of my worst possible times.  I am not usually this irate.  My niece, Faith will tell you though that I have zero patience.

It would probably be better if I could just learn to ignore things that purely piss me off.  At my age and life over the last few years, I’m no longer in the mood to accommodate whiney people or ungrateful bleeps.  What is wrong with people?

I’ve learned that CTS is being discussed in a forum and the whining is about how difficult it has been to find things and how we don’t all have our blogs set up the same way..on and on and on.  Oh for heaven’s sake.  When you go to WalMart—are they all set up the same identical way to make “your” personal shopping experience more convenient.  I didn’t think so.

For those who insist on whining—Get over yourself!  CTS is a FREE project people.  I have not the patience nor the desire to spoon feed anyone much less people who have no appreciation for the work it takes to pull off one pattern much less  this many and to offer them at no cost other than your paper & ink to print them.  I quit spoon feeding people when I retired from my nursing career.  Oh—did I mention that this is FREE?

You know who you are so here are my words for you.  I’m so sorry you don’t have the patience or curiosity bigtime for this endeavor or if it’s just too confusing to you to try to find something that is FREE.  Since you seem to need to be spoon fed—Find the silver spoon you were born with and FEED YOURSELF!  You need to grow up.  And the door is over THERE!  Please don’t come back because this Southern gal is totally, freakin’ pissed off and you are no longer welcome here.  There is no need in making yourself miserable trying to look for where we put things.  And if your ears are burning now—good.

I started this blog for myself.  I don’t do this to make other people happy.  The free things I give away here have come from a desire to share with others.  I love it when I’m told how much someone enjoys my blog and my patterns.  But sometime this is not very much fun.  And I quite honestly don’t do things I don’t want to do and especially if they’re no longer enjoyable to me.

I think I’ll start spending more time with my chickens.  They’re more fun and they’re always happy to see me and grateful for what I give them.






Better Info

I realize I didn’t include adequate links for reading the posts mentioned in “Let’s Be Reasonable” so I’m going to add the direct links here.  Each listing will be to a separate post.

Emily Cier

Emily Cier

Emily Cier

Kate Spain

Kate Spain

C&T Publishing

There are many posts that can be found on blogs about this.  If you’re interested do a Google search for “Kate Spain copyright”.

OK….let’s move on to something of a happier aura.  What would you like for me to write about next?





Take the Pledge! Button

I’m taking the pledge to not buy fabric, patterns, designs, etc.  that have limited use restrictions.   I created a button to add to my widgets for this.  The artwork is my own from my Garden Party pattern.  Please feel free to copy & use this button on your blog/website if you want to take the pledge also.

Right click & save to your computer. Please don’t link to my file.

I wanted to make sure everyone see’s the button I’m using as a widget so I’m placing it here also.  It could easily be missed if you got tired of reading through the long list of fabric companies.  🙂

A listing of fabric manufacturers & distributors can be found HERE.

Let’s Be Reasonable

Sorry, but this is long folks.

I’m not sure how I should even begin this post.  First off, it’s not a rant, but it does contain my thoughts about being pro-active about copyright (on both sides of the coin) and how situations can adversely affect us all.  Second, this is NOT an “anti-Kate Spain” campaign but rather an effort to protect the rights of those of us who buy fabric.

There’s no doubt about where I stand on copyright.  I respect copyright and ask that people respect it also.  I don’t care if you make my quilts for yourself….for gifts…for charity work…or even if you sell a quilt made from one of my patterns.  It would be nice to be credited as the designer but I can’t make you do that if you don’t want to.  What I don’t want anyone to do is to copy my patterns and share them.  That’s wrong.  I do put a copyright notice on photographs I take because I’d like for someone to know where the picture came from.  That’s it in a nutshell.

I’m sure many of you have been reading about the ugly mess surrounding a line of fabric designed by Kate Spain.  I’m using her name because she has acknowledged her part in this on her own blog.  For those who haven’t read about it, I’m just going to list links where you can go and find information about this subject.  That way you can make your own decision about the matter.

Emily Cier

C&T Publishing

Kate Spain

I’ve been reading that the selvedges of  Ms. Spain’s fabric state that it is for personal use only but I looked at some at the LQS earlier this week and did not see that.  Maybe I missed it…maybe it’s not on each collection…who knows?  For me personally, I will make sure I read selvedges from now on and no matter how much I may love a fabric, I will not buy it if there’s are usage limitations.

After reading Ms. Spain’s recent post about this, in some ways, I can “somewhat” understand why she would object to her artwork being used on “new” objects (such as a tote bag) created for sale by someone other than herself, but I think this opens a much larger area for discussion.

What bothers me is when someone is attempting to control a product (in this case, fabric) they sell *after* the sale.  It no longer belongs to them and they can not control the use of that product.  There is a law that addresses this.  It’s called the “First Sale Doctrine”.  Here is a web page that explains.

This thing has created pandemonium among quilters.  There’s fear about using fabrics in patterns, books, quilt shows, etc. and then being the target of a lawsuit.  Quilters are talking about boycotting Ms. Spain’s fabric/products.  I don’t advocate boycotting her in particular but rather that we carefully choose what we buy.  People are talking about dyeing their own fabrics to use rather than buying beautiful fabrics to use.   I would probably cry if I could never use some of those luscious fabrics I see in the shops and online.

Mass hysteria….here we come.  I have to admit, I’m now leery of using purchased fabrics and I don’t even publish patterns/books for sale.  It scares me a little to think that I might take a picture of something I’ve made..post it here on this blog and then be called on the carpet because I didn’t request permission to show the fabric used.  Double Ick.

Seriously, where does this all end?  Who owns the rights to fabric after it’s purchased?   If I buy it, I think it’s mine…but is it really?  There are already pattern designers and quilt motif designers/digitizers who post limits on the items they sell.  I won’t buy those.  Don’t ask me to hand over my money and then tell me what I can do with it.

There have been posts written by much more intelligent people than myself so I *would* say I’d  limit my comments, but it’s too late for that isn’t it?  Leah Day has written the best post I’ve read about this.  Please take a few minutes to *thoroughly* read it.  Read it more than once.  There’s some really good information and food for thought in it.

OK….so, I said this included my thoughts about being pro-active about this.  Keep in mind that there are many other designers who have placed limitations on use of fabric they design.  It’s not just Kate Spain.  Here’s what I think needs to happen.

1.  Quilt shop owners & pattern designers/authors should tell their fabric reps they will no longer purchase lines that put limitations on the use of that fabric.  I also think they need to directly contact each fabric manufacturer and distributor  they buy from to tell them the same thing.  If the companies hear it enough, they will not use designers who insist on trying to control use of fabric after purchase.  It needs to be done as a collective effort.  I know everyone is busy, but this is important to the future of your business.

2.  As quilters, we each need to tell our local quilt shop owners and  e-mail each manufacturer to tell them the same thing.  Simple, letter writing campaigns are successful.  We are a large group of consumers.   Our dollars mean something.

In an effort to make it easier for people to do this, I’m going to list all the info I can so all you have to do is click each one to go to their website to send a message.  Thanks for listening.

AE Nathan

Contact page


AH Fabrics

Contact page


Andover Fabrics

Contact page


Art Gallery Fabrics

Contact page


AvLyn Inc.
Email: info@avlyn.com


Benartex, Incorporated

Email: info@benartex.com


Blank Quilting

Email: ldavila@blanktextiles.com


Blue Hill Fabrics

Contact page



Email: info@brewersewing.com


Camelot Cottons

Email: info@camelotcottons.com


Checker Distributors

Email:  customer_service@checkerdist.com


Classic Cottons

Email: customerservice@classiccottons.com



Email: info@clothworkstextiles.com


David Textiles, Inc.

Contact page



Email:  custsvc@eescoc.com


Fabric Traditions

Contact page



Contact page


Free Spirit Fabric

Email: sarah.amrhein@westminsterfibers.com


Henry Glass & Co.

Contact page


Hoffman California-International Fabrics

Email: hoffmanfab@aol.com


In the Beginning Fabrics

No email contact info found


Kings Road

Contact page


Kona Bay

Email: konabay@konabay.com



No email contact found



Contact page


Makower UK

Email: info@makoweruk.com


Marcus Brothers

Contact page


Michael Miller Fabrics, LLC

Email: info@michaelmillerfabrics.com


Moda Fabrics

Email: service@unitednotions.com


New Castle Fabric

Contact page


New England Quilt Supply

Contact page


Northcott Silk

Contact page


P&B Textiles

Email: inquiries@pbtex.com


Print Concepts

No email contact found


Quilting Treasures

Contact page


Red Rooster Fabrics

Contact page


RJR Fabrics

Email: info@rjrfabrics.com


Robert Kaufman

Email: info@robertkaufman.com


South Sea Imports

Contact page



Contact page


The Quiltworks OnlineRubenstein & Ziff

Contact page


Timeless Treasures, Inc

Contact page


Troy Corporation

Contact page



Contact page


Westminster Fibers, Inc.



Wilmington Prints

No email contact found


Windham Fabrics

Email: info@baumtextiles.com



I’m taking the pledge to not buy fabric, patterns, designs, etc.  that have limited use restrictions.   I created a button to add to my widgets for this.  The artwork is my own from my Garden Party pattern.  Please feel free to copy & use this button on your blog/website if you want to take the pledge also.

Right click & save to your computer. Please don't link to my file.

Oh My Goodness!

This is “not” a rant…just a rambling of thoughts.

This is a new one for me.  I’ve been called a lot of things….many times a 5 letter word that starts with a “B”, but I can’t recall ever being called “small minded” before.  🙂

I don’t think my last post could be called lashing out at anyone.  I was just stating facts….facts that have been clearly stated on the Garden Party page from day one.

Today, I have taken down most of the information on that page except for a few pertinent lines and the currently available pattern links.  The page will be removed when the appropriate time period is over.

I am so glad that many of you have enjoyed collecting the patterns and truly impressed by the number who are actually in the process of making the quilt!  Way to go!  I really do want to see pictures of your work—Dana—I want to see your quilt in person!

Most BOM’s only give 1 month to download the patterns.  I have given Garden Party players 2 months to get the patterns.  I’m sorry, but I don’t see anything “restrictive” about that.

There are countless number of quilting blogs we can read and many, many of them offer free patterns in one form or another.   That’s the beauty of it….if you don’t like what one blog writer says….visit another blog.  It’s as simple as that.  No hard feelings.

Each blogger/designer chooses how to release their patterns.  Some run them more than once.  Some offer them for sale after the free period is over.  Some allow unrestricted use of their patterns.  Some state certain limitations.  No size fits all but each blogger decides what is right for her/him and that’s what they go with.

Each blog reader has a choice as to the blogs they read & like & as to whether or not they participate in a particular BOM or project.  I realize I can’t please everyone.  It would be nice if I could, but I know that will never happen.  If you like my blog, please read my posts…sparse as they are.  Lol.   If you don’t like my blog or the terms of anything I offer here,  I know you will find a different blog that better suits you.  It doesn’t upset me.  There are blogs I don’t read because I don’t enjoy them.

I’m not going to drag this out.  I’ve got other things that need to be tended to.  I haven’t even visited Valentina today!

Have a wonderful week everyone and when I get my back somewhat less sore, I’ll try to take more pictures of Valentina and especially the PantoVision system.


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