When Will it Finally Be Time?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell people “DO NOT GO TO NEW ORLEANS” if you value your life or property.  I know this will draw the ire of many people and especially tourism groups but surely the time has come for the unbelievable crime flood (it’s much more than a wave) to stop.

In the last few days three restaurants have been invaded by masked/hooded armed robbers.  The customers and employees have been terrorized with guns held to their heads and although their lives were spared, everything of value was taken.  Locals and tourists alike are afraid to venture out.

Home invasions are on the rise.  There have been recent attacks against women in their own homes.  Not long ago a man and his son were killed in a home invasion.

New Orleans is or rather has been a happy place…somewhere you could go to have fun and forget the cares of the world.  No more.  It is a violent place.  Residents are killing residents and tourists.  Criminals have turned New Orleans into a Never-Land.

You may wonder what happened to precipitate this post.  This morning a teacher….yes, a teacher….was forced into a school building and robbed at gunpoint of her purse.  She was not physically injured but can you imagine the emotional scars she will carry the rest of her life.  If it were me, I would never step foot in a school yard.

It is past time for extreme steps to be taken.   Do you get the same feeling I do when I look at the previous paragraph?  It is not safe to go out in the daytime in New Orleans and certainly not after dark.

The powers that be in New Orleans all talk the good talk.  It’s all hot air.  Crime just gets worse, more violent in nature, and more frequent in occurrence.

So, to those powers that be….Instead of getting your undies in a wad about removal of historical monuments that  “offend” people and re-writing history, do something real about your crime problem.  History is not always pretty but it is what it is.  That is why it is called history.  We learn from the past.

So, to you Mr. Mitch Landrieu (just in case you come across this post):

Stop making politically correct speeches and do something of real value.  Get your act together.  The future of New Orleans depends on it.  ALL of the citizens of New Orleans and the would-be tourists who want to spend their money in your city deserve nothing less.

Maybe the city should put up a new welcome sign:

“Welcome to Thug City”

It is a disgrace.


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  1. Diane

     /  September 30, 2015

    This scared me, Tom was there during the Katrina  10 Commemorative  and we need to go there on Dec2-5. Diane Holden

    • All I can say Diane is to be obsessively cautious. These restaurant robberies were in supposedly safe areas. It is wise to be afraid. I miss having you close enough to visit. How is Vicksburg?

  2. Susan Hayes

     /  September 30, 2015

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years. Im a transplant from New Orleans to Maryland for quite some time. Every time I go back to the city or know someone going to the city I warn them that New Orleans is not what it use to be.

    With your permission if like to repost your blog onto my Facebook page?

    Susan Hayes

    Thanks, -Susan


    • Yes, you may post the link. I believe New Orleans has reached the point of no return unless drastic…not politically correct…changes are made.

  3. Janice

     /  September 30, 2015

    This is terrible, I live in Australia and we have had a dramatic increase with women being murdered often by a relative they know a husband. A few weeks ago a women got away from her husband in her car he ran her of the road and bludgeoned her so bad life support was turned off, last week a young mum was at a shopping complex and a youth on a motor bike ran her down, her life support was also turned off, then today they find the body of another young women that was murdered by three men. We are catching up to the usa, but we don’t have the death penalty here buts its about time we did our system runs on re habituating and get out of jail card!!! The change in our population is not helping as many don’t get along with one another. A little girl was found on the side of the road in a suitcase dead had been dead for some years, as of yet they don’t know much about who this little girl is. The world is in a pretty bad place and I don’t think its going to get better at all. I live in the country and so far I still feel very safe here, but there a bad drugs out there and people that take money from others using a heavy hand. The punishment for the crime should be more severe we don’t have the three strike here. Our judicial system is a joke, women are dying and the men get away with it for one reason or another, its all just not good enough. Also the average Australian are not to carry knives or guns. Keep Safe ….

  4. It is really a stinky and dirty town. The trash issues around the over crowded hotel area is gross. It smells when you walk down the streets… near the convention center, feces on the ground, homeless pee anywhere they want. I got a urinary infection after I visited there I attribute it to the city hygiene – I will never go there again.

  5. Ruth Stark

     /  September 30, 2015

    Thanks for taking a stand of something you have a firm belief/stance of.
    Political correctness has played a huge part of getting us into all this mess!

  6. Nicole

     /  October 1, 2015

    This post saddens me. I am originally from Houston but have lived in New Orleans CBD for the past year. People ask me all the time about safety and whether or not I am worried about being attacked/robbed/murdered etc. My answer is always the same: no more than I would in any other major city. Maybe I haven’t been in the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe I’m being naive. I do agree that violence in New Orleans is a growing issue and that politics around here are not making enough positive impacts. But I do not think the answer is to warn people away from the city. In fact, I think that could have the opposite impact. I am a hospitality graduate student and have studied and been involved in the hospitality and tourism industry for several years now. When the number of visitors to a city declines, that leaves more room for violence and crime to either increase or to spread to a larger area of the city. It also gives politicians and city officials less incentive to do something about crime. The larger the demand is from tourists, the harder it will be for officials to ignore some of the issues that cause visitors reluctance. I am not sure if you live in New Orleans, the outskirts (Metairie, Kenner, etc.) or if you live somewhere else in southern Louisiana, but I implore you to reconsider your position or at the very least, stop urging your blog followers to avoid New Orleans. Terrible things happen all over the world every single day and the moment we give up and retreat to what we consider “safe” places, the more we will find ourselves trapped by the very things we have run away from. We can’t let them scare us into submission and keep us from living how we want to; because that isn’t living. Again, I agree that something needs to be done about crime in New Orleans but the answer is most definitely NOT to abandon the city.

  7. You certainly have the right to your opinion and I respect that right. I will not change mine nor will I reconsider my position. I do have the right to my opinion and I do have the right to voice that opinion.

    I do not live in New Orleans but if I did, I would have packed my things a long time ago. I know that crime is an issue in every large city and also in smaller areas. I am not sure the administration in New Orleans has room to be “less interested” in this matter.

    It is a shame and I repeat that it is a disgrace. I feel for the businesses that lose revenue due to the situation there. But I feel worse for the people who have been attacked and killed. Money is an object. People are not.

    New Orleans is a charming city with much to offer. In this case, the bad outweighs the good. I used to go to Cafe du Monde in the daytime by myself. That has not happened for years and is not likely to happen again. To me that is a very sad thing.

    Please be cautious and take care.

  8. Cindy A.

     /  October 6, 2015

    Oh, dear! My youngest daughter will be going there for a ballroom dance competition in November. I have already forwarded your post to her. She will be with several other folks, but I know that even in a group you are not always safe.

    The world in general is getting worse and worse and we cannot always look to the government officials for the fix. If we want to fix the crime problem, we need to get out and police our own communities. When we lived in Albuquerque we had a community watch. We knew who should and who shouldn’t be on our streets. When a wanna-be gang member vandalized a wall with graffiti, one of the watch members already had paint and brushes ready to cover it up before it could be witnessed by those who were supposed to see it in order to let the person who did the painting into the gang. We didn’t wait for a public official to take care of the problems that came up in the community, we handled them ourselves, and yes that meant calling the law whenever someone suspicious was in the area. Needless to say several hoodlums were caught before they could do too much damage.

    I have to disagree with the person who has studied and worked in hospitality. I’ve worked that industry too in several areas, one of which included the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, TN. If the powers that be want dollars from tourists to flood into their city, they need to be pro-active in making sure that the city and surrounding areas are crime free, clean, and safe to visit. If the folks who live in those cities don’t want visitors, the quickest way for them to assure there won’t be any is to continue acting like they’re acting. If the powers that be want income from tourists then they need to start thumping some heads hard enough to make a point and leave an impression.

    It’s a sad commentary on our country when folks can’t walk down a street without fear of being attacked or worse. Handling folks with kid gloves for the sake of political correctness, or fear of being labeled racist, isn’t going to fix the problem…ever.


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