Little Red School House

There aren’t too many of us around any more….that is….people who attended school in a Little Red School House.

When our family moved from Kosciusko, Mississippi to Bellamy, Alabama, I went from a city school system to a school owned by the Allison Lumber Company.  There was a brief inter-move period when we lived in York, Alabama while our house in Bellamy was made ready and I attended the public school there.

It’s hard for me to remember exactly but I think I was in the second grade when we were in York.  I went to school in Bellamy third and part of the fourth grade.

This is a picture I found online of the front of the school.  I remember a few of these people just barely except for John McClure.  I don’t have very fond memories of him.  Our favorite past time was to create villages in the sand.  He would kick them over.  Nelson Trudell was another person I remember.  He was a fairly nice fellow.

The page has some info about Bellamy in it.  It was a village built around a lumber mill.  Our Daddy was the office manager at the mill.

The school was indeed painted red with white trim and although it had 2 rooms, only 1 room was used as a classroom when I was there.  All six grades sat in the same classroom.

Our teacher’s name was Lottie Hood and her fingernails were long, pointed, and painted blood red.  She used to tap us on the top of our heads with those fingernails.  No one liked her.  Wonder why?

The school was closed and we were all transferred to schools in Livingston where I graduated from high school and later attended college.

Allison tore the school down.  What a shame.  It was said the building was in too bad shape to save but I’ll never believe it couldn’t have been restored.  I’d love to have more pictures of that old school.


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  1. sallyqiad

     /  September 23, 2015

    Delightful picture. Enjoyed reading your story. I can not imagine being in a one-room school with only 15 or so other students! Too funny that you remember John McClure because of his bad behavior!

  2. Robin

     /  October 15, 2015

    I started kindergarden in a one-room school in Iowa at aged 4. Walked to school with the neighbor kids.

  3. d. pruitt

     /  August 20, 2016

    lottie hood was my 5th grade teacher in 1967 in Livingston Alabama. she was disliked by the entire class. I still live in the Livingston area. I feel sure that I would know some of your classmates from LHS.

    • I can believe it. I’m a little older than you. I graduated from LHS in 1970. Are you by any chance related to Lynn? or Sara?


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