I Just Love Vintage Stuff

Dearest Beth has an old porcelain clad iron sink with a drain board by her back door.  I love it and I have coveted that thing ever since I first saw it.

So, I was on a mission to find one.  I was trying to find one of the deep single sinks with double drain boards on it but they were all too expensive for me to consider.  Don’t get me wrong.  I can do some serious spending of money but I can also be extremely cheap.

I scoured Craig’s List and eBay looking for one.  I finally found one in Baton Rouge but it was a double sink and not the deep single sink.  I called the lady and we headed off to her house to take a look.

It had some damage on it and it’s not iron so it’s not nearly as heavy and Hey!  My honey can fix most anything.  The price was right and it came home with us.

Woo Hoo !!!!!

                             Woo Hoo !!!!!

Don worked on it to repair the bad spots and he is going to build a weather resistant base for it to sit on.  It will be my outside veggie/fish cleaning station.  We can wash stuff in one side and rinse in the other side.

I plan to just put buckets under the drains to catch the water to re-use in the gardens.

Don’t you just love it?  I know I do.


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  1. Jocelyne

     /  September 20, 2015

    I have a single sink with drain boards at each side at myi cottage (came with the cottage when I bought it 20+ years ago. My handyman tried to convince me that I should replace with a ‘newer’ one (does he think I was born in the cabbage patch?) and he was quite diisappointed when I turned him down. His latest ploy: he wants to buy my cottage (now refurbished into a full-time home..

    My sink is in excellent condition with a metal base cabinet with 4 doors.


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