Fall Tomatoes

Do you remember seeing the tomatoes I was rooting by layering right on the plants?    I put bottles over the junction of the suckers and filled them with dirt.

Layering method of propagation

Layering method of propagation

Well, it worked great!  I lost a few but most of them made it and here is one a few weeks after being taken from the parent plant and transplanted to a bucket.

San Marzano Tomato plant from layering propagation

San Marzano Tomato plant from layering propagation

It even has several blooms on it and we’ve had some cooler weather so hopefully the fruit will set.


On the other hand, the suckers I took from the Pink Brandywine and Homestead Tomatoes are coming along at a much slower pace.  And they were all being propagated at the same time.  I’ve got hope they will take off and we’ll get some Tomatoes from them before the cold weather sets in.

RootedTomato500xI have Marigolds and Genovese Basil planted among my Tomatoes in both the Rain Gutter garden and the raised beds.  The Basil is supposed to make the flavor of the tomatoes sweeter and both Basil and Marigolds are to keep buggies away.  It annoys me to no end to find a big, fat, juicy Tomato Horn Worm gnoshing on my Tomato plants!

I had fun making FREE Tomato plants from my earlier group.


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