Have I Lost My Mind????

I recently learned that our Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) has what’s called “Specialty Programs for Adults” or SPA for short.  Residents 60 years and older can take a 3 hour course every semester at no charge except for some small fees.

I paid my application fee and applied online….provided my college transcript…signed the immunization waiver (I’ve had MMR and due to age should not take the meningococcal vaccine and cannot take the Tetanus shot.

I’m a Master Gardener in our parish so I’m interested in anything that will help me in that area.  I want to take classes regarding to plant studies so after a number of phone calls, I was able to talk to the head of the biology department who assisted me in taking a class.  Even though I already have a degree, it’s in Nursing and I don’t have any biology courses in my transcript.

I’m now registered in the Arboriculture class starting soon and I think I’m excitedMy fees have been paid, my photo id is ready and I’m just waiting to pick up my parking pass and textbook Monday.

Last year I took the tax prep course at HR Block and even though it was a hard course, I did enjoy it.

I really wanted to take a botany course but it’s a four hour course and right now, I’d rather not pay the extra $$$$ for that extra hour.  So, I found a free online botany course that I’m taking.  I’ve got my textbook and found a plethora of supporting resources on the net.  I’ve also gotten a Botany coloring book to use.

Now all I have to do the rest of the day is get some lunch ready for Don, balance the checkbook, and then I’ll be nose-deep in Botany!

Wish me luck!


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