Kent House Plantation

This is a smallish Plantation home by some standards but it’s still quite large.  It’s in Alexandria, LA.  A friend I met through the Baton Rouge Rose Society gave us some passes to the home.  As you know, I love history and especially these old homes.

There are quite a few outbuildings on the property that came from other plantations.  They were quite interesting as was the house itself.

I don’t remember if I took any pics of the outside of the house or not.  I need to check Don’s phone for more pics.

I’m fascinated by old barns…ok….everything old.  🙂  This barn is a beautiful example of old-timey craftmanship.



This bed has a feather mattress. Check out the headboard. The rolling pin at the top detaches so the mattress can be smoothed out every morning after a nights sleep.


Sister Vanessa and her daughter Faith sitting in the separate kitchen.

That’s all for today.  I’ll try to get more pics posted so you can enjoy them.


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  1. stichinluvr

     /  July 12, 2015

    If you ever get to Kansas, there is a round barn you must see. It’s a ways out in the country but oh, so worth it.

  2. I did a little Googling to find out about the barn and see there are several in Kansas. That might make a nice spring trip for us next year.

  3. Linda Smith

     /  July 12, 2015

    Thank you for all the beautiful photos of the historic old plantations. I hope no one ever decides they are a memory that needs to be destroyed. I have really enjoyed seeing your photos.


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