A Rose By Any Other Name

Is still a rose but it just might not be what you think it is.

I like to know the names of the rose varieties I have.  It somehow makes our relationship more personal if I can call them by name.  No, I’m not cuckoo.  I just happen to love roses.  ( I also like to know the names of my daylilies)

A dear friend gave me cuttings from one of her roses that she had been told was probably Natchitoches Noisette (NN).  There’s lots of info on them on the net but I never could find any good close-ups until recently.

Those cuttings have been some of the most successful with propagation and I have several coming along.  I’ve been so pleased to watch them grow and bless me with pretty blooms.

Last month the rose society in Baton Rouge had an ice cream social and I was given a new to me rose called Martha’s Vineyard.  When I got home I couldn’t believe that it appears to be identical to the NN.  The blooms are the same.  The buds are the same.  The clusters are the same.  The leaf structure is the same.  Neither has any scent.  And they’re both thorny.

NN has a strong peppery scent and Martha’s Vineyard has none to very mild scent.

NN has orange hips in the fall and Martha’s Vineyard has none.  I don’t remember any hips forming on my plants last fall.

So, I’m pretty sure what was believed to be NN is actually Martha’s Vineyard.  I’m not disappointed at all because I love the rose.  And now I’ll probably be “forced” to buy NN from a nursery.

See what you think.


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  1. katie

     /  July 7, 2015

    Maybe it is like a quilt block same design but different name for a different part of the country??


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