Prissanthemum Strikes Again

It’s been a while since I showed you any pictures of Prissanthemum.  She’s almost 6 months old and she is tiny.  I’m pretty sure she won’t get much bigger than she is right now.  She’s a sweetheart pet and likes to have her head scratched.

I was doing some reading recently and saw that technically she could breed this young but she’s so small that I’m afraid for that to happen.  We decided that the Priss and our new doe Neeley GoatGoat should be moved out of the yard with the bucks so in with the Paca’s they went.  SnoBall decided he needed to go with him so he’s in there too.  He’s no danger though because I guess we should rename him to SnoBall-less as we banded him to keep him from trying to breed with his sister.  Had we known we were going to get another doe we might have spared him that experience although he didn’t seem to care one way or the other.

Prissanthemum loves being with the Paca’s because they always have hay in their feeder.  She doesn’t even worry about how she’s going to get to the hay.  She just jumps right in!


And then, when I open the chest to fill the bucket with grain….well…..she just jumps right in again!


Don’t worry.  When she gets ready she just jumps right out!  What a busy little goat!


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