Home Phone Service Providers?????

In September, our contract with Verizon for our cell phones, i-pad, and home phone will be finished and we’re looking for a lower cost solution.

I’ve looked at both Vonage and Magic Jack this afternoon.  Both look ok and since we have fairly decent high speed internet, one of those should work.

For cell phones and the i-pad, we’re looking at the plan WalMart has and Consumer Cellular.  We’re trying to trim the budget of things we really don’t need. No, my Dish Network is not on the cut list.  We won’t even go there.

Do any of you use Vonage or Magic Jack?  Or one of the smart phone plans we’re looking at?  There’s also Metro PCS that we might consider.  Tell me what your experiences have been and what you think.


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  1. Mary Koertje

     /  June 28, 2015

    Hey Sheryl… I purchased this smartphone when it was available for 129.99 (including 1200min. 1200 texts, 1200 db http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1849278-OFFICIAL-LG-Ultimate-2-(LG-L41C)-reviews!

    Before i had a phone on contract with like 200 min and unlimited texts..no data included. it was costing close to 50 a month with carrier . This works well for me since i use hardly any talk minutes on it, and there is a way with wi fi that i can text with it without using the texts included?? ( i am still enjoying the learning curve..lol)

    However for 130.00 i have 1 years service with those minutes included
    Not sure that is available now..two days ago Amazon had it in “white only” which you can get covers. but you do need to have a verizon cell tower i think.
    I have a landline for like 8 bucks a month with att & t for local service and 800 calls and incoming calls..(plus i have internet service with comcast and my own wi fi)

    but purchasing the smartphone saves me 30 a month lol and i have all of the extras like gps, mp3, etc etc

    By the way thought of you folks when the Sup Court brought in the decision with aca..so thankful you and my other friends in many of the southern areas will not lose their subsidies

  2. Mary Koertje

     /  June 28, 2015

    ps..watch for the smartphone specials..i actually purchased mine at QVC and had to pay shipping ..if i had waited a week the same phone was on Amazon (no shipping)

  3. Susan Hayes

     /  June 28, 2015

    Please share the results! I’m also looking to a lower cost. Live all your posts!

    Susan in Maryland…..born and raised in New Orleans, LA.


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