Gardening in the South

You either have to work in the garden early morning or late afternoon.  Early morning is best because we’re prone to late afternoon showers here and of course mosquito’s are always to be considered.

We made it to the garden before 8am this morning which I know you’re all probably thinking is early to me….and it used to be.  Since I started wearing a C-pap at night I rest much better and wake up before 7am usually.

It was already getting hot.  I think I need to move my schedule up some so I can get out there a bit earlier.  Yesterday, I went shopping for some companion plants to go in the gardens.  I have sunflowers coming along but I would really like to have some that are near blooming size.  No sunflowers to be found but I did get some marigolds and basil for companions.  I also bought some white milkweed to attract butterflies.

I’ll show you pictures of them in the garden maybe next time.

4 new tomato plants that are bearing size came home with me to go in as bridge plants between the spring planting and the upcoming planting.  I got 2 each of Summer Set and Creole both of which are heat tolerant.  That’s important here in our neck of the woods.

I already have close to 50 tomatoes planted and hope to be able to can lots of good tomatoes for cooking.  I’ve got about the same number coming along of different heat tolerant varieties for the next planting.  Almost all of the first tomatoes are indeterminate which means they just grow and grow and grow….probably not a great choice for my first round.  I’ve been keeping them pruned of lower leaves to promote more fruit growth and this past week i started topping the branches to keep them from growing any higher.  After all, I’m going to be pulling them by the end of July….more than likely.  If I don’t pull them, I don’t know where I’ll plant all the new ones.

These are Pink Brandywine tomatoes.  There are 6 in a raised bed.

Tomatoes1 600x450

My cucumbers are doing pretty well.  I planted Sumter and Green Finger and we’re getting more than we can eat.  I made some refrigerator garlic/dill pickles last week and I’m looking for a different recipe of refrigerator pickle to try.  Green Finger makes a small, long cucumber which is similar to the Persian cucumbers that are popular this year.

Basket Veggies 1 600x450There are 2 sizes of Green Finger shown and the funny round yellow squash in the front is an Orange Summer Squash.  I think you’re supposed to let it get a good bit larger and then it turns orange.  But, I pick them about baseball size and they’re so tender and good.

I probably won’t go back to the garden until late afternoon to see what needs picking.  It’s too hot!


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  1. barbara woods

     /  June 27, 2015

    we don’t have any tomato’s turning yet but soon i hope

  2. Hummmmm,,, maybe you should plant some yellow tomatoes. Just sayin……….

  3. I already have one Carolina Gold and it’s going to be the first one pulled. Someone gave it to me.


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