It’s Official…..It’s Hotter Than the Hinges of Hell

I’ll bet you’re surprised to see a curse word in the title.  I have to fess up that I am the occasional offender in real life but I try real hard not to say bad words.

It’s been a while since my last post (of course it has…this is me we’re talking about).  WWanda has been here for a wonderful visit and is back in Texas.  We had too much fun but we didn’t get nearly as much done as we would have liked to.  Her quilt is still on Valentina’s frame and I’ll get it finished sometime before her guild’s quilt show next year.  I’m hoping I can talk her into making another visit before then!

Chris is doing well and we’re still working on his transition back to the community.  He has chosen Easter Seals as his supports coordinator so I hope that is going to work out well.  Now we wait to see which agencies think they can provide the supports he will need.  It’s not an overnight process by any means.  We’re going next week for a couple days to visit with him.  It should be a nice visit.

About 2 weeks ago we got serious about trying to find fresh veggies to put in our freezer for the coming year.  Our search told us we weren’t going to have much luck locally so I looked into fresh produce in Baldwin county, AL.  Don’s sister Cedelia lives near Foley so we made plans for a day trip to see her.  We had a nice visit with her and her DH Bruce and found what we were looking for:  yellow corn, pink eye purple hull peas, baby lima beans and Silver King corn.  We had a nice lunch at Summerdale Diner and took them back home.

We were hanging out in the area to see if we could meet up with a lady selling goats.  We want to increase our herd and start raising goats for sale.  While we were waiting we decided to drive to Gulf Shores (about 15 miles away from Cedelia’s) and get some sand between our toes.

I love the beach but I don't like the water

I love the beach but I don’t like the water

I don’t remember ever having a vertigo issue at the beach before (except when laying on a raft) but this time when the water rushed up over my feet and the sand started drifting out from under my feet…..I got so drunk.  Nope….no alcohol on board.  I had to get Donnie to hold me so I wouldn’t fall down!


This is what we came home to…..Molly Mae and Murphy laid up on the coffee table.  I keep telling her that it’s not ladylike to show her belly but she pays me no attention at all.

MollyMurphy600x450Until next time…hopefully sooner than later.


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