Busy Time of Year

It has been so busy and I’ve been completely sidetracked.   I can never remember how much I have shared about Chris with you.  He is developmentally disabled.  He will be 30 years old this August but in social/reasoning skills, he’s probably 9-11 years old.

There was a meeting last month at Pinecrest to discuss Chris’s plan for the next year.  He is doing so well.  He has been weaned (very slowly) from at least 2 medications that were inappropriate medications for him.  He is very sensitive to the “psych” class of drugs and has opposite results from the desired ones.

His team has recommended him for transitioning back to the community so we’ve been working on that.  It’s a slow process and sometimes a very frustrating one.  The important thing is that we can not get in a hurry to find the right spot for him or feel pressured to make a speedy decision.  The community home he lived in here was a nice home with good caregivers.  The problem was that one house-mate didn’t communicate at all and the other house-mate was deaf.  Chris is a very social person and enjoys interaction with people.  He got none of that with his former house-mates.

So, he pretty much went off the deep end, got placed on some devil drugs and went further off the deep end.  He was nothing like the son we knew and loved.  He had become aggressive, hostile, verbally abusive, angry just to mention a few traits.  He wanted nothing to do with us.  He bounced from one ER to another ER with short stays at different facilities in between and suffered from terrible side effects from the meds.  It was horrendous for everyone concerned.

We have a good relationship once again and he’s the son we missed during that time.  Finding the right place for Chris is a challenge because he functions on a fairly high level.  He needs to be with people close to his level or higher to be at his best.  We feel a community home is the best place for Chris but it’s hard to find one and if one is available, there are so many other factors that come into play.

He is very smart and can carry on a conversation almost as well as I can.  Some people don’t realize he has difficulties.  When it comes to being able to make decisions related to money, safety, acceptable social behavior…..he struggles with that.  Leaving him to take care of himself with no supervision is a recipe for disaster.   I tell people that if someone knocked on the door and said to him “I’m an axe murderer.  Open the door and let me in.”…….Chris would open the door.  You wouldn’t and neither would I but Chris would.

Anyway, maybe that sort of explains my absence from the blog.  The process will continue until we can locate that good place for him.  He may go back to the program he was in 2 years ago but we need to explore all the available options.  The outcome for Chris is too important to take a chance.

On a bright note, I’m having a visitor in 2 weeks!!!!  Wicked Wanda is coming for a week and I can hardly wait.  We will sew and garden and visit places in the area and just plain have fun.  We are going to spend Mother’s Day with Chris and he is excited to get to see  her.

Until next time………….


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  1. Jackie

     /  April 26, 2015

    Sending a special prayer that you find a spot for Chris that meets all his needs as well as yours.

  2. Janet T

     /  May 12, 2015

    Sheryl, I think about you often.


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