Yummy Tomatoes

are in our future.  I told you about all the seeds I ordered (they are all organic/non-GMO) and tonight I got some of them planted in trays.

Tomato Seed TraysThere are 36 cells with 3 seeds planted per cell.  You have to plant more than one because of germination rates.  I have 6 different varieties planted.  That will give me 6 of each.  You really should thin out the weaker plants from each cell but if they’re good, strong plants, I don’t throw them out.

Here’s what I’ve got planted so far:

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange:

San Marzano

Costoluto Florentino

Long Keeper



Steak Sandwich Hybrid

Brandywine Pink

I’ve got several other varieties that I will plant. Planting several different kinds will help me find the ones I really like and want to plant again.

It’s just the right time to get them started here as you need to start about 6 weeks from your last frost date.  Our last frost date is usually around April 1st.

Don says he can’t see what I’m going to do with all these tomatoes.  Well, Vanessa, Faith, and Mother live in the dairy barn and they like tomatoes also.  The main reason is that I want enough to freeze/can for us to use instead of buying them.

I think he’s decided against making my rain gutter garden as big as I need it for tomatoes.  He told me to just so what I did in the fall but do it in the big garden.  I followed Judy’s instructions and they were the most beautiful tomato plants I’ve ever grown.  And they had gorgeous, large tomatoes but the early frost got them.


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