I could have sworn that I posted about the pear cuttings I took last summer but I can’t seem to find it so I guess I didn’t.  The worst part is that it looks like I deleted the photo I wanted to share with you.

I went to a pine needle basket get together with Tootie and friends at Hammond Regional Arts last summer.  It was the very end of pear season and near the center, there are 2 eating pear tree’s on street right of way property.  I guess you’re wondering why I called them eating pears.  There are some pears that are hard and are best suited for preserves, baking, etc.  Some pears are better suited for eating.  They will get nice and soft whereas the others remain hard.

Ok….yes, I did.  I rustled some cuttings from those trees and even though I’ve been told it’s very difficult to root pear cuttings.  I had to try.  A few months after doing my usual propagation method, one of the stalks had a tiny, little white bloom on the end of it.  Technically, it would have been best to snip the bloom off in order for the stalk to put it’s energy into rooting and growing.

I’ve moved these little cuttings around the outside of the house to the inside of the studio and back outside multiple times through the weather changes.  About a week ago, I moved them inside again when we were having freezing temps.  A few days ago I moved them to the back porch.  Well-traveled little buggers aren’t they?

It was worth it!

It's got new growth!

It’s got new growth!

Not only does the one stalk have new leaves showing, there are several stalk tips that are swollen, pink and ready to leaf out.  I am so excited!  Granted, I may not be on earth when they finally bear fruit, but this is so rewarding.

I’ve got lots of baby fig trees that I rooted from different cuttings.  Some are Brown Turkey, some are Celeste, and one is an LSU Gold.  We’re going to have one heck of a fig orchard!  Nothing like wonderful, soft, juicy delectable fresh off the tree figs.

Tootie makes the most delicious fig wine.  Maybe I can talk her into teaching me how to do it.

One more note….I’ve got asparagus coming up in their raised bed.  Sorry.  I can’t show you a pic of the first one to show itself.  I ate it and the next one too.


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  1. Lavonna Campbell

     /  March 5, 2015

    Your little pear cutting made me smile. May you be here on earth long enough to enjoy many pears off of that tree!


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