Getting Ready to Garden

We’ve had some fairly warm days in between the cold, damp yuck so I’ve been itching to get out in the dirt.  Last week I decided to tackle the daylily/iris bed out front. The week before that I worked in the asparagus bed getting it cleaned up. You can hardly tell the daylilies from the weeds.  The iris are starting to need to be divided but that will wait until after they’ve bloomed this year.

So Sad.......

So Sad…….

Here it is after a little clean-up and the new bird bath being set into a temporary spot.  We’ll get it leveled and secure it in a concrete base.

The weeds are starting to go bye-bye

The weeds are starting to go bye-bye

There’s just a small area to finish and then I’ll start working on re-identifying the daylilies that are planted…..when and if I can find my drawing of their placement.  These are all named daylilies….not because I’m a snooty gardener but because I like to know the names of things and sometimes to look up their parentage to see where their “roots” (pun intended) come from.  So many plants have interesting histories.

Ahhhhh,, they can breathe now!

Ahhhhh,, they can breathe now!

Do you see that little cart to the right of the picture?  That’s my Ames Lawn Buddy we bought at Lowe’s several years ago.  It has been worth it’s weight in gold!  I’ve used it to sit on and weed, plant, propagate all kinds of things.  I’ve even used it in the big garden to sit on and roll down the rows to pick peas that otherwise would require a lot of stooping which for means:  extreme back pains and light-headedness when I stand up.

I’ve got another garden seat I haven’t tried yet but will give it a go pretty soon.  I found it at Tuesday Morning at a really good price.  I’ll show that one to you in another post.

I used to love to garden but I stopped for many years and then I rediscovered that part of myself.  I think Susan had something to do with.  She loved to putter around in the dirt and watch things grow.  The bird bath is for her.  It makes me happy to play in my garden and think about her.  It will soon be a year since we lost her but she will always be with me.  A friend and I were talking about my frenzied trip to Texas last year just before she left us.  There are so many things around here that bring her memory to me.  I will forever be grateful for her friendship.

In God and Gardening I trust.


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