Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand

Well, a lot of times, I don’t understand.

Like…..what is the fascination with “thin fried catfish”???

It’s all the rave down here in south Louisiana.  But we prefer our catfish to have some meat to it and to be able to taste the delicate flavor of the fish.

If I wanted to dip, dust with cornmeal, and fry construction paper, I could do that here at home instead of paying someone else.  Sometimes, the fish is so thin, you could read a newspaper through it.  What’s up with that?????

So, we have to remember when we go somewhere that we have to request that our fish be “thick” and pay a few extra dollars for it.  Today, we ate thin, fried catfish from a restaurant we’ve eaten at before and neither of us ever remember the fish being thin.  There has however been a period of time the restaurant was closed and reopened but the same people are working there. Talk about a disappointment!  They also no longer serve a side salad or banana pudding with the lunches.  It was ok but the restaurant goes on the “probably not” list for the future.

I hate to sound so negative all the time.  The problem is that the older I get, the less tolerant I am of some things so the more you have to listen to me grouse.

Oh well, I’m just going to blame it on old age and let it go at that.  😉


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  1. But there’s no inflation ’cause our gubmint tells us so. I can guarantee you your frustration has nothing to do with age because I feel it too. Like with the toilet paper rolls that are shorter from side to side and the cardboard tube having a larger diameter in order to give the appearance of the roll being the same size but with fewer sheets so the company doesn’t have to raise the price and then listen to us grip and possibly not buy their product. Do they really think we’re so stupid as to not notice the difference as to how our roll fits onto the holder now? And how about that Ritz cracker box? These are just two products out of many that have fallen prey to downsizing in an effort by the companies to keep us happy with their prices in hopes we won’t notice the reduction in the quantity we’re getting. Wish I could say “this too shall pass” where the economy is concerned, but I fear I would be telling one heck of a whopper, not to mention disillusioning myself and others. About all you can hope to do is remember to ask for “normal” catfish and hope “normal” isn’t wafer thin in the future. Good luck!

  2. Jackie

     /  February 22, 2015

    I’m with you, it seems the older (I’m 58) I’m getting the more intolerant I’m getting with some of the things people do to each other, actually a friend and I were discussing this a few weeks ago and she’s 2 yrs older then me and said she feels the same way. I sure hope I don’t become one of those old crotchety old ladies Lol.


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