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A Challenge For Some of Us

Last year we watched the entire series “The Bible” and loved it.  I even have it saved on my DVR so we can watch it whenever we want.  Then we saw “Son of God”  by the same producers of “The Bible” and loved it also.  I’ve got “Heaven is for Real” on my Kindle reader and it’s a wonderful book.  We missed seeing the movie.  A large portion of the books I get for Kindle are religious.  My spirit continuously needs to be filled.

One of the blogs I subscribe to (More Than Four Walls)has issued a challenge to read the Bible through in a year and it starts Monday.  I just signed up for it and I’m excited about it.  I’ve gotten reminders from different sites that host the reading but it’s not the same as being part of a group where we’re all at the same level.  Danielle even has a Facebook group where we can discuss what we’re reading and interact with each other.  That’s a real plus for me.

For those who aren’t fans of Facebook…I’m not so much either.  I have friends on FB but I don’t regularly follow timelines.  I do however enjoy the many groups on FB that I’ve found.  They work much like the groups on Yahoo but I actually like them better. 

I’ve made a commitment to myself to do this.  Will you join me?


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  1. Myrlene PERTUIT

     /  August 29, 2014

    What a great challenge you have! Hope you have lots of people take you up on it. Since I’ve read the bible from cover to cover already, I have taken to read from a booklet our church puts out called “Portals of Prayer”. It gives you a chapter and verse, plus a Psalm to read daily which coordinates with a story that relates to the bible passages. Instead of just reading the specified verses, I read the whole chapter and Psalm. That’s how I start my day and I love it! If you would like me to save the booklets for you, I will. They have great stories!

    On a medical note, I got the results of my ultrasound. I have four veins that need attention, but only 3 of them can be corrected with the laser. He said the fourth one was inoperable but was not life threatening. My first surgery is in the first week November. Please say a prayer!

    On a sewing note, have not sewed a thing in MONTHS!

    Love you! Mimi


  2. Sharon

     /  August 29, 2014

    Wow- I really loved this post! When I first read the title I thought it would be about cleaning up the sewing room or how to clean up your fabric stash. What a pleasant surprise.
    Recently, while visiting a shut-in , I was challenged to read through the bible. The lady that I was visiting was telling me about her Christmas gift from her daughter- a Chronological Bible. Her excitement over discovering the Bible anew was so refreshing, it has become contagious. I purchased my own copy and began my new read of the Bible and yes, it is exciting! I have told some of my girlfriends and they are on their way through the bible now too! ( One bought it for her husband and gave it to him for Fathers Day, She started looking through it and I think she is near finishing it already!)
    It has given us more to talk about then the usual.
    Keep on challenging and share with us any stories or thoughts that excite you as you read through God’s Word.
    God Bless, Sharon

  3. Tea

     /  September 1, 2014

    How exciting! Last year I was challenged to read the bible. It’s very rewarding. A few years ago I joined a yahoo group that studied the women of the bible. As we study each women, a block was created. I didn’t do the quilt yet, but participated in the study group sessions. It was fun. The author of the Woman’ s devotional bible leads the group and designed the quilt.
    So enjoy your time with God and my prayer…… is for you to have a closer relationship with Him.

    May Jesus Christ bless and strengthen you.


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