Update on the Dear Hubby

His foot is much better.  I cleaned it every day.  We even did a little unorthodox treatment.  Sister Vivian told me to put a sliced potato on it and it would draw out all the icky stuff.  Don said no, no when I mentioned it to him but I had done some research by then.

He agreed to it the next day.  There’s scientific merit to it and there have even been medical papers written about it.  Most of the articles I read said to grate the potato and make a poultice with it.  I wasn’t comfortable with putting that on his foot with an opening where those pieces might get lodged so I just used a slice.

The first day I changed the potato every 4 hours and then a new potato for overnight.  The first slice was slimy and icky but each successive one was cleaner and so was his foot.  We were both pleasantly surprised.  We went back to the regular wound care the next afternoon.

He saw a podiatrist this morning.  The doc cleaned it all up real well and we found that there was no tunneling and that it’s just superficial.  Whew!  Don got a big lecture about diabetic foot care and even though I’m not yet this doc’s patient….so did I.  He didn’t like my little Croc sandals at all.

The best news for Don was that he got to go back to work today.  He’s got a pad in his left shoe now to change the way his foot makes pressure in the shoe.  As soon as insurance approval comes through, an orthotic will be made especially to fit that foot and he’ll be able to move it from shoe to shoe.

I’ve got an appointment next Monday with the doc to start my routine diabetic foot care with him.

But—-he wants me to get rid of all my sandals, flip flops, Crocs……and wear…….tennis shoes…..with worst of all…….SOCKS!  I hate socks!  He even wants me to wear tennis shoes (with socks) in the house.  I told him that wasn’t likely to happen…that I would wear slippers but probably wouldn’t do the shoes in the house thing.

So, I guess I have to gather up my Auburn Croc sandals and clogs and my Saints Croc clogs and all my other Crocs and the rest of my sandals and get rid of them.

I’m going to have to think about that.


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  1. We must go to the same doctor. Socks are great in the winter but to hot in the summer. I was able to get off the meds about 2 years ago but Check sugar level every day. Runs about 100
    I learned to eat from farm to table and it works for us. My meats come from Zaycon ordered on the net delivered to Hammond church.

  2. Listen to your doctor and ditch those sandals. I was told the same thing a few years ago, and wearing shoes with proper support and socks has made a huge difference in my life! I put slippers on when I get up, but change to shoes when I get dressed for the day. It takes a while to get used to shoes and socks in all kinds of weather, but well worth it!


     /  July 8, 2014

    Check out FootSmart.com, their coolmax socks are great and worth the cost! Learned all about them when I was wearing leg & feet wraps all summer in Houston.

  4. Truth

     /  July 9, 2014

    If you knit and make your own socks they are so much nicer to wear than commercially made ones. Do you and don still have feeling and sensation in your feet? If not, then you must be more vigilant in your foot care as you won’t have that warning sign of injury to your toot.

    • The sensation in my feet is much better than Don’s. The doc said my feet look healthy and that I have good circulation/sensation. I don’t knit socks…..that’s way too much putzy stuff for me!

  5. nancy

     /  July 9, 2014

    Sounds like my doc. After several years I don’t wear shoes all the time in the house. I wear tennis shoes with socks most of the time. I even bought black ‘tennis shoes’ to wear when I was teaching! I wear them to church. Sometimes I wear a dress flat but with the orthotics. My insurance didn’t pay for them, but the first ones lasted for six years with many adjustments. The second ones aren’t lasting as long. Fortunately my problem wasn’t diabetics. Listen to your doctor and your feet will feel much better.

    • I bought a new pair of tennis shoes and some silky socks. I think that’s my major deal with socks….I just don’t like the thickness of most of them. I’m trying to wear the shoes but it’s not happening every day.


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