Tour de Fleece Day One

Every year during Tour de France spinners all over the world do their own type of endurance test.  They spin every day during the race.  I started out doing it last year, but I gave up when I ran out of stuff to spin.  Grant you, that it wasn’t because I’m such a speedy, proficient spinner but rather it was because I just didn’t have a lot to work with.  Or maybe I just decided I wasn’t good enough at it to keep going.  That was a year ago and my memory isn’t so great!

Yesterday was actually Day One and I got a late start.  I had printed out the race schedule and decided I would organize my fiber stash into largest amount down to smallest one and then I would assign those to the longest mileage down to the shortest mileage.  I got that done and I still don’t have enough roving or top or battings ready for all the days of the event.

What that means is that I’ll have to drag out one of the drum carders and work up some batting to fill in with.  I’ve got Bullet’s fleece (white) from last year washed and ready to work with and I’ve got some nice grey Merino batts that I can use to make a nice batt.  I might even throw in some colored locks that I bought last year at the Mississippi Fiber Festival in Vicksburg.

My manual Brother drum carder is here in the house so I can do the work right here but I really like working with the electric Southern Comfort Products jumbo triple drum carder so I would have to go to The Barn to use it.  It’s too big to drag around.

So, do you want to see what I worked on yesterday?  I used some roving I bought from Loraine and it’s working up nicely.  It’s 4 ounces of Merino wool roving.  I love the way the colors kind of melt as they merge.

I didn’t even get 1/4th of it done so I’m already behind!  Yikes!  The fiber police may come get me.  🙂

Lovely Merino Wool roving hand dyed by Loraine.

Lovely Merino Wool roving hand dyed by Loraine. Her Etsy shop.

Tour de Fleece Day One500x375

About 1/4th of the roving was spun last night. Molly Mae is the background. She gives it a 2 paws up for great color!

I think my spinning is what you would call “thick and thin”.  It sure isn’t very consistent in size.  After I get this done, I’ll make a trip out to Weavin Place Saori Style to choose something to ply it with.  I think I might like to use a thin silk to go with it.  We are so lucky in our area to have such a great weaving/spinning studio nearby.  It takes me less than 30 minutes to get out there.  They also have an Etsy shop is you’d like to look around. Suggestions anyone as to what I should ply with?  Type of fiber?  Color?

Time to go see what I can muster up for Don for lunch.












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  1. Very pretty colors in that one.

  2. Yay! You’re spinning! Great planning which will help you keep to the Tour. I would ply it with a light silver/grey for a fun combination!

  3. Diane

     /  July 6, 2014

    I will be moving to vicksburg soon…. glad there will be something to   Diane Holden Sew Creative Windows 


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