It’s Always Something

Warning—if you have a weak tummy you may not want to read this.

Yesterday afternoon Don came home and immediately started getting ready for a shower.  That’s not his norm.  He usually works on something until late in the afternoon.  He said his foot was hurting like hell.  I went outside to transplant the newest tomato plants into a larger bucket.

When I came inside, he was lying on the sofa with a paper towel covering the bottom of his left foot.  He’s had a thick callous on that foot for months and when he was diagnosed with diabetes, I stopped him from trimming the callous with his knife.  He’s been using a pumice stone since then.

I was suspicious about the paper towel so I asked if he had been trimming it again and he admitted that he had and that he had drawn some “clear, pinkish fluid” from it.  I washed up and took a look.  There was an open area about the size of the shaft of a nail under the skin.  I pulled the skin back that he had cut and what came out was not clear….it was pus tinged with blood.  NOT GOOD!!!!  He also had a streak running from the opening up his foot to just about the ankle.

I didn’t know whether or not I should be angry about it because if he hadn’t done what he did….we might not have known he had an infection for quite a while.

To the walk in clinic we went because this was not something I was going to allow to wait until business hours this morning and before we signed in, the doc said we should go instead to the ER.

X-rays were done of the foot to make sure a foreign body was not the cause of the problem and that wasn’t it.  The doc rinsed it out with saline and took a culture, cleaned it with betadine and probed to see if there was tunneling.  There was an opening about the size of a quarter so he packed it with gauze, applied antibiotic ointment and covered it with a large bandaid.

During the wait, Don developed fever and chills.  We left with an Rx for an antibiotic, orders to stay off the foot, and a recommendation to see a podiatrist.  I made that appointment this morning.  The doc I really wanted him to see is out of town until the 14th so we had to go with one who could get him in Monday.

He’s already bored silly and who knows how long this non-weight bearing will last.  That depends on well the wound heals and how quickly.

I’ll pull the packing out tomorrow.  He isn’t going to like that because the doc didn’t moisten it with saline so it’s probably going to be stuck.

At least I have lots of experience with wound care so I can take care of all that for him.

What next?


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  1. Don’t ever say ” what next”. It usually happens. Let me know if you need anything.

  2. Susan

     /  July 3, 2014

    Prayers for you and your hubby!!

    Sent from my iPhone Susan B Hayes


  3. Joanne Maner

     /  July 3, 2014

    Oh Sheryl I feel for both of you. My husband got a strep infection 3 months after they harvested a vein in his leg for his bypass. It moved inward and was to the bone in his calf. He had to go into surgery and have it drained. Nasty very large incision. He came home with me packing and cleaning it twice a day. Very painful. I would soak the gauze with saline before packing but soaked it again before removing. That helped. I had never done that before but a nurse ok’d me in the hospital after watching me do it once. At least you caught this before it traveled up the leg too far. I hope the antibiotics work for him. My husband had to go in the hospital and be put on a drip as the first lot of pills did not help.
    I hope Don heals quickly despite the diabetes.

  4. Myrlene PERTUIT

     /  July 4, 2014

    That’s the first rime I hear you say something is wrong with Don……..will say a prayer for him. Just give him lots of TLC……even something as simple as sitting down to look at an old movie with him. You know he will be bored, so try to do something with him. That’s what I do when Joe is a bit under and he loves me being right there by him. You KNOW they are just babies at heart! Lol

    Now have phlebitis on my right leg. Doctor says he is sending me to a vein specialist if I have another flare up……this one is small, though… where near as painful as the left leg was. I nipped it in the bud before it got too big.

    Happy fourth!

    Luv ya, Mimi


  5. Rita Millican

     /  July 4, 2014

    Sorry to hear about Don’s foot. Good thing you were there to get right on it, and very good thing you are a nurse to take care of it. He is a lucky man. Hope to hear better news about this soonest.



     /  July 4, 2014

    Soo sorry to hear y’all are dealing with this, Hang in there girlfriend. My son gave me a backhanded complement this week. He’s doing his internship at the 6666 Ranch in W. Texas and said Doc assigned him the the horses who’d torn themselves up since he didn’t even cringe when helping clean and dress them his 2nd day there. He said helping do my leg wounds for years and the woundvac dressings & IV’s, prepared him for almost anything.

    Hope to see you at IQF again. Doesn’t look like the Girl Scouts are going to have a booth, we’re all out of the picture these days. Wanted to talk to you about your INNOVA, mine was delivered last month!!! Still haven’t named it, leaning toward Ronnie after my Dad.

    Hugs from Texas.

    • I probably won’t be making another trip to IQF. At least it’s not in the plans. That’s too bad about the Girl Scouts booth. It was wonderful! Congrats on your new Innova.


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