Coming Soon: Yummy!

We’ve never grown watermelons before and I’m pretty sure we decided to plant them a little late but I’m hopeful.  Our favorite melons are yellow watermelons.  Some of the seeds are yellow and some are red.  I hope we get more yellow!

We’ve been out in the garden (which is pretty pitiful this year). Grass and weeds have just about taken over so Don held vines up while I cut with the mower.  The only things we have planted in the big garden are watermelons, peas, and okra.  Lord knows….we don’t need okra.  I still have frozen okra and dehydrated okra that needs to be eaten but it’s one of his favorite things to grow and give away.

Here’s a picture of 2 itty bitty watermelons on the vines.

Hope these are yellow meat melons!

Hope these are yellow meat melons!


I also have some Sugar Baby watermelons and cantaloupe in my rain gutter garden.  I only have 2 Sugar Baby plants and 1 cantaloupe plant but there are melons on each.

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar Baby Watermelon


This is sugar in it’s natural state so I’ll be enjoying them.  Want some, Beth????

Now for something pretty to leave you with today.  When I went to Texas last month, Wanda took me to a fabulous garden center in Abilene.  I bought this.

Red Passiflora

Red Passiflora




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  1. I love yellow watermelon too! They can be hard to find!

    • The ones I used for the preserves were both supposed to be yellow but they weren’t. I’m not happy about that but glad the rind was so nice.


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