Laying Down With Pigs

Well, not quite that bad.  At least they aren’t stinky but they sure aren’t clean anymore!

First mistake….First rule of the Paca farm:

Rule #1:  Never, Never, Never have a burn pile in the field where the pacas live.  They will seek it out, roll in it, and paint themselves with the ashes.

Remember that Janet Jackson song, "Nasty Boys"?  Hmmmmm.

Remember that Janet Jackson song, “Nasty Boys”? Hmmmmm.

What’s going on here?  These guys WERE white.  And it’s only weeks until time for shearing!  Yikes!

Even Sancho is nasty.

Even Sancho is nasty but at least he doesn’t have it all over his face.

Bullett and Baby Ray

Bullett and Baby Ray

Bullett and Ray are the only somewhat clean ones.  Bullett gazes longingly at his friends in the field.  He’s just dreaming of being out there so he can roll around in the ashes too.  I’m not going to leave the halter on Bullett but I’ll have to have some help cornering him since he can easily get away from me.  I don’t like the idea of them wearing a halter unless it’s needed.

Baby Ray just gets cuter and cuter.  He wanders around his area with hardly ever a missed step.  He knows exactly where his food and water are.  You can see how much smaller he is than Bullett.   Bullett isn’t one of the larger boys so he makes a good buddy for Ray.

Too darned cute!

Too darned cute!

Don asked me tonight if I would take Baby Ray to family day at work so the children can see him and I agreed.  I’ll just need to decide on the ground rules.  I’ll probably let them offer him treats but not get in the pen with him although I’m sure people would love to have a picture taken with him.   It might frighten him too much though and I don’t want to do that.

Well, it looks like shearing this year may not produce much usable fleece unless I can figure out a way to clean the ash from it.  In case you’re wondering if I’ve given up quilting.  No, I’ve got something on the frame and am getting close to finishing it.  There’s another one right behind it…in fact, it’s one long backing so I can mount multiple tops and quilt them.





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  1. Virginia

     /  March 21, 2013

    How adorable the little fellow is. I haven’t had any experience with alpacas……but enjoyed reading your notes! Am sure the kids will enjoy seeing him….and offering him treats!!

  2. Sheryl,
    when you use a long backing , do you use the wider fabrics such as 108″ muslin or a neutral print ? by the way, my new Innova will be here next Wednesday.. I am so excited..

    • Helen, I pieced the backing with something I had. I don’t get too caught up in whether it matches or not when I’m doing charity work. 🙂

  3. I have read your blog before as I am also a quilter, imagine my surprise when I saw you now have pacas. I moved to Georgia in January and bought a property and also 5 Alpacas. They are wonderful aren’t they. My boys seem to attract every twig and debris in the pasture while my girls keep clean

  4. Judee

     /  March 26, 2013

    You’ll just need to sew some shirts for your boys to wear.
    If you do a google search for images, you can see sheep in shirts:
    “how to keeps a sheep clean”

  5. Caroline

     /  December 12, 2013

    Such sweet faces 🙂


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