What a Character!

I really missed an adventure this afternoon when I left to go get my hair cut.  Vanessa and Faith came out to see the boys.  I had put their feed out before I left.

Bullet and Baby Ray are separated from the rest of the herd by some cattle panels so that they have their own section in the barn with an exercise area outside.  Their feed buckets were hanging on the inside of the cattle panel.

The rest of the feed buckets hang on a rail in the other part of the shed.

Evidently Theodan didn’t think he got enough feed tonight because while Vanessa and Faith were visiting,  this is what he decided to do:

What a crazy boy!

What a crazy boy!

Don’t worry, he didn’t get hurt.  They got him out safely and the buckets were moved well outside reach.

How do you like the new “gray” tint to some of his fleece?  He and the other boys found the ashes from a burn pile and have strategically placed it all over themselves!  Just like children!


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  1. Sheryl, will it be too hot for the pacas this summer? I have a friend in Utah that has several of them but then the weather there is never as hot as it is here in Texas and in LA. They sure are beautiful and when you shave them down, you will be so busy with the fleece that you will never get any quilting done:)
    Enjoy your blog,,
    Helen Poole

    • Hi Helen. There are several alpaca farms in the gulf coast area. We’ll put some kiddie pools out when it’s hot. They love to sit in the water to cool off. We’ll also use some sprinklers to spray their bellies. They won’t have so much fleece during the summer months since they’ll be shorn in April.


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