A Roof Over Their Heads

The tin has been installed on the roof so there’s progress.  It’s still muddy even though it’s been nice & sunny the last few days but at least there’s a cover now.

Roof on Shed 600x400

There’s a piece of tin missing in this picture, but it’s all there now.  The chickens are curious about all this activity around here.

Don decided that we need sand to help out with the muddy situation so he ordered a few of these:

Sand Delivery600x400

Sorry about the fuzzy picture but I forgot to change the camera setting for motion.

He also had a load of gravel delivered to go between our house and the field.  It is wonderful!  That area was just plain dangerous for me when it was wet.

We had both been cruising CraigsList for used horse trailers because sometimes the Pacas have to go to the vet and you need transportation.   I looked at so many trailers on CL that I thought I would go blind.  We found one that looked ok and the price was pretty good so I immediately replied to the ad.  I didn’t get an answer so I sent another message the next day asking if it was still available or not.  The owner got in touch and we made arrangements to go see it and last weekend she delivered it to us.  We were even able to negotiate the price in our favor!


Structurally, it’s sound but there’s some cosmetic work that will be done later and of course it needs to be painted RED.      I would have been happy with a 2 horse trailer but Don said we could do a lot more with a larger one and there wasn’t any real difference in price between the 2 sizes.

Since Baby Ray is only about 7 months old now, he’s pretty small compared to the adults Pacas and he’s blind.  We don’t want him to get hurt in the trip from Oklahoma to here so Don built a crate today for him to ride in.   It’s already loaded in the back of Don’s pickup for me to take to our transporter Wednesday.  We had bought a large dog carrier but after measuring it, I don’t think it’s large enough and I’m sure it’s not nearly as safe to ride in as the one we’re using.


It has ventilation on both sides at the top as well as the wire door.  I think he’ll ride in this just fine.  The measurements are approximately 48″ long x 28″ wide x 32″ high.  What would I do without a DH that can do these things???

The tentative plan is for Michael to drive to Oklahoma a week from Friday, pick up the Pacas early Saturday morning and deliver them to us Saturday night.  It still has to be coordinated with the current owner of the boys but I think it’s going to work just fine.  Don will have their shed pretty much finished by then and we’ll have the basics ready.  It’s getting time to get excited!

Oh…..I still haven’t decided on a name for the farm  so I guess I’d better get busy and get that done!


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