Remind Me

why we have chickens.  🙂   Don says they cost us a small fortune.  He says their eggs should be gold-plated.

We both love to watch them.  They’re so funny.  Big Bird loves to come out front of the coop to play when we’re out there.  Now, there’s a Light Brahma that comes out to play too.  The others all stand at the door like they’re thinking “why can’t we come out to play?”.  Can you see me trying to herd up 2 dozen chickens?

This is the Brahma that comes out.

Light Brahma

Light Brahma

Remember Blanche?  She was a white Leghorn and they’re supposed to be crazy scared of people.  When she and the other Leghorns were little, they would just as soon  fly into a fence as let one of us touch them.  Then when they got older, Blanche loved attention.  She loved it so much that she would fly up onto our shoulders or arms and sit there.  She loved to be petted.  She’s no longer with us but she was a delightful chicken…until she decided to torment the other chickens!  As hard as you try to protect your chickens from predators, sometimes you just lose some.



This is the real reason we have chickens.  Even though I only eat their eggs when they’re a part of a recipe, I do love to gather them.  They make excellent deviled eggs and are wonderful in cakes, pies, breads, etc.  Look how pretty!



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  1. Monica

     /  February 24, 2013

    I very much enjoy seeing your chickens!
    I can’t have any live chickens where I live so I keep all mine inside, in the way of art.
    My grandmother had chickens when I was a little girl, they too would fly up and sit on my arm to be petted.
    Thanks for the show and tell.

  2. I had chickens, ducks, geese, etc in town, but in this country neighbor we can’t have any foul. Are those green eggs?

  3. WWWanda

     /  February 24, 2013

    I’ll have a dozen a week, please. Mother had the Easter egg chickens, egg colors that make you smile.

  4. Lynnita

     /  February 24, 2013

    We have a couple chickens here in our urban home. I agree, they are hilarious to watch and the eggs should be gold-plated! I enjoy the fresh eggs, though. The chickens are just so funny – I love the way they follow me around “talking” to me when I’m hanging clothes on the line or anything else in the backyard. We’d love to have more, but can’t have more than 2-3 where we live in the city.

    • Big Bird talks to me when I come to the coop. She knows I’ll let her out in the big yard. When she gets ready to go back with the other chickens, she starts talking again.

  5. Jane St John

     /  February 24, 2013

    eggs are like buying gold in the store and they are not even fresh nothing tastes better than good old home grown eggs.

  6. Guilitta

     /  February 25, 2013

    Hello Sheryl, I have a question. Can I anywhere see pictures of the NYE Mysterie. I didnt find any on your site. I wish you a good day. Greeting Guilitta from Germany Blog:


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