Let There Be Mud

and plenty of it!

I so much wish I could send some of this rain to Susan, Judy, and Wanda.  They need it so badly and we’re just about to drown.  The ground was soaked like a sponge and then we got more rain.  Don is working so hard to get things in order for the boys.  And it keeps raining!

The next priority is getting the shed built.  And it’s wet where Don needs to work!  The auger on the tractor is what he uses to dig the post holes with.  It is a marvelous piece of equipment.


More mud inside the fence just outside where the north wall of the shed will go.  That water outside the fence is deeper than the top of my boots!   The mud holes are from the tractor wheels.  He almost wasn’t able to get the tractor back outside the fence because the ruts had gotten so deep.


Sugar Boy and Spice Girl don’t think the mud is much fun either.  Goats don’t like water.  That’s why we can let them have access to the pond.  The goats won’t get in it but the ‘pacas will so they will be kept away from it.


That bit of framing you see is the west wall of the shed.  The west and north walls will be closed walls.  The east will be fencing the ‘pacas can see through and the south wall will be totally open.

Shed Frame600x400

Even though we’re having all this rain, Don’s getting a good bit of work done.  He will pick up the tin for the roofing tomorrow.

I know I shouldn’t complain about the rain.  And I am truly thankful for it.  The plants love it.  WWWanda gave me some rose cuttings when I made my Texas trip in December and here’s what’s going on with those right now.  I’d say they look pretty good!


Oh….and guess what’s happening  outside right now?   More rain.




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  1. Jane St John

     /  February 25, 2013

    be glad it is rain we got 15 inches of snow and they are prediciting another 15 for the next 3 days it covers my dog when she goes out. But we need the moisture as we were in severe drought area last year. one thing about it it will not last long this time of year. The church youth group came and scooped me out Friday so i can get down ramp and to road. They say this will soak in better than rain. which runs off to fast. .Jane

  2. WWWanda

     /  February 25, 2013

    Oh, how I wish we could trade weather. We did get 3 tenths of rain last night. Except of puddles you can not tell it this morning. The roses look wonderful. You truly have that “green” thumb. I have some I put into pots about two weeks ago. It was in the 70’s and 80’s, then it went back to 30’s and some nights 20’s. Of course I forgot to bring them in, so am just waiting to see if they made it.


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