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Getting Things Ready

I’ve got some time tonight so I’m going to catch up on a few posts.

There is so much that needs to be done around here.  I’m not sure we’ll ever catch up.  Don works at it harder than I do but truth is that there is so much I’m just not able to do.  I’m not good at climbing ladders and lifting long, heavy boards, and sloshing in the mud…and on and on.  I do go out there and try to help when I can.  There are things I can do by myself and when that opportunity comes along, I get it in gear and get going.

I keep reminding him.  I’m a girl.  Look at me.  Do I look like a brawny man?  Nope.  That would be because I’m a girl!  😉  I just plain don’t have the muscle strength to do the things he can do.  He’s been working at The Barn again in between getting ready for the ‘pacas.  There’s still some stone work to be done on the floor.  I laid it all out but I need help cutting the pieces that go around the edges.  After we get it all down, we’ll sweep Quikrete into the cracks and wet it down to hold them in place.  Rhoda and Dennis gave us the stone.  We’ve got enough left over to do an area at the front of our house.—Actually, the stone work isn’t what’s new.  The new part is the roof over the porch.

New Front Porch

New Front Porch

It’s only a few weeks before our alpaca herd arrives so he’s been busy putting up fences.

Don Fencing400x600

Sugar isn’t sure what he thinks about all this new activity.  He probably thinks we hired him to do the brush work for us and now we’re bringing new boys into his territory!


Don’s been having fun with the bush hog on his tractor.  He’s been clearing the ‘paca pasture with it and now he’s planted equine grass assortment.


There’s a good bit of brush that we’ll pile up and burn before they get here.  This has all been an incredible amount of work.  It will get better though.  We’re looking forward to this new adventure.


To the left of this section of fencing where the green grass is….that’s one side of the chicken run.  We plant rye grass in one side and let them graze that while a new planting is growing in the other side.  The ‘pacas will not have access to the rye grass as it isn’t good for them.  On the right side of the picture you can see a bit of the pond.  That will be fenced off from the ‘pacas but the goats will have access to it.

We’ve got one chicken that goes from side to side of their divided yard as she pleases.  She’s lightweight and flies up to the top of the chain link fencing, walks across the roof line of the coop, etc.  The others are too heavy to fly up very far.  This flying though causes problems.  She had a sister who did the same thing until a couple weeks ago when she flew into an area outside the protective fencing and was lunch for a big yellow tomcat who stays around.

I love Blue Andalusians.  They’re the only kind we have that lays white eggs.  See her white earlobe?  That’s generally how you can tell the color eggs that a chicken lays.  Red earlobe chickens are usually brown egg layers.  It’s harder to guess if you’re dealing with the colored egg layers.

Blue Andalusian

Blue Andalusian


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  1. carol c

     /  February 24, 2013

    beautiful cat on that front porch!

  2. Your days must be interesting!!


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