Craftsy Follow Up and Other Stuff

I got a reply from Craftsy on Feb. 2nd.  Not so bad for a large company but I’m one of those I want it NOW people.  🙂

Anyway—several reasons were suggested for why I didn’t get the 50% off price.  None of those reasons applied.  The price just wasn’t correct.

What they did do made me glad that I had written.  The real person replying to my complaint added the class directly to my shopping cart at the correct price and I was given the option of completing the purchase or cancelling it.

Since I really wanted the class, I did complete the purchase and I’m glad I did.  So far, it’s a wonderful class and I’m looking forward to finishing it.  I also got an additional note from them as follow-up.

I have a new friend in Mississippi who is going to help me with spinning & weaving so hopefully the trip to see her tomorrow will go as planned.  After watching some of the lessons, I feel better prepared to really start learning how to spin.

Thursday, I’m planning to spend most of the day at Weavin’ Place in Folsom.  I’ll probably take the drop spindle with me and mostly watch others work.  There will be spinners & weavers there for the day.

I finished the quilting on the Wounded Warriors quilt and finished hand stitching the binding down last night so it’s ready to be delivered to the guild.  I just need to get a few pictures taken before I do that.



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  1. I’m glad that you got everything worked out. I love taking classes on Craftsy and find them to be well worth the money for both information and convenience. 🙂
    Enjoy your spinning, I think I’ll stick to my quilting.


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