A New Toy for Don

Don loves to get attachments for his tractor.  All the rain from Isaac made 3 trees come down at Diane’s and we went over and loaded all the wood and brought it here.  Her neighbors had already pitched in to get it out of the back yard to the curb and to cut it into pieces.  When we got there to load it up, those neighbors jumped right in to help with that process.  I love it when people fall in line to help out.

Some of these pieces are absolutely *huge*.   You can see some of that wood in the previous post that showed the knitting loom box.   Don wasn’t looking forward to manually chopping up all that wood but he was glad to have the wood.  We’ll use it in our fireplace.

He started looking into wood splitters and after comparing prices and performance, he decided to get one that attaches to the back of the tractor.  He got it at Tractor Supply.   Let me tell you, that thing is slick!

Here it is with the splitter at the top of the piece of wood.  Don held the wood and Chris operated the lever.

Getting started

Getting started

About half way done

About half way done


SplittingWood3 600x400


They still have quite a bit of wood to split, but this thing is a time and energy saver.




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  1. If only Don and his wood splitter were in Alabama… I could use some campfire wood for the lake. 🙂

  2. Ruth Ann Mistler

     /  January 4, 2013

    And it looks as if they are not only doing a good job….but having fun!

  3. looks like Chris was having fun. Seems to be doing a good job I just finished my NYD mystery blocks. I will try to get them together tomorrow.Thanks again for a great mystery. Dana.

  4. Diane

     /  January 5, 2013

    hey wait now that Don got the wood split so fast …….can he make the auto advance for the Innova???????

  5. Diane

     /  January 14, 2013

    Sorry I was not able to save your info when I did an upgrade so I can not contact you. Hey I can see you smiling from here!! Just wanted to let you know the bobbins are here. I don’t have the ad so I don’t know how much they are . Do you have the ad? were they $10 a package? The bill only lists the total price of all the items. The lemons look so pretty. Even the “bad” ones can go down the garbage disposal and cleans and gives it a fresh smell. I did drop out of the quilt quild. Diane Holden Sew Creative Windows



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