New Year’s Day Mystery Clue #3

Is everyone doing ok so far?  Any problems?  What colors are you using in your palette?

Clue #3



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  1. are we supposed to keep up? I just finished step 1. Oh well I’m still playing. My colors are close to yours as I had those in my stash. Dana

    • Which size are you making Dana? It doesn’t matter if you can keep up….most people aren’t able to do that with these one-day mysteries but it’s still fun.

      I would venture to say the large size is impossible to keep up but if you’re doing the small size, you might be able to.

      Just keep playing and having a good time.

  2. Jean in MN

     /  January 1, 2013

    Just now able to get to my computer. Wild Rice soup is simmering and I have a break to save the clues so far. With family still home yet today I won’t be sewing, but am thinking later in the week I’ll have a chance when things get back to ‘normal’ around here. Thanks so much for the Mystery. They are such fun to do! Happy New Year.

  3. Ooh Jean….your soup sounds wonderful! I’d love to have the recipe. I had a delicious wild rice soup once at a hotel in Minneapolis. Where in MN are you?

    Enjoy the mystery!

  4. Just starting number three, and my colors are like yours 🙂 My patient friend is supporting me 🙂


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