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The end of the year is almost here.  It’s time to close the book on 2012.  I think I’ve had a pretty good year.  My last follow-up renal ultrasound was good.  That’s 20 months since my surgery for kidney cancer.  It’s good to be alive!

There have been some real trying times with Chris.  He seemed to do so well to begin with after his move away from home and then it was almost like he hit the proverbial brick wall.  We’ll keep working with him and and the staff at Options to try to find ways to make living away from us easier for him.

2 goats have joined the menagerie and we’ve enjoyed having them here.  I would never have thought I would have chickens & goats and have so much fun with them.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day.  A tradition when I was growing up was to watch the Tournament of Roses parade.  I haven’t watched it in years because to tell the truth….I love to sleep late.  Lol.  But tomorrow will be different because I’ll be spending the day with you all here and at The Quilting Post.  The schedule has changed a bit so that I can take a lunch break to be with Don & Chris.  We’re not cooking tomorrow so we’ll go to Ryan’s for lunch.

Be sure to post any questions you may have so I can try to answer them.

We’ll start at 8am (cst) as planned and clues will be released every hour with a 2 hour break for lunch.  At that point, you will need more time to complete the clue so you will have time for lunch and to sew as well.  So, here’s what will happen tomorrow:

8am—Clue #1

9am—Clue #2

10am—Clue #3

11am—Clue #4

12pm—Clue #5

2pm–Clue #6

3pm—Clue #7

4pm—Clue  #8

5pm—Clue #9

6pm—Clue #10—This is the last clue.

If you need help converting the time to your zone, here’s a link that will help.  The mystery clues will be left for a few weeks and then I’ll take them down.  They will not be available once they have been removed.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


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     /  December 31, 2012

    Well, I have failed you. I am sorry I didn’t have the testing complete for the mystery for you. (I should have stuck with the smaller one….but I am not sad because it is going to be cherished)! I am a little more than half way done and it is turning out gorgeous. I am happy I have started it and it looks marvelous thus far. There were some Christmas presents that I needed to get done and they had to come first. Have you ever done a kaleidoscope star quilt? I saw it in a book once and wanted to buy it but I couldn’t at that time. I actually remembered how they did it and tried to make my own pattern. It has turned out better than I thought. I will have to shoot you a picture once I have taken some nice shots of it. It is like one of those gifts you make and after complete you don’t want to actually give it away. But I am sure my sister will cherish it.

    Have a great New Year’s!

    Deone Williams

  2. Becky

     /  December 31, 2012

    Thank-you so much for this fun Mystery. Thank-you many times over for keeping this available for a few weeks. Tomorrow is our Anniversary and I don’t plan to be on line at all!!! I’ll print on Thursday or Friday! Thank-you so much! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Becky

  3. sobuzy

     /  December 31, 2012

    I hope I can join but still am not feeling well!!!! 8 might be a tad early!!! But, I can join up as soon as I can! Wishing you a great 2013!!!! Give hubby and Chris a big hug for sharing you with us!!!! But skip on the goats (sorry!) 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Hello,

    I dont see and find the Mystery from today. Can you help me?? I din´t got a mail with any clues. Are there mails with clues where I can download it??

    Scaring to miss:

    I hope you understand my bad english.

    greeting Guilitta from Germany

  5. Hi Guilitta. The mystery started at 8am central standard time. I think we’re 7 hours behind you so that’s why you didn’t see the clues when you checked. The first one has been posted.

    You’re English is just fine. Happy New Year. 🙂

  6. Dorothy

     /  January 1, 2013

    Thanks for the mystery–haven’t gotten started sewing as yet, but definitely am collecting the clues….I have always loved mysteries, andf especially ones I can sew!!! Happy New Year, and thanks….

  7. Hello Sheryl, I followed your NY-Mystery during the day en I like it. I don’t have the time yet to make it but I certainly will do it later. I just miss the mail with clue 8 and tried to find it on your site. It seems that I need a password to get it so where can I get that clue? Thank you very much and Happy New Year
    Almut from the Netherlands


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