Road Trip

If you don’t like yarn please don’t look any further.  Denise & Judy…this does not give you permission to go yarn shopping!

Rhoda and I took a road trip Friday to the yarn shop in Diamondhead, MS. ….The Stitch Niche.  It seems like we hadn’t seen each other in ages so we talked and talked.  Their web site says they’re closing in February but I’m skeptical.  None of the needlepoint canvas with the exception of a few displayed in the powder room…. nor were any of the needlepoint threads/supplies on sale.  Most of the yarns were 50-75% off with 2 brands not on sale at all.  I’ve never really been exposed to such nice yarns so with this new interest in weaving, let’s just say I went a little crazy.  😉  Before I get started, please know that most of these are imported.  I love to buy American when possible, but I’m not averse in any way to buying from elsewhere….especially when the quality is superb and the overwhelming desire for beautiful stuff is overwhelming.

This is a really nice nice chunky  yarn.  It’s a German, hand dyed Merino Wool yarn and is superwash for anyone who has wool sensitivities.

Orange,Red,Blue Blick Fang600x300

I just love the tape yarns.  I bought 3 different ones.  This first one on the left is Colinette Tagliatelli from Wales.  It’s hand-dyed 90% merino wool and 10% nylon.

Tape yarns 500

These last 2 are a Nylon/Cotton/Acrylic/Metallic/Rayon/Wool blend . They’re Turkish yarns.  I love that there are different textures in the tapes.

The yarn 2nd from the left is not a tape yarn.  It’s hand-dyed 100% Merino Wool from Italy by Aurora and is called Whisper.  It’s a fine yarn which will make a light project…probably a scarf.  I see lots of scarves in my future.  🙂

In this grouping, I have several hanks and some balls of 100% cotton chenille yarn that are spun in Belgium  by a company called “Straw Into Gold”  The colors are yummy and I think it will be gorgeous in something woven.  There’s also a hank of a beautiful brown, handspun yarn by Feza in Turkey and is called “Alp Natural”.  It’s a blend of Linen, Silk, Cotton, and Viscose.  I bought some other yarns that look nice with this one so I’ll take a picture of that to show you.

CottonChenille 600

I bought one ball of “Nashua” Creative Focus Brushed Alpaca.  It’s so incredibly soft.  I may never make it up into anything just so I can play with it.  It’s 100% Alpaca and is made in Peru.  Then I found these yarns made in Chili by Estra Bitran Hand Dyes.  They’re  a Cotton/Viscose blend.  they’re nice and soft and beautifully shaded.  They’re the blue and green ones to the right with a “Linares” tag.  The blingy one to the upper left is a French yarn  and is by  Muench Yarns and is called “Cleo”.  It’s a Viscose/Metal blend and is stiffer than the other yarns.

Creative Focus500

These yarns are just beautiful.  They’re made in America from imported fibers of Mohair, Silk, Viscose,  & Polyamide.  Can you guess which one is my favorite?

Kollage600If you guessed the red, you are correct!  It’s as soft as a baby’s derriere.

This next grouping may be my very favorite of them all.  The 3 yarns on the left are 100% recycled silk and are made in Nepal & Indonesia by women for Mango Moon Yarns.  The collection is called “Elements”.   Be sure to visit their “about” page if you go to their site.  The ones on the right are Italian yarns by Louisa Harding.  This collection is called “Impression”.


Just for fun, I got this funky, beaded yarn (also by Mango Moon) called “Chakra”.  It might wind up as a tiny little purse for a great niece.  The content is recycled Viscose 30%, Cotton 66%, Spandex 3%, Beads 1%.


This next hank was the very first thing that went into my shopping basket.  It’s 100% pure silk with Murano glass beads and sequins—made in New York from imported fibers.  It is totally to die for.  I would have loved to have some of the other colors but I wouldn’t have been able to do much other shopping.

Brown Silk500

This is a grouping of 3 of the yarns that I may put together in a project.

Brown Trio600x400

Here’s a different group for a possible project.


And yet another pair.

Green pair500

  • I don’t know which one I like best!  In my feverish shopping state, I also got a red Namaste knitting bag.  Rhoda says she’s going to borrow it to use for a purse.   OK….I know I probably didn’t really have to have it, but:
  • #1—It’s red
  • #2–It’s beautiful
  • #3–It’s big
  • #4–It’s red
  • #5–It was half price
  • #6–It’s red

I also picked up 3 pair of bamboo knitting needles.  I had been wanting to try them and at half price…I just did it!  They feel so nice to hold and if I had the right size, I’d be using them with this Sashay yarn I’m using right now to make a scarf.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting them in other sizes too.

If you’re wondering if Don is going to lock me away….well, he might think about it sometimes but he wasn’t upset.  I mean…..he’s getting a fixer-up old Mercedes to play with so it would probably be bad karma to be mad at me.  I think I can have some yarn don’t you?  😉

Wait!!!  The day wasn’t over.  We had a lovely lunch at Copeland’s in Covington and then made our way to Folsom to look at Saori looms at  Weavin’ Place.  Rhoda and I were both able to try the looms and they are so incredibly easy to use.  One of the nicest things about them is that you can buy pre-wound warp to use.  Cheryl Dunworth, the studio owner is so very nice and we really enjoyed our time there.  She teaches classes so I’ll probably be going out for some lessons.  Don is ok with buying a new loom but I’ve been offered a loom for the cost of shipping.   I’ll be happy to get it and see what we can do with it before we buy.  I haven’t told Chris yet so that he doesn’t drive me kookoo waiting.  Lol.

We got home a little after 4pm.  It was a great day!






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  1. Micki clemens

     /  December 31, 2012

    The yarns are beautiful and I don’t knit and hardly ever crochet! The colors are exquisite and the texture wonderful! Yarn shops are fun just for the colors! Congrats to you!

  2. I love the look of all the wool colours. I wish we could get some of them around here. I am not a knitter but I am a rug hooker and some of these would look gorgeous in a rug. Great purchases!


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