Christmas with Chris

Chris has been with us since Christmas Eve and we’ve had a wonderful time with him.  He’ll be going home until New Years Eve and then will stay with us for 2 nights and it will be back to his regular routine after that.

He had asked a while back if I would knit him a red scarf.  One of his male workers has one and Chris said he would love to have one too.  So, I bought the yarn and got it knitted up for him.  I’m not the greatest knitter in the world but I can do basic things.  He loves it and that’s all that matters.

Red with gray borders and mixed fringe

Red with gray borders and mixed fringe

Since he’s gotten into weaving, his Dad & I thought it might be fun to find him one of those old timey pot holder looms that you use loops with.  We found it at Hobby Lobby and it was even red, metal….just like the one I had when I was a child.

Chris Potholder 600x400

He’s smiling in this picture, but he didn’t think this was so much fun.  🙂  Look how small the finished pot holder is…umm…maybe we should call it a coaster instead.  He did manage to get 2 done but I don’t think I’ll talk him into doing another.   A friend sent me a file with instructions for weaving with yarn on one of these so maybe he will like that better.

He says it’s much easier to weave on the Saori floor loom at work than it is to weave one of these crazy potholders!  I remember the loops as being a cotton knit loop and these are a stretchy poly knit…which draws up like crazy when taken off the loom.

I’ve been researching weaving like a mad woman ever since he gave me the pieces he made.  I’ve found some yahoo groups and connected with a few really nice weavers not so far from us.  I even managed to find the lady who is coordinating the weaving program for Options.  I told her I will be volunteering with them in this coming year and she’s excited about it.

The very best part is that I was able to get tickets for “Roc day” (still don’t know what that means) on Jan. 5th.  It’s a day that weavers, spinners, etc. get together and have fun.  There will be a few vendors there too. We squeezed in at the last minute.  I was able to get tickets for Faith and Vanessa also.  I actually got the last tickets available.  I printed gift certificates for Chris & Faith and told them that they have to present their gift certificate to get into the truck to go that day!

Chris Certificate600x400

Chris is so excited!

So, that’s what he got for Christmas.  I’m going tomorrow to a yarn shop that is closing to see what I might find for us to use with weaving.  He doesn’t know about that or he would beg to go with me….not a good idea.

We capped off the Christmas holiday by meeting Faith & Vanessa at  CiCi’s pizza for lunch yesterday and by going to a movie:

Les Miserables

Les Miserables

The movie was EXCELLENT!!!  Chris loved it.  Faith loved it. And Vanessa and I loved it.  Chris had a gift card for Books a Million and wanted to get the book to read so here it is.

So, how was your Christmas?  Ours was wonderful!


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  1. You gotta love that he’s wearing the scarf with short sleeves.
    Which yarn shop is closing?

  2. It’s The Stitch Niche in Diamond Head, MS. Almost all the yarn is 50% off and some is 75% off. A couple brands (Nero and Malabriga) are not on sale. Projects bags that look like big purses are on sale 50% off. (I got a gorgeous red one) All the knitting notions are 50% off. I got quite a few hanks of specialty yarns for weaving. I’ll show some pics on the blog later.

  3. Joan in MS

     /  December 30, 2012

    Sheryl, cotton socks make great loopers for the potholder loom. Just cut them in about an inch wide section and pull gently. I will bring my loom and some yarn for demonstration purposes on Saturday. If Chris has any favorite authors, I have lots of left over books from my youngest, most fantasy and science fiction.


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