Mother Nature is so Neat

I really love to watch things grow.  It doesn’t matter if it’s plants, insects, chickens, goats…I love to watch them.  When Chris and I were working yesterday, I went to the back patio to see if I could find a large pot to put an Aloe plant in for a while.  We recycle pots so we’ve got all sizes stacked up on some shelves back there.

I started looking and saw something I’ve never seen before.  It looked like newspaper that had been wet and layed in a clump to dry.  But it was formed around some of the 4 inch pots.

See the entrance?

Then I noticed there was some activity around it and the little critters looked like Yellow Jackets.  Could this be their nest?

I always thought Yellow Jackets had ground nests so I did a little research and found that there are some Yellow Jackets that do build a hive from wood pulp and saliva…kind of like paper is made.

I always thought Hornets were the only thing that did this but their hives hang upside down from tree branches, eaves of houses, etc.  This thing lies pretty much flat but it does have an opening on the top.

After I wiggled it a bit (I know…pretty brave for someone who is allergic to stuff like this), this is what I saw:

“Who’s that knocking on my door?”

These are definitely Yellow Jackets.  They have thin waists, unlike mine.  🙂  Just in case you think I’m crazy, I do have a healthy respect for them.  We lost DH’s precious Mother after a swarm of Yellow Jackets from a ground nest attacked her.

But…these are part of God’s world and they do have their uses.  Did you know that they eat other unwanted insects?  Such as aphids on your roses?  I thought about dosing the nest at night to get rid of them but decided since they will leave the nest this winter (they don’t re-use a nest), I will leave them be and we will just avoid their habitat.

While I was researching them and Hornets today, I came across a cool YouTube video that shows how a Hornets hive works.  If you’re interested in stuff like I am, you’ll like this one:

And in case the embedded code doesn’t work, click here for a direct link:

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  1. Very interesting!

  2. Very interesting how nature works. I will still run away because of my allergy. Thanks!

  3. Christina in Cleveland

     /  December 17, 2012

    Please, do check into possibilities of the yellow jackets elsewhere. I rented a townhouse which, as it turns out, had yellow jackets nesting in the walls of the house. Might be worth a check from a professional to make sure you don’t have them elsewhere.
    ~Christina in Cleveland


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