Slow, Slow, Slow

We can stand at the end of our driveway and see where cable tv/internet ends on both sides of us.  We’re in the dead zone.  There are lines in place but not the part to supply the feed.  Who knows when that will happen.  We’ve been told 2 years for so long that we no longer even ask.

Same thing with the phone company.  We’ve been told DSL is coming…..I forget how long we’ve asked for that.  The quality of our phone service continues to degrade.   Practically every day, the connection is worse than the day before.

We gave up several years ago and got Dish Network for TV and it’s a good thing that we did because with the change from analog to digital TV—-we would just be out in the cold.   There is no digital reception here.  The converter box is useless.  😦

There are new phone lines being put down all over our parish.  They put them down in front of our property about a week ago.  No one we’ve talked to seems to know what the plan is.  Someone said it’s for U-Verse.  Someone said it’s for DSL.  Who knows?  What we think is that it will probably take another 2 years (or more) for completion.

Something has to give.  It’s practically impossible for me to do blog posts like this.  It took days to put together the last post about Celtic applique`.  I can hardly open web pages.  We’ve done a little research and decided we just don’t have any choice but to go with satellite internet.  I’ve fought it hoping that the phone company or cable would come through but I’ve pretty much given up on that.  Even if they do, I can live with the 2 year contract for satellite.

So, I’m going to call Hughes Net and set up installation.  It won’t be installed until after my Houston trip because I just don’t have time for it before then.

In the meantime, even though I’ve been making an effort to be more timely with posts….please know that there may be a lapse until after we get that taken care of.  At the most, I’ll only be doing brief text-only posts during this time period but I will try to answer some comments.  There won’t be any Best Blog Tuesday posts until then.  There’s no way I can surf a site like this.  Sorry.  😦


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  1. HelenP

     /  October 23, 2012

    Hey, I live in the boonies over here in Texas, I used to have my own website and I agree that dial up is not the answer. I have been with Wild Blue internet service for about 8 yrs now.. It is satellite and the cost is no more than dial up but with a lot faster server..

  2. Ruby

     /  October 23, 2012

    Living in the “country” has it bad points but my dh would not live in a city/subdivision. Good luck on your new service/installation. We are fortunate in that we do have dsl but not thru the phone company. AT&T keeps saying it’s coming but that’s been years ago and so far nothing….

  3. Some folks use Hughes up here in Alaska! We are successful with our dish except in a snow storm. Good luck with yours!

  4. Kathy Alden

     /  October 23, 2012

    We are in the same boat. All the good services are right across the street from us. We have microwave satellite and very similar to Wild Blue at the same cost. I would check with Wild Blue before Hughes Net as it is faster on the download. We live 26 miles out of town and down below a plateau that runs along the snake river. Our neighbors switched to Wild Blue and say its works great! Just a thought
    Kathy Alden
    Sunny SW Idaho

  5. Micki clemens

     /  October 23, 2012

    I can’t believe I’m reading this ! In1972 we moved to upstate NY and had the same problems! Wouldn’t you think that the whole country would have full service by now!? Good luck Sheryl.

  6. Joyce Martin

     /  October 23, 2012

    Sorry bout that. I know how frustrating that is. Was once in that situation until we moved.


  7. Pat V.

     /  October 23, 2012

    We’ve had a similar situation in two different cities that we’ve lived in. Good luck with the satellite. At least you didn’t have the situation we did with Verizon — they told us internet was available and signed us up; it wasn’t, but it took 18 months to get the charges for non-existent internet off our bill!

  8. Can’t even imagine how flustrated you are. I was in a tizzy when we has the router flaking last night and needed to reset it but had to wait until someone got home beause it’s in a closet upstairs and I’m stuck in my wheelchair downstairs! The calendar on my phone is set to meet ya’ll in Houston at lunch Sat.

  9. vivoaks

     /  October 23, 2012

    I don’t know how you’ve managed up to this point. It would have driven me nuts long before this!!! Kudos to you for sticking with it! You’ll be amazed when you get high-speed set up – it will be like a whole other world has opened up for you!! Best wishes!

  10. Carol Morgan

     /  October 23, 2012

    We have the same problum here no DSL our cable out here been trying for years far as I know they havr no plans to put it out here. We did decide to get Hughes Net here and I am loveing it.Have a great time in Houston wish I could be there. Carol in Delaware

  11. katie

     /  October 23, 2012

    Even with a converter box in the “big” city it doesn’t work. Tv reception is crap I get only 3 of the 4 main channels.. providing that you stand or sit in the right place and don’t move. You better make sure that a truck or bus or plane doesn’t go by your house. Come winter time when your heat kicks in you just have to be patient for the picture and sound to come back.. I wish we could just go back to the “olden days” when you just turned on the Tv and actually could see and hear the whole show..

  12. Sue

     /  October 24, 2012

    Sorry to hear your having problems. No worries I enjoy your sight to much to worry about delay’s that are not your fault. Keep up the good work. Sue in Australia.

  13. reading past posts and have a question: so in the end, would you recommend a grace frame or not? i’m interested in a gracie queen. did not find as many negatives as in your blog and don’t want to waste my money! thanks! please email if you can…


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