A New Spray Bottle

And more gardening stuff——-

We can find great quilty tools in all sort of places.  I love Tractor Supply.  Not only do I get food for our cats, chickens, and goats there but I love to browse their shelves for cool stuff.

They have the neatest buckets that have a flat back for hanging next to a wall.  The buckets are designed for feed/water but I can see all sort of uses for them to store our quilting tools.  And they come in several bright colors!

The latest thing I’ve bought there is a spray bottle that I found in the horse care aisle.  It can be held in all sorts of angles and it still sprays.  It can even be held upside down and it will spray.  I couldn’t help myself….one HAD to come home with me.

Find these at Tractor Supply

You can probably find these at any store that sells supplies for horses.  I am so glad I bought mine.  I think it cost less than $4.  A great buy, I think!

On a side note, if you’re wondering about our To-Do list for today….we didn’t make our goals.  I only got one of the two very large pittosporum bushes pruned.  I have the cuttings prepared and soaking in a water bath.  They’ll be planted tomorrow.  I’ll also get the other bush pruned but I’m throwing those cuttings away!  If you live in my area and want them, get in touch and I’ll stick them in a bucket of water for you to pick up….but just know that they will go on the burn pile sometime Saturday!

Are these things out of control or what?

Look at the one on the right.  There’s a large area where it’s “sporting” back to solid green instead of the variegation.

They completely overshadow the Fire Power Nandina and the Hosta.  Since the Hosta likes shade, we’ll leave them where they are but the Nandina have to be pulled out and put in a sunnier place.  I’m thinking somewhere in the new Rose / Butterfly-Hummingbird garden bed will be a good place.

I’m hoping to have good results with this attempt at propagation but seriously….I don’t need hundreds of the blasted things.

One of the things we did yesterday was to dig up and replant a miniature Rose that Mother brought from Alabama.  It’s got the sweetest little orangey-pink rimmed cream colored blossoms.

Poor, little, overgrown rose!

Now, isn’t that better?

But, look at that poor garden bench.  The Passion Flower has completely taken it over.  That’s for another post on another day.

Night, Night—–


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  1. Pat

     /  October 19, 2012

    Keep all your comments coming . I so love to hear what you are up to next.


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