Farm Therapy

I picked Chris up Monday and brought him home for a few days.  He’s had some problems at work and was kind of out-of-pocket.  I thought he probably needed some time with Mom & Dad so we’re doing farm therapy.  He was able to see our new baby chickens Monday.  They were so cute when I brought them home.  He didn’t even know we had them so that was a surprise.

New baby chicks bought in September.

Our new chickens about 3 weeks old.

We were hard at work today transplanting, preparing cuttings for rooting, and other stuff.  When Chris emptied some buckets of potting soil back into the cart, he found some juicy worms.  We decided to see if the babies were interested.

Hmmmm….whatcha got there?

I’ll have that, Thank You Very Much!


We potted Althea cuttings yesterday to see if we can root more of those.  Our friend Mrs. Earline let me prune her Althea bushes so we had lots to cut up.  We have 2 pots full of the double baby pink Althea and 1 pot of a purple Althea.  Althea are in the same family as Hibiscus and like to be crowded when rooting so we obliged.

Potted Althea Cuttings—sorry for the blurry picture.

We pruned roses at Chris’s house yesterday afternoon and we got those in to root today.  I’ve tried rooting roses once before and out of probably 15 cuttings, I only had one to take.  It’s growing beautifully now.  This is the red rose we pruned.  It’s been a very long time since it had any attention and is quite old according to the size of the trunk.  I’m afraid it’s on it’s way out as the greenery/roses are on spindly growth.  There was so much dead wood and the center hadn’t been pruned open in ages.  We worked on it as well as a lovely pink rose a lot.  I will probably work on them some more after they recover from the shock of yesterday.  It would be wonderful to be able to save them but I have my doubts.  Hopefully some of the cuttings can take and if we can’t save them, we can replace them with their offspring.

Fabulously fragrant red rose bush at Chris’s house.

Here’s our list that we worked from today.  The items with a   ‘+’ beside them were not on the list but got done anyway.

That’s a lot done!

We pruned roses at Beth’s house this afternoon.  She promises this particular little rose roots easily.  It is so delicate! We should probably call it Pauline’s rose because she gave cuttings to Beth!

I wonder if the Lady Banks rose can be red???

I know there are white ones and yellow ones.  This little rose climbs and puts out long vines.

We also potted up some Sago Palms a fellow Master Gardener had given me.  They’re now on the porch of the chicken coop.

How do you like my new Cypress swing? Chris loves it!

Yep, that’s Big Bird standing in the door of the coop.  Don’t worry—we don’t let her out unless we’re with her….BUT…yesterday, we did find several chickens on the loose.  The inside door wasn’t closed real well so they escaped.  They were easy to herd back inside.

Here’s the list for Thursday.  We have an appointment for Chris with his social worker/counselor so that will take a cut out of the day.

Thursday’s To-Do List

Are you tired just reading about all the stuff we did today?  Me too…..hmmm…..I did do it all!


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  1. Fun post. Love seeing your chickens.


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