Well, Phooey

I go back and re-read posts to check for errors I can correct.  I almost always miss something during editing and it bothers me no-end to make a writing boo-boo (which I often do).  I was just checking the post about Valentina and realized that part of the post has disappeared!

I bet you wondered why all of a sudden there were pictures of stitching????  It’s because I had just talked about the ability to use any kind of thread in my Innova.  I fell in love with YLI metallic thread when I took classes at Let’s Quilt in Utah back in May.  One day of class we had to use at least 6 different threads.  I used the metallic and liked it so much that when I finished with it, I handed it to my roomie, Januari and told her it was her next thread to use.  She loved it too.  I liked it so much in fact that I bought a large cone of it.  🙂

So, those first 2 stitching samples are with that YLI variegated metallic.  I also fell in love with Glide thread by Fil-Tec.  It has a beautiful sheen and makes the quilting look so pretty.

Don’t be afraid to try different threads in your Innova or other machine.  Issues are almost always about tension.  Play with your machine and get comfortable tweaking tension to get it right. You can even keep a log of what works with different threads.  It may not be exactly the same every time, but it will give you a place to start.  It’s fun to use different threads!

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  1. Susan

     /  October 1, 2012

    Did you go to Superior Threads when you were in Utah at Teryl’s? I use their metallic thread – ok, I rarely use any thread that isn’t Superior Thread! I love going through their shelves, seeing all the yummy threads and deciding I need at least one of each!!! I think I have spent as much on thread in 4 years as I did on my Innova!!!


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