Valentina—My Innova

Someone pointed out that I have yet to say what size Innova I bought.  I guess I just get sidetracked.

Valentina is a 22″ Innova with Lightning Stitch on a 12′ table.   LS is ABM’s fabulous stitch regulator.  It can keep up with anybody’s speed and never make a long stitch.  Go into and come out of a corner…with some machines you get a long stitch…not so with LS. It has a different kind of motor than other stitch regulators.  LS also has a touch screen for changing settings.  It is nothing short of amazing.

Joe & Chuck with Valentina

I bought the light bar that ABM sells with the Innova because it’s practically impossible to get one piece of metal in that length without paying astronomical shipping fees.  Instead of their lights though, Don put up 2 daylight fluorescent lights for me.

PantoVision is one of the main reasons we chose the Innova.  I need to discipline myself and get busy really working with it to learn the program better but I can tell you this.  I love it.  I love being able to set up designs and stitch them from the front of the machine.  I’m going to start loading at least one charity quilt per week…ok….that’s what I plan to do anyway.  I’m going to quilt it solely using PantoVision in order to get more acquainted with it.

I had the electric channel locks but I’ve taken them off because it was more weight and I didn’t think the carriage moved as well.  I may put them back on later but for now, I’m fine without them.  It’s so easy to use clamps for channel locks.  Since I don’t do competition work, I’m not likely to ever need to be able to do tons of straight lines anyway.  The only thing I was using them for was to stich a line to start my quilt top from.

  If you click on the pictures, you’ll get a larger view.

YLI Variegated Metallic zig-zag design

YLI Variegated Metallic boxy design

One of the other threads I used is “Glide” by Fil-Tec.  It has a beautiful sheen and shows up nicely on quilts.

Glide thread used in stacked zig-zags and boxes

I’ve got more pictures of my class samples and I’ll try to post them a few at a time so you won’t get tired of seeing them.  OK—that’s it for now.  It’s time for me to watch some football!



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  1. Joyce Martin

     /  September 30, 2012

    Thanks for sharing.  Happy Belated Birthday. 


  2. Woohoo! Way to go girl ! Those stitches look beautiful already.
    Congrats to you!

  3. Susan

     /  September 30, 2012

    I am constantly amazed how good my Innova makes my quilting look!!! It is an incredible machine and so much fun to use! Oh yeah, LS really makes a difference!!! Looks awesome – love how the metallic looks and how on the Innova it rarely breaks!

  4. Wow – amazing machine! =D

  5. Thanks Joyce & Karen.


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