Sugar Has a New Friend

Her name is Spice Girl.  Vanessa & Faith wanted me to change Sugar to a boy name but I can’t do that.  I’m already in the habit of calling him “Sugar”.

He cried so much that I cruised Craig’s List to see if I could find Sugar a friend.  I got lucky and found someone selling a couple of 6 month old females and wether so we called and made arrangements to go see the goats he had for sale.

We looked them over and I really liked the way this little goat looked and since Sugar is a wether, we don’t have to worry about mating season, etc.  She’s from a Kiko sire.  Sugar is a Boer.  Don fixed up a cording across the back of his truck and secured Spice Girl and we brought her home with us.

Spice Girl (left) and Sugar (right)

She’s still wary of us and won’t eat from my hand yet.  I almost got her to come up to me a few days ago, but I’ve probably lost all the progress I had made.  It’s been raining again so the ground is slippery and I no longer go out there if it’s damp.  I’m tired of busting my derriere.  Don doesn’t want me to go out there either but he’s good about checking their feed & water for me.

Sugar eats treats from my hand now but he spits out the regular goat feed if I try to give it from my hand.  He eats it from the bucket though!  He absolutely love the licorice flavored goat treats.

So now, we have 2 goats and there are no plans to have more.  I think 2 is plenty!



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  1. I am so happy that you got Sugar a friend. I am sure you will see a change in his attitude. He might still cry a little, but it won’t be constant. Looks like they are best buddies already. Have fun watching them. Goats have such interesting personalities!


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