Life in the Chicken House

Our chickens used to keep all the grass & weeds eaten down to the bare dirt in their run.  Several months ago they went on strike and stopped eating them.  Don decided he wanted a goat to do the job the chickens weren’t doing so he asked me to check his favorite place to buy stuff (Craig’sList) to see if I could find a goat.  The only ones I found still required daily bottle feeding.  Oh, H___ no.

While I was at the post office, the clerk was talking about show goats so I asked if she knew anyone who had a goat for sale. Another lady gave me a phone number & name to call so I did.  The next afternoon, Vanessa, Faith, Don, and I loaded up in his truck to go get the goat.

I was afraid to put the goat in the back of the truck because I didn’t want it to be scared, try to get out and hurt or kill itself.

So, the goat rode home in the back seat of Don’s truck. Where else should it ride?

Are you wondering what this goat has to do with life “in” the chicken house?  This is what you should see when you go in the coop:

Chickens nesting in the boxes

This is not what you should see:

What do you think you’re doing????

And this is surely NOT what you should see!

No, No, No, No Sugar!

I opened the gate into the right side of the run and the chickens all t0ok off  through the gate.  Then I closed the gate so I could get Sugar to go into the left side of the run.  Let me tell you, it’s no fun trying to catch a goat that doesn’t want to be caught!

I finally got him by the collar during one of the many times he jumped back up into the nest boxes (good thing there were no eggs in there yet) and picked him up so I could put him in the other side of the run.  Whew!

Isn’t Sugar cute???

If you’re trying to figure out why I would name a male goat “Sugar”…..he’s what is called a wether which means he has been fixed so I’m hoping he will turn out to be a nice pet.  Therefore, the name is “Sugar”.  🙂

Funny thing about the chickens going on strike.  Now that we have Sugar and they’ve seen him eating weeds, they’re eating them again too!  Crazy chickens.



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  1. Sugar is adorable. I had Billy Goat as a child. Billy Goat was the terror of the neighborhood. No fence contained him. He ate white sheets off any clothesline. He chased cars. And, he butted people he decided he didn’t like. He was our most interesting pet.

  2. LK Smith

     /  September 9, 2012

    He’s so cute! The chickens must not want to share their grass!

  3. Me gusta la cabra y su nombre, debe ser dulcisimo.

  4. This is funny. Too bad no fresh goat milk to drink or make cheese. Can’t wait to come and meet him.

    • I’ve read that goat milk is sweeter than cow’s milk but with my history of being unable to drink fresh milk I doubt I could even taste it. Lol

  5. Joyce inOH

     /  September 9, 2012

    Sugar is a cutie. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cat

     /  September 9, 2012

    Your nest boxes are laying on their backs, they should set upright so the opening is in the front, not at the top.

    • Hi Cat. Our chickens have never had any kind of nest box other than the ones they’re using. Even in the old coop, they had open top nest boxes. It doesn’t seem to matter to them.:-)

  7. Marcia

     /  September 9, 2012

    Ah, life in the country. Never a dull or predictable moment. Life would not be half so interesting if our 4-legged friends wouldn’t give us some hilarious moments to remember and reflect on. All God’ creatures are worth having, no matter how big or how small. You have quite a family started Sheri.

    • Hi Marcia. We’re talking about getting a second goat so Sugar will have a friend to play with…or would that be get in trouble with?

  8. Marcia

     /  September 9, 2012

    Sheryl. Sorry – got away from me too soon. My apologies.

  9. Oh, Sheryl, that is hilarious. I wish I could see you trying to catch him. Since we want a goat, I’ll be watching to see how this goes.

  10. Just a heads up here. Goats don’t do well alone. I am sure Sugar will want a play mate, another goat friend as the chickens probably won’t suit him. LOL Also, I think I read where chicken feed can make goats really sick. Just wanted to head off any heartache for you in the future. Sugar is really cute. Have fun with him.

    • Hi Winona. (love your name btw). We’ve got Sugar totally separated from the chickens. They can see other through the fence but he can’t get to their feed.

  11. Patricia Emery

     /  September 10, 2012

    Winona is right about single goats being lonely… most “bad” goat stories start with the words, “We had A goat once…”. Also, you don’t want Sugar to have access to the hens FEED and/or Scratch. That is not a good diet for a goat, especially a wether, who is could easily get urinary calculi which is often FATAL!
    As for the nesting boxes, conventional ones ARE open on the front, but you are also right that the hens don’t care! I have three old wooden crates that were my Granny’s only nesting boxes for DECADES. Main thing is that they are large enough and yours are…
    Lastly, to help “tame” him, offer him his feed FROM YOUR HAND not just petting him while he eats from a bucket. Also, I have learned that goats LOVE oak leaves… green/dry doesn’t matter, either!

    • Hi Patricia. I’ve been reading a lot about goats and even bought the 4-H book about it. He will eat treats from my hand but he spits out regular feed if I offer it from my hand. Lol.

  12. Jackie

     /  September 10, 2012

    So happy you included a pic of Sugar, he is very cute. You should have video tapped your attempts at capturing, it would have been hilarious.

  13. Hi Jackie. It probably would have been funny to look at. I was pretty winded by the time we quit playing his game.


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