Have You Seen That Big, Honkin’ Spider?

On Susan’s blog?  Ewwww.  It gives me the shivers just to think about it.  I killed a Moccasin several months ago with a pipe on my way to The Barn and wasn’t afraid when I did it, but if that spider jumped on me, I would  run screaming and jumping.   I don’t care if they kill other bugs.  I don’t care if they’re part of the food chain.  I just plain don’t care.   Smoosh em’.

We have 2 bug zappers.  One is on the porch at the chicken coop and one is by the kitchen door.  They kill bugs and don’t make me pass out.

We’ve got all manner of lizardy thingy’s around here.  They kill bugs and I’m not afraid of them.  I catch lizards on a regular basis inside the house/barn and I take them out and release them.  We’ve got some sort of grey salamanders all over the place.  They’re a little odd looking but they’re harmless.

Not long ago, I found this little critter in an open plastic box in The Barn.  I put one of the bobbins for Valentina in the box with it so you can see how small the critter  is.

Gecko Looking Thingy

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but it’s skin is almost translucent.   You can easily see it’s bony structure through the skin.  Kind of weird, huh?  Anyone know what this little critter is?

Oh….I did take it outside and let it go.

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  1. LK Smith

     /  July 12, 2012

    That’s a baby gecko. I enjoy your blog!

  2. Barbara

     /  July 12, 2012

    I agree with you on the spiders, grin, and I have killed copperheads and rattlesnakes when they were on my property, didn’t go anywhere without my hoe so I could hack them to death, between the spiders and snakes I can’t chose, grin, just wish they weren’t around where I am!
    Barbara in western NC

  3. this is a gecco and they eat your spiders,mosquitos etc. They live in my plants and are very helpful in the spider pop.Dana

  4. I have to agree on the spiders. We dont’ have many of them, but I am always on the lookout for scorpions. UGH! When I was a little girl, my family was stationed in Taiwan. We had ‘house’ geckos that we named and would talk to! ANYTHING that eats mosquitos is a friend of mine! lol

  5. Lynn Patrick

     /  July 12, 2012

    Yes, Its a lizard, house lizard, usually live under the house or in walls to eat the bugs; termits, ants, weavels etc. they are good to have. I live in a desert area and wish I had them here.

  6. Lynn

     /  July 12, 2012

    For snakes we found that the streight edged spreader used for cement is great and we keep it sharpened so it only take one wack and there head is cut off; we have copperheads more than the other. So far this year we have found 3 appx 1yr old each; still had part of their green tail.

  7. patchkat

     /  July 18, 2012

    Snakes give me the heebie jeebies…I don’t know if I could kill one with anything if I had to get within 6 feet of it! My nice boss lady carries an old golf club on her morning walks and regularly dispatches rattlesnakes on the road. Her hint…swing for their back. One hard hit and they’re not going anywhere….then you can go for the head. EKKK. I’m not swinging at anything if I can get away safely.

    As for Ms. Wolf…either something got her or she’s moved on. Haven’t seen her in the last 3 days, but there is a nice garden orb hanging in the back under an eave. 🙂

  8. I like your boss lady’s idea but I think that might be a bit close for me. I used a length of steel pipe that was about 6′ long. I’ll have to look up that garden orb to see what it looks like. I just don’t like spiders.


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