Tablet Design Class

I recently took an online class from Carla Barrett of Feathered Fibers.  I had taken her class “Quilt Whisperer 101” earlier and just loved it.  She uses her tablet computer to draw on quilt tops in order to audition her designs before she quilts them out.

This last class was to learn how to use the tablet to draw the designs.  I’ve got an Acer Iconia tablet and I tried many times to draw on the touch screen and I just couldn’t get comfortable with it.  So….I opted to use a Wacom Bamboo tablet where you draw with a stylus on that tablet but you’re looking at your computer screen as you draw.  Sounds complex, but since I’ve drawn for years with a mouse, it was more natural to me.

I want to share with you some of the exercises I did while taking the class.  This is an Edge to Edge design.

Edge to Edge

One of the lessons was about creating whole cloth designs.  I looked at the work the other students were turning in and it scared me to death.  It turned out to not be nearly as difficult as I thought it would be and I actually enjoyed it.  I doubt I will ever quilt this out, but it was fun to learn how to design one.

Wholecloth Quilt Design



Pattern Testing is Going Great

Since I can’t really show you my sample, I’ll tease you with a corner picture.  It’s on the frame waiting for  inspiration to tell me how to quilt it.

Bright, huh?

I’ve got several talented ladies who are testing the pattern for me.  I sent a group message to everyone who expressed interest before I closed the group but I have not heard from 3 people.

Greet, Judy Imp, Betty Copeland—-please get in touch with me if you still want to test the pattern.  I’m trying to get everything kind of in order before I leave for a trip on Sunday.

One tester has already completed the quilt top and sent pictures and it is Beautiful with a capital “B” !  She did a fabulous job on fabric selection.  Kudo’s to Reita!

What Have We Been Doing?

I promised a while back to show you some pictures of what had been going on around here.  I didn’t forget.  🙂

We *love* fresh English Peas and although they’re really a crop for cooler temperatures than we typically have here, we try almost every year to grow some.  Last year was a bum crop.  We only got a handful…just enough to throw on a salad.  This year, we had a pretty good crop.  Not the best one we’ve ever had, but pretty good and we were pleased.

Here’s what the vines look like:

Fresh English Pea Vines From the Garden

Don & Chris spent most of the day a few weeks ago picking peas.  They both wound up with sunburns.  They take a long time to pick.  Since they’re smaller than crowder or purple hull peas, it takes at least twice as many to fill a bucket.

Lovely Fresh Peas!

Don bought me a neat little thing so I could pick without killing my back.  It’s called a “Lawn Buddy” and is a seat on wheels.  It has a lid that opens up to become a handle.   It can be pulled around like a wagon.  Stuff can be put inside too.  It even has a couple of places to put a soda or water.   I took  it to the garden with me and sat on it to pick peas.  It’s narrow enough that it will sit between rows.  The ones we planted grow close to the ground so being able to sit & pick was a huge help.  I just moved it when I needed to get in a new spot for picking.

There weren’t very many days of picking.  The crop comes in and goes pretty fast.  The last picking, we just pulled the vines up and picked the peas off like that.  That last day, Mother, Faith,  Don, and I were in the garden after dark picking the last of the peas.  Don went to get a flashlight so we could see how to get out of the garden.

Don’t they look good?I

I think I finished with 51—3 cup bags and 10—2 cup bags for freezing altogether.  I’m not sure how many Mother wound up with.

Ready for the freezer

If you’ve never eaten fresh English Peas, you don’t know what you’re missing.  They taste absolutely nothing like the canned/frozen ones from the grocery store.  Nothing!  We don’t eat them real often and even though it looks like we’ve got more than a years worth of peas in the freezer now….we don’t dare not plant every year because you never know if you’ll have a good crop or nothing at all.  Even though they like cooler weather, if there’s a cold snap with frost…the peas are gone.  😦

Yum, Yum!!!

We cook them just like we cook field peas aka crowders, purple hulls, lady finger, etc.  Add some bacon or bacon drippings to the water with some salt and cook until tender.  Oh my goodness.  They are heavenly!

Well, I’ve had my break from sewing for a bit so I’d better get back to work and then I’ll be off to bed for the night.

Testers Group is Closed

Thank you to everyone who so graciously volunteered to test the pattern for me.  I’ve changed the due date for pictures of your finished quilt top to June 15th.  That will give me plenty of time to get the final pattern ready for release.

Need Some Help

WordPress is pouting again so this is going to be brief. Nothing like typing blind. The only way I can see what I type is to highlight the box after I’ve finished typing..
I need help testing a pattern for a special project. I need 4 or 5 willing quilters to do this. I’m not being paid for this project so there’s no pay involved. Sorry. 😦
This is a nice lap quilt size. I need the testing to be complete by the end of the month and I’ll need to see a picture of your finished quilt top.
If you’re willing to help please leave a comment and I’ll get in touch. I will send you a picture from EQ showing what the quilt looks like.
I need quilters outside the state of Louisiana please and you must be willing not to show it to anyone until the date I give..

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